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The Wall of Shame

This is the dark side of the force.
This is the result of all of the burrning tires in Springfield.
This is the "Wall Of Shame"

Only the worst games in the world end up here. This is the end of time.

Bad Games:

5) Illusion of Gaia I'm sorry I had to put this here...It wasn't that bad, but it had a bad storyline. I will always remember that "Only Young Will can use the Psyco Slider."

4) Secret of Evermore The extreamly bland story of a time traveling boy and his dog. The dog looks diffrent in each time zone...enough said.

3) Arcana A horribile game where you fight aganist cards. You never get to move your charicter around freely, and you never see what your person looks like.

2) The Legend of Mana The worst game in the world for Playstation. The grafics from the SNES came back in this horrible game with no plot-line.

And the number one game that should have been destroyed in a fire is...

1) Final Fantasy Mystic Quest This game wouldn't have been so bad if it didn't bear the Final Fantasy name. It had a horrible plot and looked like it should have been on the NES!

Hall of Fame