we are the .bombardment society. we try to rock. these, our previous recorded efforts, should attest to that. read on. for ordering information, email andrew at thanks.

this is our first ep. only 100 copies were pressed and all of them were sent to the top brass at warner brothers, capitol, and such (that's the .bombardment society. for you, trying to sell out before we even have any credibility or anything to sell out.) i think we may have a copy or two laying around, so if you're a diehard .bs. fan, get in touch and we'll hook you up.

songs include:

1.) Grundle Snatching is Just a Fad/ 2.) Straightedge Hardcore is my Fucking Life (demo version)/ 3.) obscuring the obvious/ 4.) Cool? Like Those Kids on "Saved by the Bell"?/ 5.) The Speedline Transvestite/ 6.) Not to be a Dingus......... /

The Bombardment Society's long awaited full length release is what many call 'The 8th wonder of the modern world' it has the following tunes on it:

1.) I Need to Get Out More/ 2.) Half a Lung/ 3.) Scenester Satchels/ 4.) Persistence is Futile/ 5.) Cool: Why We'll Never Be/ 6.) Reify/ 7.) Eunuchs Get all the Chicks/ 8.) Ray the Pig Farmer / 9.) I'm Scared of the Ghetto Kids at AMC/ 10.) NJ Dodgeball Core (digitally remastered)/ 11.) Big Sexy Greek in Training/ 12.) "I'll Kill You in the Face"/ 13.) Owha Tanna Siam/ 14.) Laurence Tero/

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