hey there, hot,sexy mama!

name: matt charles

a.ka. jenks, beavis(hehe)

1. age- 17....i still cant buy gay porn....

2. home town- the ghettos of marlton cherokee

4. school mascot- the giant floating butt of cherokee high tried to eat my nipple

5. top ten favorite bands/singers?- Soulfy, Sepultura, Slipknot, Cradle of Filth, Snot, Boy Sets Fire, Double O Negative, Luther Vandross, Damn Yankees, Winger, Aqua

6. favorite color?- black

7. if you could change one thing about the world ,what would it be?- the size of my penis

8. if you were stuck on an island.....what three things would you bring?- "the happy farmer" dildo, a sac of monkeys, a stick of butter

9. who is the scariest looking person you know?- Benskin....he has a mullet

10. your motto in life?- "So lose yourself to find yourself, Dont need to act like nobody else, sometimes it feels as if the road is blocked, i'll find a way to move those rocks!" Max Cavalera

11. what words/phrases do you overuse?- Pants

12.favorite cartoon character?- Johnny Bravo

13. favorite person on saved by the bell?- Screech....he melts my butter

14. do you like to dance?- i have been known to get down with my bad self

15. what cd's are in your cd player right now?- Cradle of Filth-Dusk and Her Embrace, some black sabath tribute cd that i got in tunes for $3, and the new Soulfly digipack!!!

16. if you could change your name...what would you change it to?- Ezekial Underalls- the hairiest midget in all of porn

17. if you had a time machine, where would you go?- a couple minutes from now, so my dinner would be really hungry

18. late night with....letterman? leno? or o'brien?- Conan O'Brien....he has the masturbating bear =)

19. favorite movie?- I have many favorites, such as The Crow and RedneckZombies

20. favorite oldies song?- i dont know if funk classifies, but anything that is funk is fine in my book

21. barbie or gi joe?- Barbie.....g.i. joe doesnt have breasts

22. winnie the pooh, eeyore, or tigger?- eeyore....hes good and monitone

23. have you ever streaked?- no, but i shaved a monkey's ass, once

24. favorite show?- Drew Carey....there's something about a fat guy with glasses that turns me on

25. favorite actor?- the stunt cock from Orgasmo

26. most embarrasing moment?- When i got that spork stuck in my hiney

27. who's the loudest person you know?- probably the m.o.b.'s ass

28. if you could move, where would you go?- the bathroom

29. who's your favorite sesame street character?- many character's had that kool of a name?

30.) what's your favorite stuffed animal?- its not really stuffed....its kind of inflated....and its not an animal....its a woman...

31. what's your favorite song?- the one at the beginning of "Ass Ventura- Butt Detective"

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