name: jeff patterson

aim: lessthannothing

a.ka.:"hey you"/ jeff with a "j"

1. Age? 16

2. Hometown? pittsburgh, pa

3. School? doug easlick

4. School mascot? Beardo, a king among janitors and my fashion consultant

5. 7. Where do you live now? "drewy, why does your friend have to live in the boonies?"

6. Top 10 bands/singers? lifetime, weezer, the bosstones, gameface, h20, face to face, j church, aaa, and there's a huge tie for the last two spots.

7. favorite colors? light blue

8. If you could change one thing about the world what would it be? equal distribution of the world's wealth. there's no reason one person needs 5 billion dollars.

9. If you were to be stuck on an island...........what 3 things would you bring? my cd collection, books, and a few friends

10. Who is the scariest looking person you know? benskin

11. Motto in life? “it’s time to stand up for what you believe, have no fear of your critics, be proud of the life you lead. you may be different from your friends but if they’re true they’ll understand. hold your ground, be yourself and be the best you can. step out! conformity, the easy way to be accepted, i’d rather be outcast any day. it’s hard to be yourself with all this pressure coming down, it takes a strong fucking person to hold your ground.”-the gorilla biscuits

12. What words/phrases do you over use? you could say i overuse the word "dingus" but i don't think you can ever over-use that word

13. Fave cartoon character? doug funny

14. Fave person on Saved By The Bell? screech(a.k.a. dustin diamond)

15. Do you like to dance? no, not unless the donnas and skankin’ are involved.

16. What CDs are in your CD player now? the alkaline trio-goddamnit, you and i-within the frame, chamberlain-the moon my saddle, animal chin- all the kids agree, burning airlines-mission:control!

17. If you could change your name...what would it be? parker lewis

18. If you had a time machine...where would you go? why, back to the future of course.

19. Late night with...Leno?? Letterman?? Or O'Brien?? politcally incorrect is where it’s at.

20. Fave movie? Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure

21. Fave oldies song? Earth Angel

22. Barbie or gijoe? destro

23. Winnie the pooh, tigger, or eeyore? tigger

24. have you ever streaked? nope.

25. Fave show? the wonder years

26. favorite actor of your same sex? Corey Feldman

27. Most embarrasing moment? that time in bio last year that i opened the thermomter case the wrong way, causing the thermometer to fly through the air and break all over the ground in front of someone's feet. you had to be there i guess.

28. Who's the loudest person you know? her

29. If you could move, where would you go? i wouldn’t want to move now. after high school, i wouldn’t mind living out west somewhere (montana or somewhere like that) or somewhere in Canaduhh

30. Who's your favorite Sesame Street character? snuffalupaguss

31. What's your favorite stuffed animal? my rockstar Popple

32. What's your favorite Song(s)? Less than Nothing by I Hate Myself (“......There must be more, sometimes I don’t think so. Maybe I’m right, maybe there’s no such thing for either side. A sultry night , I stare at the moon from rooftops.... I pour my heart out to a god that doesn’t listen, You said you’d save me, you said you’d love me always-but you lied, so why don’t you dry my eyes, there’s nothing left inside.....the leaves come down, there is no sound, and if i fall, will you notice at all?”)

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