matt kalogerakis


1. age - 18.....I feel old and feeble

2. home town - Marlton, the only place that is ghetto in spirit and not reality. - Cherokee (No Comment)

4. school mascot - Who gives a fuck?

5. top ten favorite bands/singers? - Better Than Ezra, Oasis, Promise Ring, Braid, Bouncing Souls, Sensefield, Jets to Brazil, Chamberlain (they sucked as Split Lip), Korn, and there is an enormous tie for the rest, but if I had to pick, then Kids Inc.

6. favorite color? - Blue

7. if you could change one thing about the world, what would it be? - All girls would have booties worth looking at.

8. if you were stuck on an island.....what three things would you bring? - Porno, jizz rag, guitar

9. who is the scariest looking person you know? - Id say Benskin, but he just looks dumb, so Ill pick Joe Decarolis. His sexiness is scary.

10. your motto in life? - Its corny, but “The day you stop climbing is the day you start dying”, James Patterson

11. what words/phrases do you overuse? - Who eats cock? 12.favorite cartoon character? - Homer Simpson (“I don't think anything I've ever done is wrong!”)

13. favorite person on saved by the bell? - How could it not be Jesse. It gives me such a chuckle that she stood for something in the show, and then got naked in “Showgirls”. She wasn't even hot!

14. do you like to dance? - Only when under the influence.

15. what cd's are in your cd player right now? - Room: Cross My Heart, Car: Chamberlain - The Moon, My Saddle

16. if you could change your name...what would you change it to? - Why the hell would I want that? I have the best name in creation.

17. if you had a time machine, where would you go? - Id reenact that Simpsons episode.

18. late night with....letterman? leno? or o'brien? - I used to be Keenan, but I'm Letterman all the way now.

19. favorite movie? - Blair Witch Project or Fight Club. This year is the greatest movie year ever.

20. favorite oldies song? - “ABC” by the Jackson 5

21. barbie or gi joe? - Barbie.......when I was little, we put her and Ken in nasty sex positions. Oooooooo.........

22. winnie the pooh, eeyore, or tigger? - Gimme a break. If you don’t like Eeyore, you should die.

23. have you ever streaked? - No, but every night I get naked and run around my room in circles.

24. favorite show? - If you read the preceding, you already know. But for those who didn’t, definitely Webster!

25. favorite actor? - Samuel L. Jackson or Edward Norton (Primal Fear is highly recommended)

26. most embarrasing moment? - That time I was blushing.

27. who's the loudest person you know? - Ackley in voice, Kira in personality.

28. if you could move, where would you go? - Anywhere but here and Tennesee.

29. who's your favorite sesame street character? - Big Bird, the phallic symbol for kids!

30.) what's your favorite stuffed animal? - I don’t really have one.......okay, it’s Mr. Hunny Bunny.

31. what's your favorite song? - “A Dozen Roses” by Braid. Either because it’s an incredible display of emotion or because it was the first indie song I ever REALLY liked.

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