name: andrew baum

aka: ackley, drewy, baum movement, dreeeeeeewwwwwwy STRAIGHT EDGE HARDCORE IS MY FUCKING LIFE

Andrew Baum plays keyboards, accordion, and all around swell guy for the .bs.

Andrew Baum is a paranoid, neurotic, hypochondriac kid who occupies his time with a myriad of unique hobbies. Although his motives are always self-centered, he still is capable of friendship (even as a diversion) or love. Exactly when the first time he and Jeff had first met is uncertain.

Childhood highlights: Saved Jeff from getting beat up

Employment history: "Stuff On a Stick" - Attendant

Hobbies/Pasttimes: Lounge Singing, Collecting bird wigs sXe hc is my fucking life

Favorite Saying: "I'm nauseous"

1. age 16

2. home town marl-town

3.school as of next week, the lewis school

4. school mascot penis

5. top ten favorite bands/singers? hot water music, jets to brazil, snapcase, fifteen, screeching weasel, weezer, gameface, kid dynamite, face to face, catch 22

6. favorite color? grey

7. if you could change one thing about the world ,what would it be? i would make snatching mukins legal!!!!!!!!

8. if you were stuck on an island.....what three things would you bring? pants

9. who is the scariest looking person you know? the hessian

10. your motto in life? "you hear that sound?" "no?" "that's the sound of me not caring

"11. what words/phrases do you overuse? mukin, grundle

12.favorite cartoon character? philbert

13. favorite person on saved by the bell? jessica

14. do you like to dance? they call me mix master mad-dawg

15. what cd's are in your cd player right now? promise ring, buck-o-nine, hot water music

16. if you could change your name...what would you change it to? artemis mukin

17. if you had a time machine, where would you go? penis

18. late night with....letterman? leno? or o'brien? america online

19. favorite movie? a clockwork orange

20. favorite oldies song? 50 ways to leave your lover

21. barbie or gi joe? old skool army men!

22. winnie the pooh, eeyore, or tigger? piglet

23. have you ever streaked? yes

24. favorite show? the simpsons

25. favorite actor? kevin spacey

26. most embarrasing moment? all the time

27. who's the loudest person you know? me

28. if you could move, where would you go? bohemia

29. who's your favorite sesame street character? the deaf girl

30.) what's your favorite stuffed animal? koosmoos the meatball

31. what's your favorite song?right now......what's my age again -blink 182-

what drewy thinks of all of you: sXE hardcore is my fucking life:

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