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Ray Winch possesses a rare talent for a musical style that expresses the life and soul of the singer/songwriter. The Music that Ray produces in this album is transformed into the memories and life experiences of the listener. The lyrics are pure and honest. I call it theme music for the soul. Ray attaches a small piece of himself to every song while allowing the listener to easily relate to his experiences. Ray sings with a passion for his music and in an original and expressive manner. The music reminds me of bands like America and Kansas (to a lesser extent). Although Ray's music is a 70's based folk rock sound, it has a lot of good modernized quality and is strong enough to make a big impact here and now. This is music that a lot of musicians struggle to create, but for Ray, it just seems to come naturally. I was highly impressed with this album. There is not a bad song on it. I am still listening to it, and that is something that I rarely do. All in all, Ray Winch's album, "Visions & Reflections" is a folk rock masterpiece and a must have for any fan of this great style of music. Gunther

Midwestern Skies (Sweden)

RAY WINCH - Visions And Reflections
Yihaa! This is sure a tremendous little piece of plastic I found on the web the other day! Ray plays a sort of westcoastish singer songwriter pop a'la Jackson Browne and Eagles. And he's doin' that very well! He sure has a great voice and the opener "Another Day" is a tremendous piece! It's not necessary to sit here and waste more time for you to read about Ray and his CD. If you enjoy Browne, Eagles, Keven Jordan, Timothy Drury and such guys Surf to his place at once. A VERY nice CD!
----Pär Winberg (Midwestern Skies)
The Music Dish

As far as live albums go, Ray Winch - Live at the Sacred Bean is a pretty great effort. Ray's last album was an acoustic folk style. The music presented on this album is more of a mixture of both electric and acoustic folk rock. Though Ray keeps with his roots of classic styled folk rock, the music on this album has a little more of an electric feel to it. For those hard-core acoustic rock fans, there's also an unplugged section to this 21 track CD. Ray also pulls off some great covers of classics by Jimmy Buffet, Jim Croce, and even Joni Mitchell. He does all of these covers the justice that they deserve also. It's not often that I enjoy listening to a live recording. The great thing about this one is that it sounds almost as good as any studio recording that I've heard. The songs are all perfectly performed, and deliver that raw emotion that I have come to expect from Ray Winch. This album only goes to show that Ray can deliver live just as well as he can in the studio. This is definitely an album that comes highly recommended to folk rock fans everywhere. ----Michael Allison (Music Dish)

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RAY WINCH – LIVE AT THE SACRED BEAN!: Live At The Sacred Bean! is a 21-track collection of Ray’s originals and a number of covers. His music is a combination of rock, new country, folk and 70’s pop. Ray’s lyrics are well-crafted and generate beautiful visual images and reflections. Winch’s songs are upbeat, positive and hopeful even when dealing with sad subjects. As a singer/songwriter, Ray’s music is introspective but he sincerely sings about topics that many of us can relate too such as the soul, relationships and love. Ray states that he has loved music from an early age and has been heavily influenced by Joni Mitchell. He pays tribute to her on this CD by performing ‘Big Yellow Taxi.’ Solid musicians back Winch on this live effort and his songs from the studio album Vision and Reflections transfer well to the stage. There are many prime examples of Ray’s beautiful lyrics and delightful delivery throughout the acoustic and full-band tracks on this disc. ‘Sun is Shining’ is a great visual song about the coming of spring and new love. ‘Another Day’ is also a seasonal song with strong imagery backed by solid instrumentation. ‘Summertime’ is the sad ballad of losing love with a lively hook line. ‘I Won’t Be Back This Time’ has a catchy soft guitar rift to accompany solid lyrics and musicianship. Overall, this is a crisp, clean live CD and a visit to the Sacred Bean is highly recommended to fans of modern folk rock! • Recommended Tracks: (3,7,8,10,14) [USA, NJ 2001 - web] (Review by Laura Turner Lynch for

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