Psychiatric Abuse and Discreditation in Belgium

This note by the prison doctor at Leuven, Belgium admits that Belgian doctors had given me psychotropic medications since February, 1993. No mention is made that I had gone to Van Helmont Hospital with severe cardiac arrhythmia, that I had developed painful and potentially life-threatening deep venous thromboses, or that I may have had a stroke. My 41-day hunger strike was characterized as a gastrointestinal disorder.

Shortly after the Belgians returned me to the United States, I tried to commit suicide, as many refugees have done when threatened with or subjected to refoulement. My former wife dutifully supplied this document to the doctors who treated me.

There are parts of this note that I can't decipher. I suppose the presumption is that anyone wanting to escape from the United States is, ipso facto, delusional or schizophrenic. One thing is for sure. Anyone, knowing the facts, who considers Belgium a decent country ought to have his head examined.

 Detention and Coercion in Belgium

November 12, 1996 Letter to Embassy of Belgium

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