Letter to Embassy of Belgium November 12, 1996

No response was ever received.

76 Market Street, Apt. D5
Perth Amboy, NJ 08861-4445
United States of America
12 November, 1996

Embassy of Belgium
3330 Garfield Street NW
Washington, DC 20008


I enclose a copy of my letter to you dated 19 January, 1996. In ten months, there has been no response. Did you receive it?

When your government imprisoned me prior to coercing me into accepting repatriation, someone apparently stole my copy of the decision rendered with regard to my asylum application on or about 16 February, 1993 by your Office des Etrangers in Brussels. Though I don't know on what basis my request was found inadmissible, I suspect that your government considered the United States a "safe country," as the Dutch and Danish governments had done before you.

Regarding this as a "safe country of origin" is absurd. Although the USA has become a State Party to the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights and the United Nations Convention Against Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment, it does not permit submission of individual complaints to UN committees. Its current Administration, moreover, arrogantly refuses to implement these treaties and flagrantly violates them. American arrogance is revealed in its efforts to impose on other Member States -- and on the United Nations itself -- right-wing, laissez faire "reforms," while obstinately refusing to pay its dues. 

The United States is most emphatically not a "safe country." Sister Dianna Ortiz, a torture-and-rape victim whose heroic efforts to expose American-sponsored atrocities in Guatemala stirred the world's conscience, has found it necessary to withdraw from active participation in the investigation of her case. She reports that officials of the US Justice Department thoroughly traumatized and revictimized her by subjecting her to insensitive, adversarial questioning. Putting the victim on the defensive is a common tactic here, though international law stresses that, especially in cases of torture, the burden of proof cannot rest entirely on the accuser. Regarding human rights violations, this government routinely punishes victims and pampers perpetrators.

America's refugee policy is worse than yours. Its history of gross discrimination against, and inhuman treatment of, asylum-seekers is well-documented. Even Human Rights Watch Americas, which normally ignores this country's human rights violations, was constrained last year to report grievous maltreatment -- brutality and sexual abuse -- in the refugee centers of the Southwest. Here in New Jersey, staff at the "privatized" Esmor center in Elizabeth would not provide female refugees with sanitary napkins, made inmates wear underwear belonging to other inmates, pushed a man's face into a toilet bowl, and committed other brutal acts. Following the riot that took place, inmates in custody were refused permission to go to the toilet. Several urinated on themselves. I never saw anything like that in Denmark, or in the Netherlands, or even in Belgium.

Particularly distressing is the USA's attitude toward the rights of children. Adolescent females are suspended from school for carrying Midol for their menstrual cramps. Not only are minors here subject to the death penalty, the Supreme Court has restricted their rights under the Fourth Amendment. In the Plainfield, NJ public school system, where my former wife once worked, third grade students, male and female, were strip-searched last year because someone had reported some money missing.

That leads me to another subject mentioned in my letter to you dated 19 January, 1996, about which I must now be blunt and rather undiplomatic. In a recent letter to the Dutch Embassy, I referred to the United States as the Fourth Reich. Of the many atrocities committed by Nazi Germany, one of the most disgusting was the use of Feldhuren, whose absolute dehumanization still shocks the conscience of humanity. Satanic American military and intelligence agents have gone beyond Hitler's depravity by using sophisticated mind-control techniques to turn little girls into slave prostitutes. At least two such girls, a ten-year-old known as Jalilah and her "sister," whom I call "Christmas Angel," were used for the sexual satisfaction of American agents at Bethanië Camp in Rijsbergen, the Netherlands in the fall of 1992. My forced repatriation from Holland on 1 February, 1993 came just a few days after I revealed this crime to camp authorities.

The American agents who had free rein in harassing me at Sandholm Refugee Camp in Birkerød, Denmark in the fall of 1991, engaged in several acts of blatant sexual provocation. The most disturbing was an incident in which a pretty eight-or-nine-year-old red-haired girl whom I call "Cutie Pie" assumed a sexually-provocative posture at the instigation of a "Kurdish refugee" named Tani. This same Tani also arranged for me to be present when a young adolescent blond girl French-kissed her toddler "brother," then left Building 4, apparently expecting me to follow. I can describe at least three other incidents, not quite so shocking.

A few days before my forced repatriation from Denmark on 19 December, 1991, I noticed that the girl playing with "Cutie Pie" was staring at me. I later saw her in Elizabeth, NJ, USA, where another girl told me that the silent, staring one "liked" me. This child was Jalilah (if that is her real name), whom my country's agents used as a Feldhure later that year in Rijsbergen, the Netherlands. In 1993, as a patient at Van Helmont Hospital in Vilvoorde, Belgium, I saw her yet again.

Particularly in light of recent events in Belgium, your government should concern itself with the activities of those American agents who operated so freely in Denmark, the United States, the Netherlands, and your country. Were they merely using children and young women as bait in entrapment schemes, or were they subjecting these innocent human beings to even more serious sexual exploitation? Where are these women and girls, these human beings, now? Are they still alive? Does anybody care? Does anybody dare to care?

Yours truly,
(original signed)
James Henry Graf

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