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Fourth Season Fanfiction

Life Isn't Always Easy, by Shalla Wilson - Scott's thoughts on Betty, Victor, and winning her back after the end of "Some Time, Some Station".
Lucky Strike, by Katie McNamara - What happened after Hilary punched Jeff in "You've Met Your Match"?
The Date From Hell, by Adina Bernstein - Jeff decides to start dating other women in order to make Hilary jealous.
Miss Roberts in Wennland, by Emma Redmer - Betty dreams that she's on a journey in a fantasy world populated by people who seem mighty familiar...
The Night After, by Katie McNamara - Jeff takes Hilary home after the marathon broadcast in "And If I Die Before I Sleep".
Untitled, by Amanda Keith - Hilary and Jeff discuss the events of "And If I Die Before I Sleep" in a cab on the way home.
Betty's Broadcast, by Ally K. - Betty replaces a star whom she resembles on a musical show.
The Return of the Mellon, by Ally K. - Former WENN actress Celia causes quite a stir when she visits the station.
The Cure for Insomnia, by Kevin Schulz - Scott and Betty share a quiet moment one late night at the station.
When She Smiles, by Ally K. - Scott takes Jeff to a bar and Hilary goes out with an old friend.
WENN Wars, by Kevin Schultz - Scott's sci-fi epic about "long ago in a radio station far, far away..."
Where the Air is Rarified, by Kevin Schultz - Scott and Betty travel back to the Civil War era in this exciting crossover with the sci-fi show "The Secret Adventures of Jules Verne"!
One Fine Evening, by Ally K. - Victor Comstock takes Betty on a date.
Betty's Clandestine Sweetheart, by Rachel Monigner - Betty has a secret admirer!
Up All Night, by Rachel Moninger - Scott and Betty go out on a date at an all-night restauraunt.
The Art of Romance, by Britt Graves - Won't Betty ever give Scott another chance at a date?
Nebraska Maple Lamentes and the Jungle Tower of Death, by Emma Redmer - Maple imagines herself as a female "Amazon Andy"!
The Anniversary, by Rebecca Immich - An old enemy hold the WENN staff hostage in this hysterical comedy!
The Wild WENN West, by Emma Redmer - Betty dreams that she's a Rance Shiloh-type sheriff fighting for law and order in this wild spoof of westerns!
A Dark and Stormy Night, by Shelly Call - A thunder storm and Hilary's new show has Betty on edge during Halloween.
The Eyes Have It, by Shelly Call - Scott and Jeff hire a hypnotist to make Betty and Hilary fall for them again, but the hypnotist has ideas of his own.
Visitor, by Rita Widmer - Betty brings her nephew Andy to WENN one day to help her with a very important decision.
Thankful for You, by Emma Redmer - Betty encounters Scott after hours at the station the night before Thanksgiving 1941.
A Matter of the Heart, by Angela Tircuit - Betty tries to choose between Scott and Victor.
The American Patient, by Emma Redmer - Gertie's newest play about an amnesiac patient and the nurse who falls in love with him.

Last Updated November 14th, 2002

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