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By Rita Widmer

Betty Roberts entered WENN with a four-year-old boy. "Hi, Gertie. I'd like you to meet my nephew, Andy. Andy, this is Gertie," said Betty.

"Hi, Andy," said Gertie.

"How do you do, ma'am?" asked Andy.

"Bettybettybetty," said Scott as he came down the hall.

"Hi, Scott. Meet my little nephew Andy. Iím warning you, no tricks or else."

"Betty, Iím hurt that you'd think I'd try to teach him something," said Scott.

"Donít even think about it. Andy, would you like to come see me write scripts?" asked Betty.

"She'll make a good mother one day," said Scott to no one in particular.

"Yes, she would," said Gertie.

"Oh, would you look at the time?Ē asked Scott, looking at his watch.


Betty was typing "The Hands of Time" scripts when there was a knock at the door. "Come in," said Betty.

"Hi, Betty. Am I interrupting anything?" asked Victor.

"No, come on in. This is my nephew, Andy," said Betty.

"Hi, Andy."

How do you do, sir?" asked Andy.

"How would like to go see the broadcast?" asked Victor.

"I'd like to," said Andy.

"You donít mind, do you, Betty?" asked Victor.

"Go ahead," said Betty.


Victor and Andy were sitting in the control room. "What brings your family here?" Victor asked the little boy.

"My dad gotta a job in Philadelphia, so they came to visit Aunt Betty," said Andy.

"Oh, really? Have you ever been to a radio station?"

"No, but I think this is a test. Last night, Mom and Aunt Betty were talking about you and Scott. She canít make a decision between the two of you."

"Have you ever met Scott?"

"Yes, but it was short."

Betty walked in. "Having fun? Shall we go out for lunch? You're welcome to come along, Victor."

"I'd love to. Iíll pay for it all," said Victor.

"How about the pizza place?" asked Betty.

"Yum!" said Andy.


They sat in a booth and chatted. Andy whispered to Victor, "I hope you win."

"So do I," said Victor.

"May I be part of this secret?" asked Betty.

"No, it is our secret, but Iíll tell you mine," said Victor.

"What is it?" asked Betty.

"Heís a great kid," whispered Victor.

"I agree," said Betty.

"We need to get back to the station," said Victor. "Yes, we do," admitted Betty. "Check, please!"


"Aunt Betty, I like Victor," said Andy.

"So do I, but I also like Scott," said Betty.

"Why canít you make up your mind?"

"Come on. Iím giving you to Scott. He has no shows to do for a couple of hours."

"All right." He felt like a Guinea Pig.


"Scott, can you do me a favor?" asked Betty, walking into the Green Room.

"Yeah, sure. What is it, Betty?" asked Scott.

"Could you watch Andy for a while? Iíll come and get him later to bring him to dinner. If you do this you'll be welcome to come along."

"Of course I will." Betty waved good-bye to Andy and left. "So, what would you like to do?" asked Scott.

"Do you know any card games?" asked Andy.

"Yeah, but none that you can play. How about I show you some card tricks?"

"I would like that."


"What are you laughing at?" Scott asked Betty later, after she'd returned.

"You playing Go Fish," said Betty.

"Iím a child at heart, Betty," said Scott.

"How about dinner?" asked Andy.

"Iím paying," said Scott.


The three of them settled at a booth and ate Chinese. Scott kept trying to sit closer to Betty.

"How are you enjoying your day at WENN, Andy?" asked Scott.

"It was fun," said Andy.

"Oh, would you look at the time? We need to get back to the station. It was fun, Andy," said Scott sincerely.

"Yeah, you have a show to do in 15 minutes," said Betty.

"Then I have plenty of time," said Scott, looking at Betty jokingly.

"For once, you are going to be on time," said Betty.

"Why should we break an old tradition?Ē asked Scott.

"Yeah, Aunt Betty," said Andy.

"I donít need everyone in a uproar when we get back. I also have a tradition of making sure this doesnít happen. Check, please," said Betty.


Andy and Betty were in the Writerís Room. Betty was finishing up some work before they left. "So, who did you like the most?" asked Betty.

"Scott is really funny and I like him. Victor is too serious, and nice, but I canít see you two as a couple. I choose Scott," said Andy.

"I agree with you," said Betty.

"When are you going to tell him?"

"Whenever I get the courage. It's time to go home. Your parents are be waiting."

"All right."


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