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Third Season Fanfiction

Robin Sherwood of Pittsburgh, by Emma Redmer - This is my Remember WENN take on the Robin Hood legends!
Lunch Hour, by Dana Sherman - Victor spends a lonely lunch hour while playing "Jonathan Arnold" in Berlin.
Kiss Me Once, by Nina Trask - Scott and Betty's feelings are in turmoil after Scott is fired and Betty discovers his deception.
Oh, Would You Look at the Time?, by Susan Minnick - Betty's thoughts about both of her men at the end of "Who's Scott Sherwood?".
Untitled, by Angela Tircuit - Scott's thoughts on Betty after "Who's Scott Sherwood."
Just Good Friends, by Emma Redmer - My version of Scott and Maple's first meeting and how they became close friends.
Forgotten, by Alice Burton - Hilary tries to accept Jeff's abandonment.
Resolutions, by Alice Burton - Jeff gives his side of the story in this sequal to "Forgotten".
Rememberance, by Katy Campball - Jeff recalls his temptuous relationship with Hilary while in London.
At a Bar Called O'Malley's, by Katy Campball - Scott is determined to win Betty back after Pruitt fires him.
A Good Night's Sleep, by Rachel Moninger - Hilary helps Jeff sleep...even while he's in London.
The Great Big Slumber, by Emma Redmer - Betty imagines that she and Scott are private eyes!
The Last Page, by Christina Wilson - The cast must solve the mystery on "Sam Dane, Private Eye" when a new intern loses the last page of the script.
Little Girl Lost, by Emma Redmer - Emily Jackman, a new intern at WENN, creates havoc when she mixes up the scripts!
To Be or Not to Be A Girl Like Maple, by Katie McNamara - Maple decides to tell Congressman Bob about her past.
The Legacy, by Dana Sherman -While on a date with Scott, Betty asks him why he decided to come back to WENN after Pruitt fired him.
The Pizzaria , by Emma Redmer - Eugenia discovers a new and "adventurous" food - pizza!
Scott White and the Seven Actors, by Emma Redmer - Set after "And How." Part of the Fairy Tale Series. Scott's daydreaming about him and Betty turns into a gender-flipped, Wild-West version of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.
Sibling Rivarly, by Rachel Moninger - Scott's sister visits WENN and gives him some advice.
Jonathan Arnold, by Susan Minnick - Only thoughts of Betty keep Victor alive when his "Jonathan Arnold" charade is found out.
The Victor Who Knew Too Much, by Rita Widmer - Victor tours a concentration camp while playing "Jonathan Arnold"...and discovers how brutal humans can be to each other.
Damsel in a Dress, by Kevin Schulz - Betty has a very, very exciting dream!
Untitled, by Rachel Moninger - Scott chats with a sympathetic friend during "Happy Homecomings".

Last Updated September 9th, 2001

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