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The Pizzaria

By Emma Redmer

Rated: G

Hi, guys! I'm going back about a year in the WENN chronology for this one. This one of those stories about an incident that was only spoken of but never shown. It's also Eugenia's first starring story. She's had so many good lines over the last year that I thought she deserved a story of her own! Hope you all have fun with it!

This is set during "And How".

Rupert Holmes owns the rights to Eugenia Bremer and the other members of the WENN ensemble. Figaro, his family, and any other original characters are mine.

Miss Eugenia Bremer was walking down bustling Isabella Street feeling a bit hungry. It had been several hours since she'd shared a few lemon cookies and spiced tea with her friends and co-workers Maple LaMarsh and Betty Roberts and her ample stomach was rumbling. Mr. Foley had asked her if she wanted to go out to the Buttery and get a bite to eat, but Eugenia didn't feel like meatloaf or Welsh Rarebit today. She felt like something a little different, a little adventurous. Not that her life didn't have adventure. Working at WENN took care of that! If she had a dime for every crazy thing that happened at the small Pittsburgh radio station, she'd have enough money by now to treat the entire gang to lunch!

Her stomach was still making noises as she marched away from the building where WENN was located. An officer standing by the building turned and looked her away. She blushed, embarrassed. She noticed that someone had moved into that old speakeasy down the street. The sign in front of the building could be seen plainly from the street.

As she got closer, she smelled something wonderful. The air was filled with the scent of spices and cheeses and fresh bread and pasta. The storefront was done in cheery red brick and a large white and red wood sign had been hung over the door. It said "Figaro's Pizza" in large, curving, fancy letters. A thin man stood in front of the window, hanging a bright, leafy green plant. He wore an all-white chef's uniform and had shiny black hair, not unlike Scott's, and a long black mustache. Eugenia was definatly intrigued. She gathered up her courage and walked right in.

Sunlight streamed through the windows of the room, which was cooled by three large overhead fans. As Eugenia looked around, she became aware that this was a restauraunt. The tables, booths, walls, and counters were walnut-colored wood. The counter-top was the color of the bricks outside. The checked tablecloths and chair upholstry resembled the sign - red and white. An older woman in a red-and-white uniform leaned over a soda fountain behind the counter, while two boys served customers pasta covered with tomato sauce and some other type of strange dishes that Eugenia had never seen before. A young couple dined on some kind of strange flat red pie covered with cheese. They seemed to enjoy it immensely. She could hear "mmms" coming from their mouths. She remembered her hunger...

"Senora," a booming voice asked, "would you like something to eat?"

Eugenia nearly jumped a mile! She turned to face the man she'd seen hanging the plant in the window. His smile was as big as the round flat pie that was disappearing quickly into the young people. Eugenia caught her breath for a moment before answering him.

"Oh, yes, please, sir," She said. "Could I please try that flat pie that the two people in the booth are having? It looks adventurous."

He burst out laughing. "You are in luck, Senora!" he guffawed. "Today we have special on pizza! You do not have to pay for it! It is free sample, as you Americans would say!" Eugenia grinned right back. He seemed very nice, and he was so enthusiastic. She liked his accent, too. It was so romantic. She sat at a table while the man brought her a slice. "Enjoy your pizza, Senora! If there anything you need, just call Figaro or the woman behind counter, Leonora," he told her.

Figaro watched her as she gingerly picked up her slice of pizza pie. "It doesn't look like any pie I've ever seen," said Eugenia, who was puzzled. Most of the cheese came off as she was gathering the pizza slice in her fingers.

Figaro laughed again. "Now, Senora, I shall show you how we Italians eat pizza pie. This is how masters in the village where my family and I come from do it." He took a slice from a pie that was on display on the counter. The tall Italian curved it upwards and took a bite of the end. Eugenia imitated him. She nibbled at the end.

It was amazing! She savored exotic cheeses and spices and the soft bread-like crust. It didn't take her long to finish the whole slice. She eventually devored three and washed them down with root beer in a tall glass. The scent of more pizza filled the room as Leonora and one of the boys added more pies to the display. Some of them were covered with sausage in addition to cheese, and some had vegetables. She wiped her hands on a napkin as the other boy handed her a check for her soda. She gave him the $.25 and dug out another four quarters - one for each family member - for a tip.

"Thank you so much!" she said happily. "I loved trying your pizza pie. It's so good! I hope someday everyone in the whole world knows about it!"

"So do we!" exclaimed Leonora.

Eugenia got an idea."May I share your wonderful pizza pie with my co-workers?" she asked them.

"We would be delighted!" declared Figaro. "It will mean more customers and more splendid Americans to meet!" He shooed his sons behind the counter. "Mario! Luigi! Go help Mama with the orders!"

"Yes, Papa," the children chorused. Eugenia chatted with Leonora and Figaro as the boys slid one of the display pies into a big white box. They tied the box with twine.

"So, what is pizza pie made of?" Eugenia asked, curious.

"We make it with tomatoes, mozzarella cheese, and bread dough crust," Figaro explained.

"You can put other things on top of it, too, like pepperoni or onions or mushrooms," added Leonora. "Sometimes, you don't even need to put the sauce on it."

"Don't forget the anchovies!" Luigi piped in as he brought Eugenia her pizza pie. Eugenia wrinkled her nose, and his brother gave him a withering look.

"Luigi," scolded Mario, "Do not scare all the customers away!"

Everyone laughed at that. Eugenia looked at the big red clock hanging over the counter. It was time for her to head back to the station. "Well, I've got to get back to work," she said. "It's been nice meeting you folks. I hope your pizzaria is successful. I know I'll be back soon!" She heaved the large white pizza container into her plump arms and headed out the glass and metal door as the Figaro family waved good-bye. She hoped that the rest of the WENN cast and crew would find her wonderful new food to be as adventurous and tasty as she did!

The End

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