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Shall We Dance?

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The Foleys returned from their honeymoon. Jeff and Hilary also took a couple of days off.


Victor, Betty, and Scott sat in the office. Victor was explaining his new plan. "It's a dance marathon. It will raise money for the W.E.N.N. Couples from all of the local radio stations can compete in Studio A. We'd better tell the others."


Hilary and Jeff could be observed practicing the tango in the hall. Betty and Scott had seen them from the office window. "I haven't seen Hilary and Jeff like this since before their second wedding."

"They're following the scripts to the letter this time, though." Betty paused as another thought came to her. "What should I do for the programming after the marathon? We aren't sure when it will end."

"We can figure out an approximate time and use some of the old scripts, if needed."

"That should work."

"I think everyone is participating. Betty, would you like to be partners?" asked Scott.

Betty was thrilled, but replied with a happy, "Yes!"

Hilary and Jeff once again passed by the office window.

"I'm afraid I'm rusty at the tango," Scott said offhandedly.

"Oh, I'm rusty at a few dances," Betty said, not giving it a thought.

"We could practice."

"Maybe we should."

Before they knew it, they had made a date to practice dancing in the green room after work.

Everything went fine until they practiced the waltz. They couldn't go through it without getting caught up in the music. For a few fleeting moments, they stopped paying attention to reserving their emotions. The music stopped, but they remained still, looking into one another's eyes. They moved a little closer to each other. They were just about to kiss when Victor came in. They moved away from one another before Victor noticed.

"Scott, I must speak with you," Victor urgently said.


Betty nervously entered the office the next morning. She hadn't encountered Scott since they almost kissed, but she had to give him some papers. "Scott, these papers just came for you from Washington."

"Thanks, Betty." He immediately knew what they were. "Betty, I have to go to London."

"What?! Why?"

"It's to do with the government. Victor is..." he stopped himself. "I should be back in a month."

"You can't go. Something disastrous always happens over there."

"I don't want to leave, Betty. I don't have a choice. I'm sorry about the dance."

"Don't mind that. I'm afraid something will happen to you."

"I promise, Betty. I won't get brainwashed, married, or exploded."

"Be careful, Scott. You can't promise you won't be unlucky."

"I'll keep safe, but Betty you'll have to run everything. Not that you don't already."

Betty promised she would. He left before she could tell him anymore. She was afraid for his life, but she was even more afraid he would change. This could be the first of many trips. He could become like Victor. The Scott she knew could be gone forever. She realized the pain she felt at Scott's going away was much greater than any pain she ever felt over Victor's leaving. "No, Betty. Victor was always like that. That's why he left Grace for WENN, and WENN for London. Even the way Scott said good bye was different from Victor. He must have to go. There's a war on. The only way Scott changed is in," she paused, then mournfully continued, "in his feelings for you."


Victor stepped into the office and saw Betty behind the desk.

"Hello, Betty. Is everything set up for the dance marathon?"

"Yes, completely."

"Do you have a partner?"

"Not anymore."

"Would you dance with me?"

"Yes, but only if you understand we are only friends."

"Understood completely."


It was ten hours into the marathon. However, everyone still looked lovely as they waltzed, but Betty couldn't help thinking of Scott in London.

"Victor, why did Scott have to go to London?"

"I shouldn't tell you."

"I have to know how much danger he's in."

"Other than the bombings, he will be safe as houses."

"Please tell me."

"He went to see someone about some details. I'm going to Europe soon."

"Europe?!" Betty said with concern and shock.

"Yes, and I may need an assistant."

Betty's heart stopped. "Not Scott?"


Betty ran out of the room.

"And couple number 13 is out," said the announcer as Victor followed Betty into the green room. She was sitting on the sofa on the verge of tears.

"Betty, everyone is doing their part for the war."

"Scott does so much here for the W.E.N.N. Please don't take him away from me."

"You really do love him?"

"I really do."

"Let me see you home."


Betty came in the next day to hear Eugenia congratulating Gertie. "Oh, Betty! Gertie and Mr. Eldridge won the contest!"

"Congratulations!" said Betty.

"It was between them, Jeff and Hilary, and a couple from WEEP," said Eugenia.

"I was surprised when Hilary tripped the other gentleman. However, he was trying to sabotage us too. We were the only couple not disqualified. Anyway, Victor's waiting in the office for you, Betty."


Betty joined Victor. "I wanted to tell you Scott can stay here. He will be home soon." Betty hardly knew what to say in reply. "Good bye, Betty."

"Good luck in Europe."

"Good luck with Scott."

"Victor, you have the government. That means more to you than WENN or I did or could."

Betty left the room to see to the scripts. Victor looked around the office a moment. He realized that Betty was right. He'd moved on. None of it seemed as sentimental anymore. He was driven by a greater cause. As for Betty, he knew what she felt for him wasn't love, and never had been.


Betty couldn't keep her mind on the characters. She kept fantasizing about Scott's coming home.



"Hello, Betty Roberts."

"I'm so glad to see you."

"I've missed you, Betty."

"Have you?"

"Of course. You're a dear friend."

"Aren't I anything more?"

"Betty, dare I hope?"

"Go ahead, Scott. Hope."

A beautiful waltz came on over the radio. Scott took Betty's hand. "Shall we dance?"


"Betty, may I have this dance for the rest of my life?"

Betty shook off the image as someone called her name. She ran down the hall. Gertie was holding out a telegram for Betty. Betty ripped open the telegram. She read through it very quickly, and then, let the message fall to the floor as she fainted into Mackie's arms.

"Mackie, get her to the sofa," said Eugenia. Mackie pulled Betty into the green room.

"What does the telegram say, Eugenia?" asked Gertie.

Eugenia picked the telegram up, and read it out. "We regret to inform you that Scott Sherwood may have been killed in a recent bombing of London."

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