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Fleeting Heart

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Betty wore a beautiful long white dress in the writer's room. Everything was simple, but lovely. She felt very happy. It was her wedding day to Scott. She heard his voice as he came into the room.


"Scott, you shouldn't be seeing me before the ceremony. It's bad luck."

"I don't think we can have any bad luck now."

"No, not with each other."

"I'm sorry your parents couldn't come, Betty."

"That's all right. I'm sorry your family couldn't come either. The trains aren't running many civilians due to the war, and now - with all the snow. Besides, Mr. Eldridge will give me away. I still would have liked them to see the wedding though."

"Well, they might not be able to see the wedding, but thanks to Alexander Graham Bell, they can hear the wedding."

"Scott, what do you mean?"

"I asked Gertie to get a connection to Elkart on the switchboard. They can at least listen on the phone. I know it's not as good as their being here, but..."

"Oh, Scott, thank you."

"It wasn't much."

"It means everything to me."

"I love you so very much, Betty."

Betty woke up gradually, but she was still in a daze.

"You've been out for quite a while, Betty."

"Jeff? Jeff, is Scott dead?"

"The telegram said so."

"No. I mean is he really dead or acting as an undercover agent?"


"Scott made me promise not to tell, but I know about the three of you from talking to him and Victor."

"Betty, I wish I could tell you Scott was all right, but I have no information going against that telegram. It's a shame. Scott was a good person. I'm glad you know that."

When this station needs a slick, conniving gentleman to come up with a hasty solution on a moment's notice, you sure are the man of the moment."

"I should have always known that," Betty said sorrowfully, leaving the room. "He kept this station alive."


Hilary entered the writer's room cautiously. "I'm so sorry."

"I never told him," replied Betty.

"Yesterday, when you said that you...something me."

"You're not going to act the same as you did when Victor died?"

"Scott wouldn't want me to."

"Thinking about what might have been is not going to be much help to me or anyone else for that matter."

Maple came in in tears. "Maple, please. Betty is already upset."

"Hilary, Scott was Maple's friend."

"We're cutting down on the Bettys, Scott."

"You loved him, Betty," Hilary said.

"If you did, why didn't you tell him? If he knew, he might not have gone to London," sobbed Maple.

Betty buried her head in her arms. "I know," she cried.

"That's not true," explained Jeff, entering the writer's room. "Scott had to go. It was him or me. He knew more about the world situation from managing the W.E.N.N. Now I'm going."

"No," shouted Hilary. "I just got you back!"

"I have to go," Jeff told her as he left the room with Hilary on his heels.

"Scott, you're always on."

Maple walked to Betty, who still had her head on the desk.

"I'm sorry. I never really thought it was your fault," said Maple.

"It's all right. Are you O.K.?"

"I will be. WENN is off for the night now. Let's go."

"No, I want to be alone here."

"Don't stay long."

"I won't."

"I'm the safest girl in Pittsburgh. I have this big bodyguard who follows me home each night."


Betty had wandered around the station for the past half an hour remembering all her chances with Scott. When she came to the green room for the third time, the painful memory of Victor's return came back to Betty. "Betty Roberts, how could you have been that blind? I got a second chance with Victor. Why did I try to take it? If I hadn't, now I wouldn't need a second chance with Scott. Scott would have been here with me."

She curled up on the sofa. "Betty, you have to think positively. Scott may yet be alive. And if he's not, you can't blame yourself. Jeff said that one of them would have had to go. Even if you had been married to Scott..."

She stopped at the thought of being married to Scott. How she wished it were true! Betty tried to push away her feelings. She finally blocked out her dreams of Scott as she drifted reluctantly into a nap.

Betty looked up at the calendar. It was 1944. Her husband Victor came into the writer's room. She had something special and important to tell Victor. It was as though Scott had never existed.

"Victor, I have such lovely news."

"That's nice, Betty, but do you have any ideas for our new show?"

"This is much more important."

"Betty, nothing is more important than radio, except the government."

"I think this news may compare."

"Is it something to do with the war?"

"No, it's to do with us."

Mr. Eldridge rushed into the office. "Victor, we have a problem," the old man exclaimed.

"Excuse me, Betty."

"Oh, sure. My news can wait. It always can."

Victor re-entered later. "Betty, have you ever heard of television?"


"I think..."

"Victor, I really have something to tell you. Can't this discussion wait?"

"What is..."

This time Mackie interrupted with a problem. Victor went to follow him out the door.

"Wait for me, Betty."

"No, Victor, I don't want to wait for you!"

She kept hearing "Wait for you" as she woke up.

"Oh, dear! That's what my life would have been like with Victor. How could I have waited for him so long? How?"

Betty went to the writer's room for her things. She knew she had to get out of WENN for tonight.


Betty was gathering her things. Her memories about Scott continued to haunt her.

"Scott, you' the army now."

Suddenly, there was a noise from the office. "Scott!" she said into the air. "Is it you?" She ran into the office, where a shock awaited her.

"Buy Barley Futures."

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