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A Stitch in Time

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Weeks passed and it was now nearing Valentine's Day. This year it would be extra special. On February 14, 1942, Eugenia and Mr. Foley were getting married on "Bridal Bouquet."

Betty and Eugenia were in the green room discussing the wedding when Hilary came in.

"Eugenia, dear, since we are all being bride's maids, I thought this sort of dress in different colors would do well," Hilary said, showing a picture.

"That's lovely, but where will we get them?" asked Eugenia.

"My tailor can do it. I must have the dress in yellow."

"Won't that be expensive, Hilary?"

"Betty, I work here and maintain the most extensive wardrobe in Pittsburgh. Believe me, he's reasonable."

Betty would have nodded, but she saw Scott pass in the hall. Hilary caught a glimpse of Betty's fanciful face. Hilary felt surrounded by young lovers. She remembered when she and Jeff were the only couple at WENN. Hilary was happy for the others but wished her relationship with Jeff was different.


There was only a day remaining to the wedding. Hilary was melancholy over Jeff, and Betty was getting nowhere with Scott.

"Betty," said Hilary walking into the writer's room.

"Hilary, you must want the script for 'The Hands Of Time.'"

Betty handed Hilary the script. After thumbing through it, Hilary looked at Betty.

"Brent is miraculously cured of his amnesia. Will he and Elizabeth get closer in coming scripts?"

"They should be together."

"When you thought Victor died, your scripts were like this, but with one difference. The romance in this script could only be written by someone who feels the wonderful way the emotions in these pages are expressed. Is it Victor or Scott?"

"I should let go of my feelings for Scott. He'll never feel the same about me again."

"I think he still loves you and always will. Betty, don't be as foolish as me. Love can't be allowed to slip through your fingers."

Eugenia interrupted them by running in, crying.

"What is it?"

"The bridesmaids' dresses aren't ready. There was a mix-up at the tailor's!"

Betty and Hilary surveyed the dresses that Eugenia showed them.

"It's all right. The dresses are mostly done. I think we could finish them," said Betty.


The ladies stayed that night with scissors, thread, and needles. While they all tried to help, to everyone's surprise, Hilary saved the day. Due to her grandmother in Maine, Hilary knew a few simple stitches that worked perfectly, and the dresses were successfully finished.


Betty was fiddling with the sleeves of her peach dress as Scott came in.

"Well, the dress came out lovely, Betty."

"I'm not too bad at sewing - although, Hilary did the most."


"Yes," Betty was now near Scott. "Oh, the top button of your shirt is loose."

"Never mind. The button will stay in place for the ceremony."

"No, there's plenty of thread left."

Without thinking, Betty was tightening the button on to Scott's collar. When she was finished, after half a moment, she suddenly became conscious of her actions. In spite of the awkwardness, they both felt as though they would always take care of each other. Mr. Eldridge broke the emotion by coming in with the corsages. He gave Betty a corsage and left. Scott gently took the corsage from Betty's hand. "Allow me." He pinned the flower on her dress easily.

"May I escort you to a wedding, Miss Roberts?"

"You may, Mr. Sherwood," Betty said, taking Scott's arm.


The wedding went beautifully, and the Foleys were now on their way to their honeymoon. Everyone left but the remaining staff of WENN and the minister when Hilary received a telegram. She opened it to read that her annulment was official.

"Jeff! Jeff, I will marry you."

"Did I ask you?"

"Not today, but..."

"Wait! You'll marry me?"

"Right away, Pumpkin! Oh, Minister, will you marry us now?"

"Hilary, we need a marriage license."

"Don't worry. I always carry some spares," said the minister with glee.

In the green room that evening, surrounded by friends, Jeff and Hilary were re-remarried.

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