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The Show Must Go On

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Betty stepped into WENN. She had tried to look especially nice today to give herself confidence. She was striking, from the head down. Her soft pastel dress flowed, but, at the same time, was perfectly fitted. Her smile brought out her rosy cheeks, and her hair was done in a way that accentuated her bright eyes. Her spirits sunk at the thought of what might happen with Scott, but Eugenia and Mr. Foley happily walking passed gave Betty an extra boost of courage.


Once Betty was in the office, she couldn't imagine what to say. Scott had made up his mind to forget her. Betty searched her thoughts for a way to indicate her feelings to him. She decided a variation on the direct approach would be best.

"Scott, I must apologize for losing my temper with you two days ago."

"I'm sorry too, Betty. I shouldn't have lost mine either."

"Yes, but I shouldn't have said those things."

"Don't worry about that."

Their conversation seemed at an end. Betty hadn't a clue what to do. However, she did need assurance on something.

"Scott, I really would like us to be close again." She hoped that he would read more into that than friendship.

"I'd like that too, Betty."

Betty gave up temporarily and left. Scott felt wistful as she closed the door. Wistful for how close they were becoming the first time he was manager. Scott told himself not to, but it was no good. He had to remember when.

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