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Moment of Truth

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Betty sat back in her chair. Scott's voice saying "love" kept echoing in her mind. The sound of Scott's leaving briefly distracted her. Then, all of a sudden, Betty felt worse.

"What if he leaves forever? He might go to London or into battle. You may never see him again." Distress came over her. "No! No! He won't leave. WENN means too much to him."

Then, distress was pushed out by another feeling. She felt disappointed. Scott's reason for staying wouldn't be her. She shook that feeling, but only by admitting to something much deeper.

"You don't have much luck with love, Betty Roberts." She was astonished at her own statement. "Love? Is that what it is? Do I care for Scott? Care for. You can't even say the words." She stood and started pacing the room. "Why can't you admit it to yourself? It's only," she fell into the chair before finishing, "It's only love."


Betty couldn't figure out what to say to Scott the next day. She felt that she may have lost Scott forever. Victor came into the writer's room before her thoughts went further.

"I'm sorry about Hilary."

"Why didn't you tell me you were married?"

"Betty, we're getting an annulment."

"You should have told me. Victor, there is something I must tell you. I don't love you."

"Betty, I did mean to tell you."

"It's not that. Over the past few months, I realized that you and I are not meant to be."

"At least give me a reason."

"You're never here, but I only miss you as a friend. I used to feel disappointed you never told me about Grace, but I haven't for a long time. I didn't really mind not knowing about Hilary the way I would have if I were in love with you." Betty continued without thinking, "When I wonder what Scott hasn't told me, I..." She stopped herself before she said too much.

"I should have seen that. Betty, don't worry about why and what Scott didn't tell you."

"Were those papers Scott's connection to the government?"

"In a way." Victor walked to the filing cabinet. To Betty's amazement, he opened a hidden panel and pulled out some documents. "This explains almost everything."

Betty took the papers from Victor. After skimming through them, she looked at Victor. "I don't understand."

"Jeff was my contact in London. Scott was my contact here."

"But you said you never heard of him?"

"I was already somewhat under the Nazi mind control when I came back the first time."

"That time you and Mr. Pruitt had the guns. Scott didn't even know you were alive."

"By then everyone thought I was dead except Jeff. Jeff came back to report I was living."

"The signatures. Scott told me...told me..."

Betty ran out of the writer's room with the papers in hand. She rushed into the office to find Scott behind the desk. She threw the papers on the desk in front of him.

"Scott, is it true?"

Scott looked at the papers for a while. Once he knew what the papers were, he looked back at Betty. "Yes, but Betty, no one can know that you know. You'll be in danger."

"I won't tell, but explain to me about Victor's signature on the book and the letter."

"The signature on the book was forged. The first story was true."

"Why did you let me think otherwise?

"I didn't think I'd ever see you again. You looked so disappointed in yourself. After all, I had pulled scams like that in the past. I guess at that moment I'd have rather you think badly of me than of yourself."

"Scott, that's sweet, and, at the same time, incredibly foolish."

"Well, I don't regard it as my finest hour. I don't actually know what I was thinking."

For these few seconds, they forgot everything ugly and awkward between them.

"Scott, about yesterday. I..."

"Betty, I understand."

"I was upset about..."

"About Victor."


"You needn't worry, Betty. I'm sure everything will work out."

Scott left the office trying to appear unaffected. It wouldn't have worked except for Betty's distraction in her own disappointment.

"You waited for too long. It's too late."

She left the office. As she came to the door of the writer's room, she remembered their kiss. Hope seemed to shine through, "Or is it too late?"

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