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Skeletons in the Closet

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Betty and Scott could hear the overtures of a Jeff and Hilary argument as they finished the accounts in the office. Betty knew she must ask Scott about the government. She was nervous and anxious to hear the truth. "Scott, a few days ago Victor told me I should ask you how the government knew you."

"You'd be surprised who you meet in your travels."

Betty was not convinced, but before Scott could begin a better explanation, they heard the sound of breaking glass from the green room. They rushed into the hall to find Gertie already listening in. When they went into the green room, Jeff and Hilary appeared unharmed. Everything was in place except one shattered tea cup. While Betty and Scott tried to calm the feuding couple down, Victor entered.

"What is going on?" Victor screamed.

Hilary tried to complain of Jeff, but before the words would come, Victor reprimanded them. Victor then whispered to Scott, "I'll put the papers away regarding you know what."

Although no one was meant to hear the statement, Betty and Gertie both had. Betty could almost see the wheels turning in Gertie's mind. Betty felt she had to do something. The plot was thickening fast.

Betty was in the writer's room, not half an hour later, looking through every paper. She figured she could find more in the office, but Scott was in there. She continued rummaging through papers even once Hilary stormed in followed by Jeff.

"I may never heal from what you've done to me!"

"Hilary, I'm sorry! I'm sorry I went to London! I'm sorry I ever married Pavla! I had to to save Victor's life!"

"Well, the man you married Pavla for is the man I married."

Hilary paused after she blurted out the words. Betty stopped searching through papers, and looked up. Victor came in as Jeff found his voice.

"Is it true?" Jeff said in a mellow way.

"Yes." Hilary answered regretfully.

Victor soon learned what they were speaking of. Hilary and Jeff then left sullenly for Studio A. Betty stared at Victor for an explanation. "Betty, we never intended to stay married, or even to get married." She began to speak, but Victor cut her off, "I must go to Washington."

He didn't mean to be unfeeling to Betty, but he left her upset over it. Betty's problem was she wasn't sure what she was upset about. Was it Victor's marriage? Or was she upset because she knew she should be, but wasn't? Whichever it was, Scott chose a bad time to come in.


"Scott, I want answers!"

Scott was somewhat confused, but replied with an, "O.K."

"How does the government know you?"

"I can't tell you that, Betty."

"Why? I know you were a con artist. Did you become friends with somebody while serving a jail sentence?"

"I've never been in prison!"

"All right! So you were a skillful con artist!"

"I resent that, Betty Roberts!"

She lowered her voice. "Well, why can't you tell me?"

"For your own good you mustn't know," Scott said with concern.

Betty became annoyed again. "I don't need your protection!"

"I didn't say you did. Betty, what's wrong? This isn't like you."

"How do you know what I'm like?!"

"I talk to you every day."

"That means nothing! Scott, what else can't you tell me?! At least Victor came back to tell me he was Jonathan Arnold!"

Scott couldn't bear being compared to his rival for Betty's affection. "Well, at least I didn't get married and not tell you!"

Betty was astonished. "You knew?! You knew, and you never told me?! Well, why would you? You would be thrilled if Victor were married!"

"Now, look here, Betty. I only just found out! I'm sorry all your dreams of happiness are diminished, but blame Victor, not me!"

Scott left the room. Betty couldn't believe Scott thought she was mad at him instead of Victor. The sad part was she knew it was true. "Betty Roberts, what have you done? Why do you do your utmost to push Scott away? Now, things may never be the same between you and Scott."


"Jeffrey, love," Hilary said with sympathy. "I'm sorry for our present hostility."

"I am truly sorry about Pavla."

"Maybe we could call a truce."

"Does that mean that there's hope for us?"

"We'll see, Jeff. We'll see."


During the rest of the day, everything was calm. The only romance of WENN that wasn't progressing was Betty and Scott's. They had not spoken to one another all day. The staff disputed about what should be done. In the end, Mr. Eldridge declared, "Leave it to me." Everyone left, suspicious of what Mr. Eldridge could do.


Mr. Eldridge walked into the writer's room, self-assured. "Betty, you're being silly. We all know you and Scott are meant for each other. Stop punishing Scott and yourself for what Victor did, and go make up."

With a nod of his head, and a turn on his heel, Mr. Eldridge went to the office. "Now, Scott, swallow your pride. You love Betty. Setbacks can't stop you now. It's time to forget what happened today."

Mr. Eldridge left, but his blunt words lingered on. At almost the same moment, Betty and Scott left their work and went into the hall. Mere inches from the corner, they froze, afraid and nervous. Neither of them saw the other as they leaned on opposite walls of the corner. Betty looked back at the writer's room door. The few feet she had walked seemed like miles. Scott tried to find courage. Their memories spun around in their minds.

"You just sold him static."

"If anyone knows how to kill a romance it's you."

"I'm fine, Scott. I'm fine."

"It's an airplane ticket to Elkart."

"He'd make a half baked detective, but he's not a half bad human being."

"Even more we want you to be happy."

"Did I do what I think I just did?"

"Hey, Betty,...I love you."

Somehow Betty and Scott lost courage, and turned back.

To be continued...

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