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Into the Fire

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Betty looked from Scott to Victor, and back and forth again. She didn't know what to say. The last thing she wanted to do was send either man away.

Betty: I...I can't choose which one of you should leave.

Victor(angry): Betty...

He would have gone on had the phone not started to ring. Victor picked up the reciever and started to carry on a conversation. Scott was looking at Betty, trying to figure out what she was thinking, but it was of no use. Betty stared at Victor in disbelief. Victor finally hung up the phone. He opened his mouth to speak, but a destracted Betty didn't allow him to start.

Betty: Scott, would you please wait for me in the writer's room? I'll just be a moment.

Scott (slightly confused): Sure, Betty.

He wanted to tell her he would wait for her forever, but of course he didn't. As soon as Betty saw the door close she began to speak.

Betty: Victor, I may not be able to choose which one of you should go to a country that is bombed daily. However, I can choose which one of you should stay at WENN.(She found it dificult to go on, but she did certain of her destination)Victor, Washington needs you.

Victor: So you love him.

Betty: I don't know. All I know is Scott and I need WENN.(She lowered her voice to a whisper, and said the rest almost to herself) and maybe each other.

Victor: Well, Betty you need not have gone through that. That was Washington on the phone. You're right. They need me there. They want Scott to be the manager here.

Betty (puzzled): How do they know Scott?

Victor: Ask Scott sometime. (He turned to leave, but then turned back) Do you think there was any way things could have been different for us?

Betty(wistfully): Maybe if you had never gone to London.

Victor: Good bye, Betty. Things may be different yet.

Betty: Good bye, Victor. Keep yourself safe.

Betty followed Victor out the office door and waiked toward the writer's room. Just as she was about to turn the corner she bumped into Scott.

Betty: Scott, you're not leaving?!

Scott: Not yet. I just couldn't wait in the writer's room because Eugenia and Mr.Foley were...(He stopped midsentance, afraid of what she was going to say.) I'm sorry we asked you to choose.(She smiled. Victor hadn't apoligized.)Well, I should go. I'll miss you.

Betty: No! You don't have to leave. Victor has been ordered to Washington by the government. I suppose he will run the W.E.N.N. over all from there, but the government wants you to run things here.

Before either of them could say anything else Hilary exited Studio A and joined them with her usual air. Jeff trailed close behind her.

Jeff: Hilary, you didn't answer my question! Who are you married to?!

Betty and Scott: What?!

Hilary: What does it matter who I am married to? The fact remains that I cannot marry you.

Jeff: Hilary, how could you get married and never tell me?

Hilary: You're one to talk, Jeffrey Singer!

Jeff: Hilary, who are you married to?!

Hilary: There is no need to raise your voice to me, Pumpkin!

Jeff: This from you!

Hilary: Oh, very well, I'm married to Mr.Foley.

Jeff: Mr. Foley?

Scott: Oh no, Eugenia!

Jeff: Mr. Foley?

Hilary(in a half-whisper, sudenly remembering): Eugenia!

Jeff: Mr.Foley?

Maple joined the assembeled group.

Maple: Hiya all! I have to have someone to play the male roles. Mackie has lunch in five minutes.

Hilary(exsasperated): Couldn't you use Lester?

Betty: He has to work the controls.

Jeff (still dumbstruck): Mr. Foley?

Maple: What about him?

Scott: Well Mapes, Hilary is Mrs. Foley.

Jeff: MR. FOLEY!!!??

Hilary: Jeffrey, would you stop saying that?

Jeff: I'm sorry Hilary, but to find out that you married one of my friends...

Mackie peered out of Studio A.

Mackie: Hey, kids, I need someone to act with!

Maple: Come on, Jeff. It'll help you take your mind off things.

Maple and Jeff disapeared into the Studio with Mackie.

Hilary: Scotty, why are you wearing that uniform?

Scott: I enlisted.

Hilary: For the other side, pray God.

Scott: Sorry to disappoint you, Hilary.

Betty(suddenly petrified): You're staying now, aren't you?

Scott(looking intently at Betty): Yes.

Hilary: Am I missing something?

Betty: Scott is the station manager again.

Hilary: Oh goody. But how does that get him out of the army?

Scott: It's a long story. I have to make a phone call and change.

Once Scott left, Betty turned to Hilary.

Betty: Hilary, why did you marry Mr.Foley?

Hilary: To make Jeff jealous.

Betty: Not to sound overly inquisitive, but why didn't you tell him sooner?

Hilary: We...I... The truth is, I'm not married to Mr. Foley. It was just the first name that came to mind. I forgot Eugenia till it was to late. I am married, but I can't tell you to who.

Betty: What do you intend to tell the others?

Hilary: I'll straighten things out. Jeff will be close to easy. I'll tell Maple that Scott was mistaken.

(Hilary couldn't define what crossed Betty's face at the mention of Scott's name, but she watched with interest.) I think I can depend on you to tell Scott. Where's Victor?

Betty: He left for Washington.

Hilary: When will he be back?

Betty: He won't be back for weeks. That's why Scott's the manager. Victor will be in charge of things for the W.E.N.N. from Washington, and the government wants Scott to run things here.

Hilary: What do you mean the W.E.N.N.?


Scott sat behind his desk, speaking on the phone as Betty came in.

Scott: Yes, General, I understand the instructions.

He hung up.

Betty: Sorry, I didn't know you were in here. What are you doing with the lights off?

Scott: Just forgot to put them on. We'd better tell the others about the W.E.N.N.

Betty: We're playing records in twenty minutes. You can tell them in the green room then.

Scott: Sure.

Betty: Well, I just came in for some papers. I left them here.

(She picked up the papers on the desk. His eyes followed the papers until his eyes met hers. They were both a little ill at ease. Within moments she broke the gaze and headed for the door. Just as her fingers touched the knob she turned back to face him.)

Betty: wants me to tell you that she's not married to Mr.Foley.

Scott: Who is she married to?

Betty: She wouldn't say, but she insists she is married. Poor Jeff!

Scott: Knowing Jeff and Hilary, they'll get back together eventually.

Betty: I suppose, but now it involves another person.

That line should have made the conversation uncomfotable for both of them, since they were involved with WENN's great love triangle. Luckly neither of them noticed the irony. Instead the conversation continued to bring back old ease between the writer and the manager. There was a difference. Scott had changed. He wasn't constantly setting the next scam in motion. The conversation brought back the old shield in their relationship, that same feeling of security that they would always be around one another. They'd have to at least admit to friendship for the past few months to in order to see each other. However, for now the ice was broken.


Mackie: So we're all part of The W.E.N.N?

Eugenia and Mr.Foley stood up.

Eugenia: Mr.Foley and I also have an announcement. We're getting married!

As everyone congradulated them, Hilary pulled Jeff to the side.

Hilary: I'm getting an annulment.

Jeff: Who is he?

Hilary: The moment I tell you you'd wish I hadn't.

Jeff: At least you met Pavla. You weren't left to wonder about everything.

Hilary: I wish you hadn't brought her into this!

Jeff: I wish I'd never brought her into this!


Everyone prepared to go home.

Jeff: Have you seen Hilary?

Gertie: She left just after Eugenia and Mr.Foley. If you hurry you can catch her.

Jeff: I'll do that.

Mackie: It's been a hectic day.

Scott was steping out of his office wearing his hat and coat.

Scott: When is it not?

Mackie: True. Well, I think I'll go to O'Malley's before heading home.

Maple: Good idea! I'll join you.

Gertie: Oh dear. I left my sweater in the green room. I'll just go get it. Good-bye everyone.

Betty:Good night. I should be getting home, too.

Scott: Can I walk you to the trolley?

Betty: Yes, thank you.

Mr. Eldridge smiled as the door closed.

Mr. Eldridge: Understood completly.

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