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Emma Redmer

New Fanfiction - Read about the fanfiction I have up my sleeve (don't worry, it's not the queen of hearts. ; 0 ).

Fanfic Notes

Alternative Fourth Season Series
WENN is Where the Heart Is - A different ending for Happy Homecomings!
There's No Place Like WENN - Sequal to WENN is Where the Heart Is!

WENN Fairy Tale Series
Come visit the world of make believe! Each of the main WENN characters are spotlighted in a collection of fairy tales, folk stories, and favorite fantasies.

WENN Spoofs
The WENN Nutcracker Suite - Betty has a strange dream on Christmas Eve.
Robin Sherwood of Pittsburgh - This is my Remember WENN take on the Robin Hood legends!
The Great Big Slumber - Betty imagines that she and Scott are private eyes!
Miss Roberts in Wennland - Betty dreams that she's on a journey in a fantasy world populated by people who seem mighty familiar...
The American Patient - Gertie's newest play about an amnesiac patient and the nurse who falls in love with him.
The Wild WENN West - Betty dreams that she's a Rance Shiloh-type sheriff fighting for law and order in this wild spoof of westerns!
Nebraska Maple Lamentes and the Jungle Tower of Death - Maple imagines herself as a female "Amazon Andy"!

Novel-Length WENN Spoofs
The Adventures of The Crimson Blade - Set after "All Noisy On the Pittsburgh Front." When the WENN program The Crimson Blade ends on three cliffhangers, Betty and Maple wonder how they would have written the endings.

On the Edge of the Precipice Possible Fifth Season Series
On the Edge of the Precipice Series - The staff of WENN weather World War II on the home front and beyond.

My Other WENN Stories
Cinderella of the Airwaves - Betty Roberts is too busy to go to Gloria Redmond's party on New Year's Eve, but with a little help from the WENN staff and a very modern fairy godmother, she may be the belle of the ball.
Just Good Friends - My version of Scott and Maple's first meeting and how they became close friends.
Little Girl Lost - Emily Jackman, a new intern at WENN, creates havoc when she mixes up the scripts!
The Pizzaria - Eugenia discovers a new and "adventurous" food -pizza!
Fish Out of Water - Victor takes Maple to Washington, but her enthusiasm is dampered by three snobbish politicians' wives.
Thankful for You - Betty encounters Scott after hours at the station the night before Thanksgiving 1941.
Hard Decisions - Betty's thoughts at the end of "All Noisy on the Pittsburgh Front".
If These Walls Could Talk - Radio Station WENN tells its story.
Once Upon a Time in Your Wildest Dreams - A young woman buys WENN in July 2000, only to finds that it comes with a ghost...

Last Updated November 9th, 2001

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