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Fairy Tales Series

Welcome to the world of make believe! Each story in this series is a retelling of a famous fairy tale, fantasy story, or folk story retold in a variety of settings, from the Wild West to the New England coast in the early 1900's to medieval England. I hope you enjoy your visit to the station's own land of fantasy.

Full-Length Stories

Betty's Story - The Little Mer-Betty
Scott's Story - Scott White and the Seven Actors

Short Stories

Coming Soon!
Hilary's Story - Beauty and the Beast
Celia's Story - Goldilocks and the Three Bears
Victor's Story - King Arthur
Maple's Story - Little Red Riding Hood
Jeff's Story - Aladdin
Ensemble Christmas Special - Babes In Toyland
Mackie's Story
C.J's Story
Eugenia & Mr. Foley's Story
Gertie & Mr. Eldridge's Story

Fanfiction Library

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