Just in case you ever wondered, the entire Universe consists of energy fields all interacting with one another. The stars and nebulae at the far side of the Universe are like that, and so are our bodies--energy cells interacting with one another. The problem is, we humans have the ability to generate energy in the shape of thoughts, and frequently, that energy is negative. Hence, a lot of people suffer energy blocks which eventually manifest themselves in all sorts of problems, sometimes catastrophic.

The Creator, Infinite Intelligence, the Source of Your Being, allocated some pretty nifty spiritual gifts when humans were turned loose on the Earth Plane. One was the Gift of Healing. Most people have the gift. Mom picks up the hurt child, and there is a transfer of healing energy, and the child relaxes and starts to feel better. If you twist a muscle, what do you do? Instinctively, you place your hands on the problem, and somehow, that reduces the pain. Believe it or not, there are many people who have the healing gift and go through their lives not realizing it.

The actual touch is important in healing. It helps to have a few other of things: (1) Feel good about yourself; (2) Do healing with enthusiasm or passion (passion is the energy for getting things done); and (3) Believe that there is an Infinite Intelligence that powers the Universe with life.

So we are talking about Hands-on Healing or Contact Healing.. With a bit of practice (and enthusiasm) if you follow the instructions below, you’ll be able to do it, feel good, and help others.

First of all, it helps if you learn to relax. A stressed being radiates stressed energy, which is not conducive to good healing. So practice relaxing for a few days. You’ll benefit at all levels of your being. If you have never done that before, check my instructions on Learning to Relax then continue with these instructions.


(1) Find a quiet, comfortable place where you are not likely to be disturbed. Turn off the telephone. Switch on soft lights.

(2) Have the person wishing healing to be seated in an upright chair. The back of the chair should be low enough for you to access their neck and shoulders. The healee should sit comfortably, no slouching, legs side by side, and hands resting easily on their thighs. It is good for the healee to close their eyes, as it reduces any distractions.

(3) Stand behind the healee, take several slow deep breaths, and adopt an attitude of faith that there is in the Universe an Infinite Intelligence that will provide you with all the healing energy necessary to achieve your goals. Feel or sense yourself being attuned to Infinite Intelligence. God knows what you are doing. If it helps you, say a prayer: “Holy Spirit, I am sustained by Living Spirit. If it be thy will, allow the healing power of the Universe to flow through me now to heal (Name the Healee). Allow the healing, to flow through my body and hands with Love, Harmony and Peace.” If you wish to create your own prayer to Infinite Intelligence, that is good also.

(4) Place your hands lightly on the shoulders of the healee. Your thumbs should almost meet at the top of the spine or base of the neck. Be confident that you are a channel for healing energy. In order to get to beat any blocks you may have at first, imagine beautiful, white healing energy coming down out of the sky above you, and flowing through your head, shoulders and down through your arms to your hands. Don’t be alarmed if your hands suddenly feel hot and tingly. That’s good. The energy may also feel cold. It’s one of the peculiarities of healing -- the energy will always fit the healee’s requirements.

(5) Feel the power flowing through your hands. Many contact healers place one hand upon the recipient's forehead and another upon the back of the neck. Contact with the head and shoulders is sufficient for the purpose of healing. Touching the healee in any other place on their body is unnecessary, and if the person is someone outside your family, charges of unprofessional conduct can result from doing so.

(6) Don't let that previous note put you off. Accept what healing there is -- it's normally powerful stuff. Healing, particularly for a serious condition, will require several sessions. How long is a session? They can run for five, ten, fifteen, even twenty minutes. You’ll know when it’s over, because the energy will stop.

(7) When you have finished, mentally thank Infinite Intelligence. Then move to the front of the healee and imagine you are closing off their body from any negative exposure. You do this by gently moving your open right hand, over the solar plexus, and saying: “I am now closing you off.” A Footnote here: As you progress in this beautiful work, you may sense other spirits working with you. They will be spirit guides, spirit doctors working from the Other Side. But always remember it is Infinite Intelligence --God -- who is the Source of all healing energy.

A MAJOR POINT: Never administer Hands-on Healing in place of treatment by a professional health office or physician. Ensure the healee understands this.

If you wish to pursue spiritual or hands-on healing, training is available. Contact your local Spiritualist Church, or drop me an e-mail telling me which area of the world you live in, and I’ll endeavor to respond with some possible contacts. There are, of course, various healing books available at the bookstores.
Incidentally, most hands-on or contact healers do not charge for their healing.

A further note: If you wish training in Hands-On Healing, along with other imagery-healing techniques, we do conduct one-day workshops called "Healing the Inner Self," which comes with a work-book. Enquiries can be made by calling our Center.

Love and Light. Robert

Robert D. Egby
Center for Hypnosis and Sound Healing

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