Technique: Improving the Memory

Whether we realize it or not, Unless there is a physical disability, we all have brilliant, super memories.

Yes, you’ll hear people claiming “I have a bad memory. Can’t remember a thing.” The problem isn’t the memory, it’s accessing the memory. The block is stress. Stressed people usually have memory accessing problems and the situation, unless addressed, normally doesn’timprove. It gets worse.

If you think you have a “bad” memory, consider the following: Can you talk? Do you have to think about having a chat with a friend? Of course not. That’s your memory working. Your subconscious mind does it automatically, without you thinking about it. Does certain music bring back nostalgic memories? Can you pick up a glass of water, or write some words without thinking? Ride a bicycle, swim, or walk without thinking? Simply because you can’t recall someone’s name or you forget to do something on time, doesn’t mean you have a bad memory. It means you simply were stressed or didn’t attach enough importance to those points.

Relaxing for 10 or 15 minutes a day on a regular basis will reduce stress levels and create a sense of well-being. Don’t know how? Go to our “Do it yourself Relaxation” page and learn that simple process.


This is a simple but very powerful exercise that I use with certain patients. First of all, relax comfortably in an easy chair or on your bed. When you are really relaxed, start the exercise.

Mentally go back through your entire day.

Start by mentally “watching” what you are doing now...relaxing. Then, go back....see or think of yourself lying down...then continue back to coming into your room. Keep on going back through the memories of the day...coming home from work...leaving work....working. Back through lunch. Go through the day, examining and recalling all the things you did...but do it backwards.

You will find that as you do the “thinking backwards” process, it will get easier, and the details will become clearer, and so will your feelings of the memories concerned. For instance, if you recall having an argument with someone, go back through the argument right up to the point when it started.

Because you are relaxed, you’ll notice that the entire event will be much clearer than you would normally recall it, and you’ll be aware of the feelings you had. Make a note of them without judging yourself. Keep on going back through your day, to the point where you woke up in bed.

Once you get used to the process, you’ll be pleasantly surprised how detailed the memories of the day are. Do this exercise every day for a week, and you’ll notice that your memory seems to improve, in fact you’ll feel really good with yourself and your memory.

If you are doing this exercise first thing in the morning, start the process from the point where you went to sleep the night before and go back through yesterday....

And don’t rush it....take your time...take your time and enjoy.....

Robert D. Egby
Center for Hypnosis Healing and Sound Healing