Changing Directions through Self-talk!

Self-talk has been around for a lot of years: it’s recognition of what we say to ourselves. Many of the mind-gurus claim 80% of what the average person says is undermining, blocking and self-destructive. It’s all part of the conditioned mind--the result of your life up to the present. If you feel blocked, inhibited, and feel that it’s the way you think, or the things you say, YOU have the power to change this . The Subconscious Mind, your internal biological computer, learns through repetition, which is why advertisers bombard us with commercials over and over again.

You can change the way you think by changing your own self-talk, simply by resolving to do it. Talk to yourself whenever you have the opportunity, whenever you are alone. Do this powerful exercise.


Each month, select five of the most important affirmations or self-talk that you want or desire to apply in your life. (Desire is the energyyou use to get things done.) Write or print the five affirmations on a card. Keep them handy...somewhere where you will see them several times a day. Do not say them in a monitone, or sound as if you are bored. Whenever you have the opportunity, repeat them aloud with gusto and desire--as if your life depended on it. Incidentally, never, never show your affirmations card to anyone else--even that special person in your life. Other people may not see the affirmations the way you do, and a simple question such as: “Why do you need to do that?” will start the de-energizing process.

Incidentally, your list of five can also be repeated while you are in your sanctuary, as suggested in my article of “Do it yourself: Relaxation.” Repeating affirmations when relaxed, has greater effect.

Here are some examples of self-talk affirmations. If you need more, create them yourself. This will get you started. Good luck, and remember: Think well - be well.

I am positive, confident and radiate good things.
I have boundless energy, enthusiasm and vitality.
I attract prosperity by associating with prosperous people.
I enjoy calling on people--and people enjoy my calling on them.
The more quality calls I make--the more income dollars I earn.
I am totally relaxed and confident. When I am relaxed I achieve more.
I realize that time is my most valuable resource, so I carefully use it on result-producing activities.
I am a professional, respected person, fully capable of earning a professional, respected income.
I attract success into my life. I deserve everything that success brings.
I really am very special. I like who I am and I feel good about myself. I was designed and created, in body and mind, to achieve.
I am a person of quality and strength. My success is the result of who I am and how I think.
I always look for ways I can get something done instead of finding reasons why I cannot.
I always listen to clients and work to understand their needs.
I enjoy showing others the best of themselves. I always accept them at their best.
I have strength, absolute determination, and limitless endurance in the pursuit of my goals.
Every day in every way, I feel better and better.
I am calm and confident. I have the quiet self-assurance of winning in my life.
I have inner peace. I am living my life in a positive and worthwhile way.
I have purpose and value in my life. I love who I am and I enjoy being me.
I love and accept myself completely as I am.
I am in control of my emotions. I never get needlessly upset or overreact to any situation at any time.
I really am very special. I like who I am and I feel good about myself.
I am intelligent. My mind is quick and alert and clever and fun.
I think good thoughts, and my mind makes things work right for me.
I am able to see a precise picture of exactly what my goals are in everything I do--and what I must do to achieve each of them.
Because winning takes energy, good health, and a strong, positive attitude, I make sure that I keep myself fit--both mentally and physically.
I take full responsibility for everything about me, even the thoughts I think.
I always visualize my self being at my absolute best in every part of my professional life.
I learn from everything I do and everyone I meet.
My mind is clear and alert. It is capable of meeting any challenge I place before it.
I have excellent powers of concentration. I attune all my senses to the subject at hand, and I am able to focus my attention more and more easily each day.
I am creative. I like to find new and interesting ways to think and do things in my life.
Every day, something new and interesting happens in my life.
I am happy because I am living my life in worthwhile ways.
I like myself and I like my goals. I am moving forward in my life.


A point to remember: Your goals are your roadmap to the future. Affirmations or self-talk fuel the desire to achieve those goals. A person without goals is like a ship, all fueled and loaded, with no propeller, no rudder and no destination. One further thing: write down your goals. They take on a different dimension when they’re written down.