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Positive, Effective Relaxing Suggestions
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Build Self-Esteem - Be More Assertive
Improve Studies & Concentration - Lose Weight - Reduce Stress
Quit Smoking: Day and Going-to-Sleep Listening
Learn Meditation & Self-Healing
Conquer fears of water and Go Swimming!
Special programs for Higher Consciousness

Just imagine your life without uncertainties, fears and tension. Would you like to rebuild your self-confidence, develop a richer life and create inner strengths? Self-help Achievement CDs are designed to help you build and enhance your self-esteem, your self-confidence, and your powers of concentration easily and quickly. These clinically designed programs, heard on a regular basis, will clear tension, reduce stress, and help you develop unfailing confidence in your inner strength.

All CDs are recorded by Robert D. Egby,DHP, CH, an Hypnosis Counselor, Stress, Motivation and Relaxation Consultant. All former CD programs normally have two or three programs on one disc, are now presented as MP3s in a folder.

A NOTE ABOUT SLEEPING. Some listeners have expressed concern that they "trip out" or fall asleep while listening to self-hypnosis programs on a regular basis, and wonder about their effectiveness. Your subconscious mind never sleeps. This is why at the end of the program when the speaker says, "Be wide awake at the count of five," you regain full consciousness. Ask yourself, "Who or what was listening for the wake-up call?" Your subconscious mind is always listening, even when you're asleep on the sofa with the TV on: You are subconsciously listening to everything. You can put this CD's learning while you sleep to good, positive use. We have introduced two sleep-programming CDs below -- CD 109 and CD 110 -- specifically designed for listening while you sleep..


Never play a self-help achievement or relaxation CD while operating a motor vehicle or heavy machinery. When you are ready to listen, find yourself a comfortable place -- a bed, recliner, sofa -- a place where you won’t be disturbed, keep your hands and arms at your sides, your legs side by side, and close your eyes. If you “trip out” or go to sleep while listening to the CD, that’s fine -- your subconscious mind will go on listening, and will wake you up at the end of the program.


CD 101 -- "STOP SMOKING FOR LIFE!" -- Three separate self-hypnosis programs. Two general programs designed to help a smoker quit, through stress reduction, maintaining good habits in eating and sleeping, and building self-confidence, plus A third program for stress management. Check CD-110 -- Quit Smoking While You Sleep

CD 102 -- "LOSE WEIGHT NATURALLY!" -- Three separate self-hypnosis programs. Used in conjunction with healthy eating regimes and moderate exercise programs, these first two programs will help you lose weight, and build a positive self-image. The second track also includes suggestions for weight loss suggestions combined with powerful water therapy. Designed to help you drink water, curb the desire to eat irrationally, and relax. Track three builds general self-esteem and feelings of wellbeing. Note: Check CD-109 -- Losing Weight While You Sleep.

CD 103 -- "ENHANCE YOUR PSYCHIC ABILITIES!"Three programs designed for psychics and mediums who want to increase their psychic energy and build self-confidence in using their gifts for reading energy and relaying messages from loved ones and others in Spirit. Track one features the Grand Yogi Psychic Breath, Track two, the Psychic Tree and Track three, the Temple of the Heart. S.B. of New Jersey commented on Robert's tape: "I have been using Enhance Your Psychic Abilities and have found it a tremendous help. I am finding it easier to relax and quickly reach a hypnotic state. As a beginner, confidence and focus are of paramount importance and your tape provides both. I am looking forward to the release of your new CD." This is it, S.B.

CD 104 -- "SPIRIT GUIDES AND AURAS"Two meditations -- both for Psychic Training. Track one is "Meeting and Working with Spirit Guides" and Track Two is "How to See Auras," a psychic imagery training program for seeing auras around all living things.

CD 105 -- "THE POWER OF SELF HEALING!"Two meditations using the power of imagery for self-healing. "The Garden of Harmony" and "A Child of the Sun." These meditations should not be used in place of professional medical care, but as a support for accelerated healing.

CD-106 -- "CREATING PROSPERITY!"Similar to the audiotapes of the same name but these two programs have been updated and re-recorded with new music. Two programs: (1) "Creating Prosperity" -- powerful imagery for achieving your goals; and (2) "Attracting Money." Robert says in the introduction: We live in a very rich universe, and if you haven’t got what you need, it’s probably because your limiting beliefs are holding you back. Limiting beliefs result from us subconsciously listening to countless negatives that have bombarded our minds since childhood. Consequently, you may hear yourself saying or thinking: “I’m not worthy...I ‘m unlucky...I don’t deserve money...I will always be is the root of all evil.”

Robert adds: If you want to have more money in your life, you must do two fundamental things: One, reduce your number of limiting beliefs, and two, increase the number of positive beliefs you have about money. This program will assist you to think positively about attracting money into your life. The imagery in this CD informs your subconscious mind of the critical message: “I attract money into my life. It’s all right to have money.” Allow the imagery to work, and you will witness positive changes in your life.

CD-107 -- "SPIRIT RENDEZVOUS!" -- Be Your Own Medium! This CD contains three unusual programs -- all pertaining to Spirit Communication. (1) A talk on Spirit contact and the Spirit World and instructions for conducting the following meditation. (2) A Meditation for Meeting a Loved One or Friends in the Spirit World. (3) The Gatekeeper, a guide who takes you to meet ascended beings or whoever you pray to. Track Two is based on the successful meditation Robert conducted at the first national conference of the American Association of Electronic Voice Phenomena at Reno, Nevada in June 2004.

CD-108 -- "BUILDING CONFIDENCE AND SELF-ESTEEM" This CD program is no longer available. The scripts for the two programs were amalgamated in CD - 113 "THE ULTIMATE RELAXATION AND WELL-BEING PROGRAM" a description for which can be found below.

CD-109 -- "THINK SLIM, TRIM AND HEALTHY: LOSE WEIGHT WHILE YOU SLEEP" ***** This is the CD program referred to in the New York Times, January 4th 2007 in the "Styles" Section. Robert Egby's Sleep Programming Special produced in September 2005 at the request of clients. When you go to bed and are ready for sleep, turn on your CD player and listen to Robert's relaxing voice. Soon, you'll drift off to sleep but your Subconscious Mind will listen to all the weight loss suggestions, and start to apply them in your waking life. The program ends with Robert's voice and the music fading allowing the listener to go into deep sleep to wake up in the morning, thinking "Slim, Trim and Healthy." The CD starts with a separate talk on Hypnosis and Weight Loss.

CD-110 -- "BREAKING FREE FROM SMOKING” Robert Egby's Sleep Programming Special designed for people who desire to quit smoking, but haven’t the time to listen to powerful hypnosis suggestion CD programs during the day. It’s a fact: your subconscious mind never sleeps. When you go to bed and are ready for sleep, turn on your CD player and listen to Robert's relaxing voice. Soon, you'll drift off to sleep but your Subconscious Mind will listen to all the suggestions for killing the desire to smoke, maintaining your weight, sleeping well, and feeling good with yourself.The program ends with Robert's voice and the music fading allowing the listener to go into deep sleep to wake up in the morning, thinking "I am a non-smoker." The CD program starts with a separate talk on smoking cessation and the subconscious mind.

CD-111 -- "DISCOVERING THE JOURNEY TO LOVING YOURSELF”A special self-empowerment program. Throughout the ages the great teachers have told us to "Love Yourself," but legacies have left us with imaginary and pointless limitations. In this program Robert Egby describes the physical, mental and spiritual benefits that come when we let go of limitations and link ourselves with the powerful universal love force -- which is our natural heritage. The CD presents a newly recorded beautiful and memorable meditation. This is one of two CD programs mentioned in Robert's book, "Cracking the Glass Darkly." The other is C--112.

CD 112 -- "THE DA VINCI MEDITATION." Leonardo da Vinci the 15th century painter, inventor and philosopher was well aware of higher mystical teachings, particularly the phenomena of Living in the Here and Now. He gave an example in his famous "Notebooks" of how to live in the "Now". Robert has written and recorded a meditation based on this example. The CD presents three tracks: Robert discusses the elements of ancient teachings in "A New Way of Living," followed by "The da Vinci" meditation based on Leonardo's river observations. The CD contains a second meditation: "The Seven Pearls" which highlights the teachings of mystical thinking. The CD comes with Robert's workbook "Discovering the Power of Your True Self" which provides techniques for "dissolving" the negative ego, how to live in the "Now" and benefit from experiencing higher consciousness. This is one of two CDs mentioned in Robert's book, "Cracking the Glass Darkly." The other is CD--111.

CD 113 -- "THE ULTIMATE RELAXATION AND WELL-BEING PROGRAM" This is an all-round relaxation program for building Confidence and Self Esteem. It is designed to help you relax both mind and body, build up your feelings of wellbeing in all areas, and allow the listener to sleep well. A second track is entitled "Deep Relaxtion" and it takes the listener to a beautiful, secluded tropical beach. This is Robert's favorite because it induces total relaxation and regenerates physical and mental energies.

CD 114 -- "IMPROVING SLEEPING HABITS" This audio CD contains two programs with powerrful suggestions that the listener sleeps deeply. The second track also utilizes the sip of water suggestion, a trigger that induces a relaxation and sleep mode. The programs are based on Robert Egby's successful sleep treatment sessions.

CD 115 -- "BECOME A BETTER FLYER" Made for personal clients, this CD's principal program is "Overcoming Your Fear of Flying." It builds the listener's self-confidence in flying in the days and weeks prior to traveling, and also the ability to feel relaxed while traveling in an aircraft. The accompanying program on the CD is "Winning with Stress" a general stress reduction session.

CD 116 -- "BE MORE ASSERTIVE" This program gives you the power to say "No" when you feel the need. It builds your power of assertiveness, and helps you to feel in charge of yourself anywhere and any time. The accompanying program on the CD is "Overcoming Stress" based on our earlier program "Winning with Stress."

CD 117 -- "EXPLORE PAST LIVES" This is a double-programmed CD: (1) "The Sands of Time" carefully and easily take the listener into exploring a past life, and it's designed for the listener to remember everything experienced. (2) "Healing Past Loves." This program is for "letting go" and healing a past relationship that went wrong, or is no longer meaningful in a person's life. This CD comes with Robert Egby's 20-page workbook "Explore Your Past Lives" used in many workshops.

CD 118 -- "LEARNING ASTRAL TRAVEL" Two programs. (1) Developing Mind Projection, and (2) Flying in the Astral Body. Out-of-body experience is universal. It is not restricted to any culture, education, religion, credo, sex, or age. Soul travel, astral projection and out-of-body experiences are generally positive and beneficial to the practitioners. This CD comes with an easy 16-page workbook designed for the dedicated student. The exercises taught on this CD are identical to the ones Robert teachers in his workshops.

CD 119 -- "OVERCOMING A FEAR OF WATER"Two programs. Both self-hypnosis programs are delivered in meditation form taking the listener through colorful imagery, one to a pool with a relaxing waterfall, the other to a relaxing oasis pool in the desert. Robert's calming voice over music reduces stress and gives positive encouragement for the listener to let go of any fear of water and enjoy swimming. Both tracks are approximately twenty minutes. Initial feedback from a user is "Very good. It works."

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