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If you can look into a mirror and gaze straight into your eyes, and say without flinching or feeling guilty: “I love you and accept you completely,” you really do not need to read this article, or attend my workshops.

When you love yourself unconditionally, good things happen. You become a center of love. Your energy vibrations increase, and the benefits are felt at all levels of your being, physically, mentally and spiritually. You are somewhere on the road to Cosmic Awareness, a consciousness that embraces all things.

What makes it interesting is that you do not have to tell people you love yourself. They will know it. They will sense it. They may not know how they are sensing it, but they will wish to gravitate towards you. They will want to share your space, share your secret.

Some who cannot gravitate towards you will tell you: “It’s not right to love yourself. You’re an egotist.” So let me share something about egotists. An egotist is someone who needs your love, needs your attention, and he or she will always demand it. An egotist is like a black hole -- it absorbs everything but returns nothing.

When you love yourself, you not only have love for youself, but you have love for others. You radiate love. And the world needs love. Some people may think this is weakminded. It’s just the reverse. The Cosmic Self does not bow to the whims and fancies of others, but choses their actions from a position of strength.

Human beings have a peculiar habit of conditioning the minds of their offspring. From the day a person is born, that person is usually presented with a barrage of negative thoughts -- “You’re not lovable,” “You’ll never get anywhere in this world,” “You’re bad and we don’t love you.” Many parents, perhaps well intended, re-affirm these abusive statements, undermining the child’s self-esteem, self-confidence and love of self. Because children learn from imitating role models, they also learn and copy such negative behavior as anger, worry, fear, panic, criticism, bitterness, conceit, jealousy, etc. Love of self sits on a distant back burner, if at all. Some people may call these aspects “human nature.” That’s a pathetic excuse.

The interesting thing is that people who are enmeshed in negative behavior suffer lower vibrations, which seemingly get out of control in crises. A negatively conditioned person becomes contracted, hardened, and is unable to be in the same space as others.

When we love ourselves we experience an expanded vibration manifesting itself as awareness, comprehension, and understanding. Keep on expanding your love vibration and you attain your own form of Cosmic consciousness. Thaddeus Golas in his gem of a little book “The Lazy Man’s Guide to Enlightenment” said: “Love is the strongest magic of all.”

Golas also wrote: “When you learn to love hell, you will be in heaven.” If you think that strange, ask yourself why you think that way. When you learn to love something, it means you have no fear of that. For instance, when you love a fear, you are no longer at its mercy, you cannot be subjected to its power. You can apply cosmic thinking to just about anything.

Ever since the dawn of peoplekind, the great teachers have told us: “Love yourself.” Paul the Apostle wrote a wonderful essay on that in 1 Corinthians, chapters 12 and 13, but who took notice? Certainly not the mainline churches.

You cannot suppress for any length of time the various faces of the negative ego -- anger, jealousy, bitterness, worry, fear, revenge, boredom, ignorance -- but there are powerful techniques that will help you to dissipate those negative faces, and embrace the true self, which is also the loving self.... and you do it without judgment! It’s like magic, really. The Sufi mystics of Islam teach it, so did Gurdjieff, as did Vernon Howard and Jean Klein.

In my workshop “Discovering the Cosmic Self” I share the teachings of the Masters, and in Meditation take participants to the point where they can meet and love themselves -- unconditionally. Most people “live” in the past or the future. We teach the value of living in the here and now, the present. Vernon Howard put it this way: “If you look forward to being happy you will never be happy. Life is now, right now, and that is where you must be to enjoy life and to have life."

If you cannot come to the workshop, find a copy of “The Mystic Path to Cosmic Power,” by Vernon Howard, or “I Am” by Jean Klein. You will be glad you did.

Thank you for sharing this space.


POSTSCRIPT: Since I wrote this article a couple of years ago, I have written a book on how one can work to achieve the Cosmic Self and move along the Path to Loving Yourself. The book is "Cracking the Glass Darkly: The Journey Home. Interested? Come this way.

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