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with Robert Egby / YEAR'S END 2020

Hello Everyone: Betty Lou and I hope that you and your families and loved ones are keeping well in these troubled times. But the Lights of Hope are on the horizon and so it seems that many of our prayers are being answered.
When the Virus struck us way back in early March 2020 we closed the Center for Hypnosis and Dowsing, otherwise known as “The Healing Experience.” Although we are lively 80 year-olds we took refuge in our small and isolated place in Delaware and kept in touch by sharing our “outings” to isolated beaches, parks and forests on Facebook and Twitter. We kept on servicing people suffering from Geopathic Stress so that up to now our three-year total of homes cleared is 520.

My book “The Silent Killer Below: Hunting and Healing Geopathic Stress” has been picked up and read by people all over the world. It flags one of the great problems in America. People in authority from realtors, mayors, scientists, , Journalists and congressional members either do not know, or do not want to know about Geopathic Stress.

This prompted the idea: if Geopathic Stress is so prevalent, perhaps it exists in the offices and buildings where these authoritative people live and work. The Project is called “The Silent Killer Below Reigns in High Places.”

Over the past few months we have dowsed over thirty places and found Geopathic Stress in key Federal buildings housing politicians, realtors, doctors, computer centers, major newspapers, plus Holy Centers in Rome and Jerusalem.. To each we are mailing out our findings along with a copy of the book – which incidentally has won three major literary awards this year.

When we discover Geopathic Stress in tourist places – example Geopathic Stress was found in the Sydney Opera House affecting the Joan Sutherland Theatre. We cleared it as a Public Service, likewise the Benedictine Mont Saint-Michel in Normandy, France.

In doing so, we have come across some interesting stories which we will share in the sequel. Perhaps the authorities will officially recognize that Geopathic Stress does exist and is hurting a lot of people – perhaps a million or more – who have no idea they are sleeping or living on toxic Earth energy.

So sometime in the near future when we are informed the COVID-19 is under control and no longer a threat to our safety I would like to hold workshops in person in New Jersey and elsewhere to train people on how they can learn and become adept at Distance Dowsing and Healing Geopathic Stress.

Meanwhile my 47 minute workshop on the subject is available on YouTube under “Robert Egby” and “The Challenge of Distance Dowsing and Healing”. It offers a workbook – 16 pages – which we email to people requesting a copy.

Some of the Decrees have been modified and improved and these will be taught in future workshops, but basically, everything remains the same. Clearing Geopathic Stress is relatively easy and most people can do it.

In other news, Betty Lou and I set up a shed in the yard here in Delaware and created an “Arts Center.” Betty Lou tried some drawing and collage work but she enjoys playing the keyboard and I enjoy listening to her music. I enjoy going back to acrylic painting on canvas. So far this summer and fall I have created six canvasses, mostly 16 x 20 size. There is a special one accompanying this Newsletter.

Betty Lou and I wish you all a Healthy and Happy Christmas and Holidays, and a Positive, Uplifting, Healing and Loving New Year.

Thanks for Being. Love, Light and Blessings.

“The Healing Experience”
13 Wynwood Drive
Pemberton, NJ 08068

Email: robert.egby@yahoo.com

ROBERT’ EGBY’S SUMMER NEWSLETTER (Updated September 19th 2020)

DOWSERS MEET IN CYBERSPACE: In June the American Society of Dowsers held its 60th National Convention in Cyberspace. For my part I talked on the Challenges of Remote Dowsing and Distance Healing. A Powerpoint slide-show hit some difficult parts. Callbridge, the Canadian organizer, needs to make slide shows more user friendly. Still, many people enjoyed the show. It was re-recorded for presentation on Youtube at Challenges of Remote Dowsing.

It lasts 43 minutes and is at MP4 quality with lots of photos. If you wish to have a copy of the handout mentioned during the presenation, drop me an email at robert.egby@yahoo.com and slug it “Handout” and you will get one--free!

Once you have seen the video and would like to have a one-on-one advanced training session – they last about three hours – email me. The fee is $200. Yes, we wear masks. We have two locations: one in Pemberton, NJ and the other at Felton, DE.

WRAP-AROUND. I started writing this Newsletter, then things started to go astray with different events. What I originally wanted to say was this: It has been a strange spring and summer and as you will realize a tiny little virus has changed our worlds that no man or woman could have imagined. So Betty Lou and I hope you are all maintaining good health. Although we closed our Physical Office for Hypnosis and Sound Healing we continue servicing clients having problems with Geopathic Stress. My book “The Silent Killer Below: Hunting and Healing Geopathic Stress” has been sold to folks all over the world.

SILENT KILLER SCOOPS AWARDS: Another great development occurred this spring and summer. My informative and controversial book THE SILENT KILLER BELOW: Hunting and Healing Geopathic Stress” won two literary awards. Appril 29th it was announced as the Winner in the Independent Press Awards 2020 in the “Environment” category.
Then on July 23rd the American Book Fest announced that Robert Egby’s “The Silent Killer Below: Hunting and Healing Geopathic Stress” is an “Award-Winning Finalist” in the “Health: General” Category of the 2020 International Book Awards.

This is all good ammunition for when we present reports on Geopathic Stress to officials in high places who continually try to turn a blind eye to this predicament that is physically and financially hurting so many people.

PEMBERTON CENTER: We have re-opened our Pemberton facility for Hypnosis, Sound Healings, Life and Spirit Readings, September 16th. For the time being, only one person can enter, and must be temperature checked. Masks need to be worn and Social Distancing maintained. For appointments email me at robert.egby@yahoo.com. Robocalls are still a menace, so we rarely answer the phone. Please leave a message and we will get back to you -- Promptly! If not sooner!

NOTICE: Author's Book Clearing event is postponed until a later date. Please note!

AUTHOR’S BOOK CLEARANCE, September 26th & 27th 2020 IN PEMBERTON NJ.

Over the past 12 years since I began life as an “Indie” – that’s an Independent Publisher --I have stocked many copies of my 15 different books -- fiction and non-fiction. It’s time to clear the shelves, so I’m doing what many authors do, and that is staging a two-day, weekend Garage Book Sale.

Each book, regardless of whether it is fiction or non-fiction is $10.00 – now here’s the gift. When you buy one, you get a book of your choice FREE. That means books are basically $5.00. This is while quantities last. You can see all my book titles at Robert Egby Books

All my CDs are now on MP3 – they can be emailed around the world. However, there are various actual CDs left and these are on sale as buy one for $10 and get another of your choice FREE.

We also have dowsing L-rods and pendulums. These are simply $10 each. Period.

The date of this sell-off? Saturday and Sunday, September 26 and 27, 2020. Time: 10.00 a.m. to 2.00 p.m. Rain or shine it will be in the driveway or garage. The address: 13 Wynwood Drive, Pemberton, NJ 08068. Please, no commercial buyers until 2:00 p.m. Sunday. (Yes, except for workshops and clients I am getting out of the selling books by mail business. Amazon and Book Depository and Bookstores can do it cheaper))

TALKING OF PRESENTATIONS-An Experiment. We have put one of our CDs on Youtube as a video. It is the 23 minute CD program “Stop Smoking Plus.” The visuals are the relaxing wildlife shore-dwellers at Port Mahon in Delaware. If you wish to quit smoking, this program is a good way to start. You don’t have to keep your eyes open to watch all the visuals, save that for another listening. Or you can watch and daydream at the same time – it works that way too. Here’s the link: STOP SMOKING PLUS. Please let me know how you get on. It’s an experiment. Incidentally, all my CDS – 19 of them – are now on MP3 and are playable on most devices.

RE-ENERGIZE WATER: There’s nothing like water that tastes flat and is flat. Its the condition that drives many people to drinking soda regardless of the toxic sweetener known as High Fructose Corn Syrup which is banned in most countries except in the United States. Even bottled spring water may taste a little flat. Well, here’s an old Yoga trick that I have used for many a year and it works a charm. You can even apply it to bottled spring water too.

Get yourself two glasses. Fill one with water, then holding that in one hand and the empty glass in the other, pour one into the other. But wait, raise the full glass up at least a dozen or eighteen inches and just pour the water into the lower glass. Do this four or five times, then when you are ready take a drink. You will find it tastes comletely different.

If you use a pendulum, ask to see the Area of Influence of the energy field of the flat glass of water, then when you have completed the exercise, perform the test again. You may well be surprised.

That’s it for now. We will be in touch as we get the office and our workshops on the agenda. So Stay Safe. Love, Light and Blessings to you all from Betty Lou and Myself.


Robert Egby is a Certified Clinical Hypnosis Practitioner, a Certified Sound Healer, an ordained Interfaith Minister, a Professional Dowser, a Psychic Medium, a lecturer and workshop leader on Enlightenment, Higher Awareness and the Cosmic Principle. A metaphysical and dowsing practitioner for over forty years, he is an author and has written several books on healing and Earth energies, notably: “The Silent Killer Below: Hunting and Healing Geopathic Stress,” “Chasing the Cosmic Principle,” “Holy Dirt, Sacred Earth,” and “INSIGHTS: The Healing Paths of the Radical Spiritualist.”

CONTACT: Robert Egby, 13 Wynwood Drive, Pemberton, NJ 08068 Phone: 609-351-5878 / Email: robert.egby@yahoo.com. Webpages: www.robert-egby.com and www.robertegbybooks.com



Once upon a time I heard a New Age guru teaching students the affirmation: “I love my Soul.” Nothing wrong in that, except one thing. Who is the “I” that is loving the Soul?
You might well claim “It’s me, silly.” All right, who is “me” and what does “me” represent?
An attempt to close the argument might justify: “Oh, you’re just playing mind games. Why don’t you do something else?”
Well, we’ve just struck a dilemma. It’s called Dualism and it’s a peculiar phenomenon maintained very effectively by the human ego.
Many human beings maintain this dualism in their everyday life. They might say such things as “My body feels sick today,” or “My stomach is reacting again,” or “My feet are weary.” Again, who is speaking?
Let’s look at the dilemma from another perspective. Is eating a hamburger in a local restaurant spiritual? Is going to work on a train spiritual? Is making love in the back seat of a Buick spiritual? A fundamentalist might declare hotly: “Absolutely not!” To which I would reply: “Are you a spiritual being? Are you not a spirit occupying a body or are you simply a body with a spirit?”
We are all spirits occupying bodies so that everything we do, everything we think, everything we do in the course of a day, eat, drink, work, play, sleep and dream is spiritual. It cannot be otherwise. So how do we explain this?
It helps if we understand energy: Atoms and molecules. You’ll find them throughout the Universe dancing and circulating in most regions of the Universe. All energy vibrates in its own space and time. If we look at an atom it resembles the solar system with Planets revolving around its sun. Energy expands and contracts according to neighboring energy systems. The Universe is a massive ocean of vibrating beings, generating and bathing in a harmonious give and take.
The human body is a bundle of energy expanding and contracting. It also expands and contracts depending on neighboring energy systems, but also via its own energy generator – the mind.
In a nutshell an expanded person is open minded, spiritually aware, confident in his or her own consciousness and, is totally at home in all relationships, and understands and manifests unconditional love of self, the world around, the Universe and the Creator. As William Ernest Henley aptly described it: “I am the master of my fate, I am the captain of my soul.”
An expanded person will never reveal his or her condition. Your intuitive senses may well detect it, if you are climbing the ladder to expansion yourself. The expanded person will never refer to his or her spirit or soul as “my soul.” It’s trite, unnecessary. The expanded person walks in an enlightened aura and is totally soul conscious. They are safe and comfortable in their expanded life.
TIP FOR READERS: If you would like to know and learn more about this, check my award-winning book “The Quest of the Radical Spiritualist” at robertegbybooks.com.


While prolonged exposure to Geopathic Stress Zones (GSZ) such as sleeping, working, studying or watching TV can reduce the immune systems in humans, there is another element that should be observed. And this is – the air in a home, office, factory or any building.
Air suffers a degree of toxicity. You do not have to spend time on a zone, but the air flowing in and around the upward shafts of toxic GSZ rays are often affected. People can be sitting in a dining room several feet from a GSZ that might run through just a corner. After a few minutes the tenor of conversation starts to become negative and indeed, an argument breaks out. This phenomenon can also occur frequently in families.
A client told us: “When we were out and about everything was lovely. My husband and I and the two youngsters enjoyed ourselves. As soon as we got home the arguments started. I thought the place was haunted or we were living on an Indian Burial Ground. Yet, as your dowsing photo shows, we were at least 20 feet from the zone and in another room.”
Armed with a pendulum, stand on the GSZ and ask the pendulum to show the Area of Influence of the zone with a Yes response. When you leave the Area of Influence the response will be No. You may be quite surprised. This is only an indoor test for your environment. It really does not work out of doors, unless you are camping out on a GSZ. It happens!



That’s it for now. If you have questions email me (I have problems with Messenger) and we will get back to you, Pronto, if not sooner. For now, Blessings. Robert

Robert Egby DHP, CH, Rev.
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“Enlightenment doesn’t care how you get there.” &
“ Whatever you are doing, love yourself for doing it.”

– Thaddeus Golas in “The Lazy Man’s Guide to Enlightenment.”


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