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Newsletter with Robert Egby / Winter: December 4th 2023

Hello everyone!!
It’s one of those times of year when many people look forward to the Joys and Blessings of Christmas become all stressed out, short of breath and wondering where all the savings went. In other words, Santa can be Stressful. Well, here’s a Relief.

It’s called RELAX with DEEP BREATHING. AS one becomes older and settles down to “Over the Hill” living, one finds the Body develops bad habits – almost without you knowing. Like feeling short of breath when you really haven’t done much, except climb the stairs.

I swung through my doctor’s office last month. (She’s Puerto Rican so I get a chance to hablar en español.) Anyway, the little Oximeter – the gadget that reads your Oxygen and Heartbeat – said my oxygen level was 93%. Anything under 95% is shady and not good news.

Like a lot of folks over the hill (I’m 92 in February) one can develop shallow breathing. It comes with such conditions as stress, lack of calmness and focus, and a general feeling that all is not right in the body. Shallow breathing can also disrupt good sleeping habits.

In my book “INSIGHTS: The healing Paths of the Radical Spiritualist, Chapter 2 is devoted to breathing techniques. The easiest and very effective one is this. It’s kind of cute, I think.

A very simple way of relaxing is concentrating on your breathing, and you can do this anywhere when you need a few moments to let go. It comes from Buddhism. When you concentrate on your breathing for a while, your body becomes relaxed, and your mind becomes peaceful.

• Sit in a comfortable position with your back straight.
• Place your hands in your lap with the left hand on the bottom.
• Keep your eyelids half-closed.
• Concentrate on the tip of your nose. Notice your breathing coming and going.
• After a few minutes, take one slow deep breath and as you breathe out say out loud: “Wide awake!” and be wide awake.

ANOTHER WAY. If you really want some other exercises to power-up your body, do this: browse over to uhs.berkeley.edu/bewellatwork. They have an excellent downloadable PDF two-page paper entitled “Breathing Exercises.”

Hey, if you really worry about your stress and air-intake, make it a New Year’s Resolution. Practice Deep Breathing! TALKING OF KEEPING FIT.

In mid-October with leaves falling and winter sliding in with some cold mornings, I decided to get an exercise bike and pedal it indoors – in the garage, actually. First, like Bett Lou, I did not want a regular narrow perch to sit on. We wanted one with a comfortable seat. We finished up with a NiceDay Recumbent Exercise Bike that in addition to Time, tells the rider a whole lot of things that I haven’t worked out yet. (It took three days to put the thing together otherwise it’s great! Like sitting in an armchair.)

AS most indoor exercise bikers will tell you, riding can be boring. Well, a message from the Other Side, came softly through the garage doors: “Check YouTube: Travel videos for Indoor Bikers.” So, we discovered a whole flotilla of 30 and 60 minutes timed and speed journeys through a whole lot of interesting places. Chicago Lakeside is a good one. South Tyrol, Italy – the alps are spectacular. Another good one is the Streets of Amsterdam, so there are videos featuring cycle paths in all sorts of places.

I do 30-minute indoor cycle rides every day except Sunday. Each day the ride is different—and interesting. I enjoyed the one on Ilkley Moor in West Yorkshire, England. If you think 20 to 40 miles and hour is fast for a biker, well, wait to see a biker overtake you. Some cynics think the videos are filmed from a car, until you see the shadow of your own cyclist videotaping. It must be putting a whole new light and life to the old exercise bike. Oh, I place my iPad over the bike’s console.

While writing this Newsletter, I popped back for a thirty-minute ride through the streets of Amsterdam – wow! There are few cars compared to the countless bikes either being pedaled or racked up along city blocks. A six-unit streetcar glides along. Cars are noticeable by their absence. Gasoline prices? Over $8.00 a gallon! That’s why the most profitable business in Amsterdam and elsewhere in the Netherlands is Rent-a-bike!

If you are a dowser or at least read any of my books on the ancient art, you may know the Decree Technique we use to neutralize Geostress Zones. I want to talk about the Third Decree which blesses the cleaned home or business with energy that is “uplifting, beneficial, healing and loving.”

If you have any trees in your yard, neighborhood, local park etc., and they are wilting or indeed appear dead, try sounding the #3rd Decree. “In the Name of the Holy Spirit, Love, Infinite Intelligence, (whoever you pray to…) we decree that you be filled with energy that is uplifting, beneficial, healing and loving.” Repeat three times in a commanding voice. Then wrap it up with. “…we decree that this is permanent and will last until the end of all time.” If the plant/tree appears dead or dying, come back later in the year or next spring and take a look. You may be delighted to see a return to life. As I wrote in my latest book, “Battleground Geostress,” trees and plants are like people. They are alive and enjoy living and shining in an energy field that is uplifting, beneficial, healing and loving.

You may find that difficult to believe, but if you were a Psychometrist you would understand it completely. It is the ability to take an object in your hands and read its history. That’s why I call it the “Time Machine.” It is very enlightening and educational. We will talk about it in the next Newsletter.

Have a Safe, Vibrant and Memorable Christmas, Kwanzaa, New Year and wherever you hang your hat and say your prayers. Love, Light and Blessings from:

Robert and Betty Lou

Robert Egby DHP, CH, Rev.
13 Wynwood Drive
Pemberton, NJ 08068
email: robert.egby@yahoo.com
GEOSTRESS CLEARING: robertegbydowser@gmail.com


“Enlightenment doesn’t care how you get there.” &
“ Whatever you are doing, love yourself for doing it.”

– Thaddeus Golas in “The Lazy Man’s Guide to Enlightenment.”

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