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Did you know that in Austria and Germany, before one builds a house or a school, it is recommended the site be checked for geopathic stress? In North America, most contractors, land developers, realtors don't want to know such things. Knowing may well save a life.

This article concerns a condition called “Geopathic Stress,” Earth energies that cause stress to the human body. Knowledge of the phenomenon, allows people in affected areas to avoid them. Geopathic Stress has been known for centuries. Detailed articles and studies were made on it as long ago as 1940.

The American Society of Dowsers and the Canadian Questers have conducted information programs on this condition. In September 1997, on the Island of Cyprus in the Eastern Mediterranean, distinguished experts from around the world held the First International Congress on Geopathic Stress. One wonders why the news media remained so silent....

The following article, is designed to help you be aware, because only the aware person can avoid geopathic stress.

Written by Tom Passey, former President and life member of the Candian Questers, and Robert D. Egby, member of the American Society of Dowsers, who ask:


A TREE IN AGONY? A tree in the Rancocas forest, New Jersey has grown
over a negative geopathic zone and become severely twisted.

Have you ever noticed that you or someone you know may be experiencing health problems and strangely, no one seems to have effective answers. The may involve unexplained aches, unexplained behaviors and conditions. You may have tried health professionals in many disciplines, traditional and alternative. But the problem remains. If you are desperate for relief, the solution may be here.


It may be difficult for the well educated, pragmatic person to understand the fact that natural rays, natural energy coming up from the earth, may be harmful to one’s health.

Natural rays rise up through the earth’s mantle all the time. When earth rays encounter subterranean running waters or streams, sometimes 50 or even 200 feet below the surface, certain mineral concentrations, fault lines or underground cavities, their natural wavelengths become distorted and harmful to living organisms. In the case of slow running water, normally 50 to 300 ft. underground, an electro magnetic field is created in the opposite direction to its flow by friction which then stresses the natural ways passing through. Streams may be only a few inches in width -- 10 to 20 inches is common. Surface water does not normally create stress.

These negative rays have been called black streams, cancer rays, negative green rays, Hartmann and Curry lines and even ley lines. Today, dowsers and others prefer to call them by the one name: Geopathic Stress. Another is Zone of Disturbance.

The Chinese knew about Geopathic Stress lines over 4,000 years ago, and avoided building houses over them. Ancient civilizations around the world never built homes on these life destructive rays.

Everyone is endowed with instinctive, intuitive or psychic gifts, but few people chose to use them, relying instead on intellectual arguments that fail to sense beneficial or harmful energies around.


Which illness may you risk by sleeping over strong zones of disturbance? Von Pohl, Kathe Bachler, Ole Hovmand, Rolf Gordon and other researchers and doctors have found illnesses that most often occur. Note: These conditions must not be thought to be caused by harmful earth rays, but develop as a result of the breakdown of the body’s natural functioning and lowering of the immune system.

Cancer, aids, arthritis, rheumatism, asthma, migraine, insomnia, many stomach, kidney, bladder, liver and gallbladder disorders, tuberculosis, multiple sclerosis, heart conditions, diabetes, sinus, uterus and adrenals conditions, opsteoarthritis, thrombosis, eyes, ears and teeth disorders, inflammations, varicose veins, leukemia, emotional and mental disorders. There is strong evidence that links earth rays with suicide, divorce, depression, stress, high blood pressure and alcoholism.


Because people spend a considerable time in bed--six to nine hours a night--and sleep in basically one general area, it is wise to be aware of symptoms that can arise through the presence of zones of disturbance.

  1. Refusal to go to bed. Opposition against going to bed.
  2. Insomnia. Unable to fall asleep for hours.
  3. Nightmares. Feelings of a “presence” in the bed.
  4. An aversion to certain spots in the bed.
  5. A feeling of “falling out” of bed.
  6. Sleepwalking.
  7. Night sweats. Also feeling cold or shivering in bed.
  8. Waking up tired most mornings. Fatigue and apathy.
  9. Nausea in the morning, even vomiting.
  10. Despondency, stress, depression.
  11. Frequent crying upon waking up in the morning.
  12. Rapid heart beat while lying still in bed. Cramps.

Naturally, one of these symptoms is sufficient to indicate a problem. However, there may be several of these symptoms appearing at one time.


Changing the position of the bed can sometimes bring a quick and complete recovery, if the exposure existed for a short time, not more than two years. Recovery may take longer, depending on the length of exposure.

Questions that can indicate a zone of disturbance: When did you first start sleeping in the exact place where you now sleep? When did your current condition first manifest itself?

Make a note: Did the condition persist when you went away for a holiday, on business or were in hospital? Did the condition return when you returned to your normal bed?

It must be stressed that relocating the bed is not necessarily sufficient to help a person who has suffered prolonged exposure to earth radiation. Treatment by a qualified medical practitioner is imperative. Never doubt that.


Small babies, unable to move away, may react to a zone of disturbance by showing signs of slow development, prolonged crying, convulsive crying or screaming. Young children, able to move, will instinctively flee from zones of disturbance. They may be found sleeping on the floor, another bed or on a chair, or, if they cannot escape from a crib, they may be found crouched or curled up in one of the corners. Children, able to talk, may tell of a presence in their bed, or show signs of fear that someone or something is in their room.


Subterranean water veins plus other natural earth energies, called Curry grids, can result in various conditions among school children, if the classroom is situated on such zones. Subterranean streams by themselves can cause fatigue and lethargy among students, while Curry crossings bring about restlessness and nervousness. Where it has been established that zones are present, teachers rotate students so that exposure is kept to a minimum.


People who sit at office desks for many hours, and the offices are located on narrow zones of disturbance, will usually feel uncomfortable, and gradually the amount and speed of their work will diminish, as well as work quality. A person whose permanent place of work is located above a radiation-free area, report feelings of well-being, and also tend to work faster, have greater capacities for work, and produce higher quality work.


Dowsing the accurate location of a zone of disturbance is the best solution. Normally, zones are a few inches wide, and can be easily avoided without too much trouble. Learning the art/science of dowsing is relatively easy. Classes are available in many areas. Dowsers are relatively easy to contact. If in doubt, contact the American Society of Dowsers. (ASD)

If you cannot dowse your living and sleeping places to ensure radiation-free zones, and a member of your family is suffering symptoms described above, and regardless of what health practitioners prescribe nothing seems to get better, try moving the bed, even just a couple of feet, one way or the other. Or try sleeping in a different location in the house. This is particularly important for the chronically sick. It frequently happens that after moving the bed, regular medical treatment starts to have a better effect than before.

If you’re skeptical about a family member’s complaints about sleeping, particularly children, try sleeping in their place for a night or two. You may well be convinced.


"All we pet-keepers have an adept dowser in the house. Take your dog to bed. If he declines the invitation, shift your bed. If you are always having to turf Towser, or Tabby, off your bed, you are sleeping in a safe place!" Thanks to Phyllis Goodall, UK.

COMMENT: In addition to being a dowser, Robert D. Egby is a clinical hypnoanalyst, and intuitive counselor. He finds that about one in four of his clients, have problems stemming from sleeping on or near negative zones of radiation. Instruction of dowsing in our school system, might save an incredible amount of agony and...lives. As the greatest of the teachers said 2,000 years ago...” if you will make room for it in your minds....”

Robert now conducts clearing of geopathic stress zones by a remote technique. He has cleared homes far and wide, including several in Australia. You can find out more about his services at Remote Energy Clearing

Robert deals with the subject of geopathic zones and cases in his book "INSIGHTS: The Healing Paths of the Radical Spiritualist. Find out more?


Robert Egby is a member of the American Society of Dowsers, and frequently lectures and also conducts seminars/workshops on Dowsing and Geopathic Stress and gives advice on how to recognize and remove negative energy from your home and workplace. Please call for more information.

There are many sources for reference on the internet today. But if you really wish to obtain insights into this phenomenon, read “EARTH RADIATION” by Kathe Bachler, ISBN No. 0951415107. It’s the startling discoveries of a dowser in Europe and the results of research on more than 11,000 cases covering 3,000 apartments, houses and work places. Check the bookstore at the American Society of Dowsers

Robert D. Egby DHP., CH.

Dowsing Practitioner, Speaker and Author


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