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Sorry about the ads folks, but the Angelfire people have forcibly placed ads on every page they host. I was given the choice of pop-ups vs. inline. Damn I hate pop-ups...

04/29/01: Now for some regular ol' Fading Suns stuff, not Noble Armada stuff. I've gotten pretty annoyed of late having to hunt through many books to find equipment, skills, occult powers, etc. so I've gone and made some big ol' lists. Here's my first HTML-ified list for you: equipment. Have fun kiddies! :-)

02/14/01: Hrm, been a long time since I've updated this page and I feel like I should say something... Sadly, there isn't much to say about the computer game, as it is still tied up in legal dispute with Ripcord. Sorry no new technical readouts in forever (almost a year now!), maybe someday I'll actually get around to completing them. *sigh* Not much else to say, but at least now you can know this site isn't 100% forgotten by its author.

Noble Armada

I started working for Holistic Design, Inc. in October of 1998, and have spent most of my time there working on a computer game called Fading Suns: Noble Armada. It is based upon a miniatures game that we have on the market called Noble Armada, which is set in the same universe in which our role-playing game, Fading Suns, is set.

You can get more info on these products and others on the HDI web page. For more info on the computer game Noble Armada, check out its web page.

The purpose of this particular web page is to provide you with screen shots detailing each of the ships in the game. The images are all from in-game screen shots. The originals were targa files, but for space considerations, they were converted to jpg format (which are all generally between 20K and 40K in size). This led to some degredation of image quality (the nebula and planet atmospheres were particularly hard hit), but they'll still give you a good idea.

Recent additions:

03/16/00 - Decados Frigate
03/15/00 - Kurgan Cruiser
02/15/00 - Kurgan Destroyer
02/09/00 - Kurgan Galliot
02/08/00 - Kurgan Frigate
02/07/00 - Kurgan Escort and Decados Cruiser
02/03/00 - Still sick, but here's a Kurgan Explorer for you anyway.
02/02/00 - Still out with flu, or whatever the heck it has mutated into now...
01/28/00 - Vuldrok Merchant
weekend - No updates. I have the flu! :-(
01/27/00 - Vuldrok Cruiser & Destroyer

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