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Tired of searching though a dozen different books to find a given piece of equipment? Well tire no more! Here is a complete listing of all purchasable equipment that has ever gotten mention in any of the source material released to date! (that's 4/29/01 for those keeping score ;)
That means that things like Ur artifacts are not included, nor is Symbiot tech or Vau tech. Also note that while use of benefice points for equipment is now obsolete under 2nd edition rules, I include that info for historical purposes. Although there are still some things that you can purchase with benefice points, namely artifact weapons (Flux Sword, Wire Blade, neural disruptor, etc.) and Adept Robes. Consult with your game master before spending benefice points on equipment.

If you find any errors or missing equipment, please let me know and I will correct or add accordingly.

Other lists coming soon: Blessings and Curses. These lists aren't even started yet, so it may be a while in coming... Is there a particular list you'd like to see that I haven't covered? Let me know!

Reference codes - if no code is listed, the item can be found in the main rulebook (2nd edition):
And now the list.... For your convience, I have separated out stuff into meaningful groupings, both so you can find more quicly that which you are looking for and also so it doesn't take as long to load. But still, if you are a masochist, the entire listing is available in one big-ass file!

And now, the list of skills!
Psychic powers
Theurgic powers
Benefices and Afflictions as of 5/02/01