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I have been retired as Scientist 'G' from National Institute of Hydrology (A Government of India Society under Ministry of Water Resources), Roorkee - 247667 (Uttarakhand), INDIA. Here you can find links to many useful Hydrology-related web sites. Please bookmark this page and inform about any other important links for inclusion. Your suggestions are welcome.

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Advanced Groundwater Technologies

Advances in Geosciences (Online Journal)

Advances in Water Resources (Journal)

Agricultural Sciences Journal

Agricultural Water Management (Journal)

American Institute of Hydrology

Analytic Aquifer Simulator (AnAqSim)

Applied Water Science - Open Access Journal

AquaDyn - Surface Water Modeling Software

Aquarius Engineering

Aquarius - Time Series Software


Aquatic Informatics - Water Monitoring & Analysis Software

Aquaveo Software - GMS, SMS, WMS

Aquifer and Pump Testing Software

Aquifer Mapping in India

Aquifer Test Software

ArcGIS - ArcHydro Discussion Group

Argus ONE

ASCE Research Library


Automated Geospatial Watershed Assessment (AGWA)



Bhuvan - Indian Earth Observation

British Geological Survey

British Hydrological Society

Canadian Water Resources Association

Catchment Modelling Toolkit

Central Ground Water Board (India)

Central Water Commission (India)

Centre for Ecology and Hydrology

Centre for Groundwater Studies

Center for Science and Environmental Research

Civil Engineering Notes

Climatic Change (Journal)

Computational Hydraulics International (PCSWMM and SWMM)

Conferences on Earth Sciences

Conferences - Water Conferences Worldwide


Current Science Journal (India)

Data Requirements for Groundwater Modelling (PDF Presentation)

Decision Support Systems in Hydrology (Yahoo! Group)

DHI Group

Digital Elevation Modeling

Directory of Open Access Journals

Discover Water (Journal)

Discussion Archives on Groundwater Modelling

DRAINMOD Simulation Model


EarthFX - Earth Science Information Systems

Earth Science India (Journal)

Earth Trends

Earthward Consulting

e-Journal of Land and Water

Encyclopedia of Earth

EnviroInsite - Groundwater Data Visualization

Environmental Geology (Journal)

Environmental Monitoring and Assessment (Journal)

Environmental Simulations International

Environmental Software Directory

Environmental Topic Lists

E-print Network - Geosciences

EQuIS Environmental Data Management Software

ESRI - GIS and Mapping Software

E-WAter Electronic Journal

FEFLOW Users Group

FracMan - Software for Fractured Rocks

GAEA Technologies

Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems (Journal)

Geometry Groundwater Links

Geometry Hydrology Links

Geometry Water Resources Links

Geophysical Journal International

Geoscience Letters (Journal)

Geostatistical Software Library

Geotechnical and Geological Engineering (Journal)

Geotechnical Software by Arnold Verruijt

Get Hydrology Jobs

GFLOW 2000

GIS Application in Hydrology

Global Runoff Data Centre

Global Surface Water Explorer

Glossary of Hydrologic Terms

GMS Users Group

Google Groups in Hydrology

GRIN - Publish eBook

Groundwater Assessment and Modelling (Book)


GroundWater Desktop (Data Analysis and 3D Visualization)

Groundwater Flow (EHS freeware)

Groundwater for Sustainable Development (Elsevier)

Groundwater (Journal)

Ground Water Modelling Discussion Group

Groundwater Modeling Guidelines (British Columbia)

Ground-Water Modeling Lessons

Groundwater Monitoring & Remediation (Journal)

Groundwater - Online Calculators

Groundwater Research and Management Discussion Group

Ground Water Science

Groundwater Software

Groundwater Vistas

Groundwater Vistas Users Group


Hatari Labs - Webminars

Heath Hydrology, Inc.

HHWQ (Hydrologics, Hydraulics, Water Quality)

HotBot Water Resources Links


Hydrofacts Online

Hydrogeology Journal

Hydrognomon - Time Series Analysis Software

Hydrological Modelling Discussion Group

Hydrological Processes (Journal)

Hydrological Sciences Journal

Hydrologic Engineering Center

Hydrology and Earth System Sciences (Journal)

Hydrology Books (Amazon)

Hydrology Current Research (Journal)

Hydrology Forum (Yahoo! Groups)

Hydrology from Space

Hydrology Jobs

Hydrology Research (Journal)

Hydrology Resources on the Web

Hydrology Software

Hydrology - Wikipedia Encyclopedia

HydroOffice Software

HydroResearch Journal

HydroSOLVE, Inc.


Hydroxpert - Environmental Software and Consulting

Hydrus and RETC Software

IGWMC Software List

ILWIS - Free GIS Software

India Meteorological Department

Indian Environmental Association

Indian Institute of Remote Sensing

Indian Water Resources Society

India Water Portal

Institute for Groundwater Studies

International Association of Hydrogeologists

International Association of Hydrological Sciences

International Hydrological Programme

International Journal of Environmental Engineering

International Journal of Geoscience Research

International Journal of Geosciences

International Journal of Hydrology Science and Technology

International Journal of Remote Sensing

International Journal of Research in Chemistry and Environment (IJRCE)

International Journal of River Basin Management

International Journal of Soil, Sediment and Water

International Journal of Water

International Journal of Water Resources Development

International Rivers Network

Irrigation Science (Journal)

IRRISOFT - Software Inventory & On-line Applications

ISH Journal of Hydraulic Engineering

IWA Publishing

IWA Publishing Journals

Journal of American Water Resources Association

Journal of Applied Irrigation Science

Journal of Coastal Research (online)

Journal of Contaminant Hydrology

Journal of Earth Science & Climatic Change

Journal of Engineering Geology and Hydrogeology

Journal of Environmental Engineering (ASCE)

Journal of Environmental Hydrology

Journal of Environmental Management

Journal of Environmental Protection

Journal of Flood Risk Management

Journal of Geographic Information System

Journal of Geology & Geosciences

Journal of Hydraulic Engineering (ASCE)

Journal of Hydrologic Engineering (ASCE)

Journal of Hydrology

Journal of Indian Geophysical Union

Journal of Indian Society of Soil Science

Journal of Irrigation and Drainage Engineering (ASCE)

Journal of Soil and Water Sciences

Journal of The Institution of Engineers (India) Series A

Journal of Water and Land Development

Journal of Water Engineering and Management

Journal of Water Resource and Protection

Journal of Water Resources Planning and Management (ASCE)

Journal of Water Science

KINEROS - A Kinematic Runoff and Erosion Model

LaGa Systems

LARS-WG Weather Generator

Lakes Environmental Software

Lambert Academic Publishing

LMNO Fluid Flow Calculations

MAGNET - Global Water Modeling Platform

Managed Aquifer Recharge (IAH-MAR)

Mendeley Reference Manager

Michigan DEQ - Groundwater Modeling



Midwest GeoSciences Group

Ministry of Water Resources (India)

MODFLOW-2005 Online Guide

MODHMS Hydrogeologic Software

MODOFC - Groundwater Optimal Flow Control

ModTech - Hydrogeological Modeling Technology

NAPSAC - Software for Modelling Fracture Media

National Ground Water Association

National Institute of Hydrology, Roorkee

New Zealand Hydrological Society

NWS Hydrologic Glossary

Object Watershed Link Simulation (OWLS)

Online Hydrology Calculators (V M Ponce)

Open Journal of Geology



Processing Modflow (PMWIN)

Processing Modflow (Simcore Software)

Prof. Victor Miguel Ponce's Website

Progea - Software and Services

Rivers Network

RockWare Earth Science Software

Roorkee Hydrology Group

ROSETTA Model (Soil Hydraulic Properties)

Salt Net

SAWAS Journal (South Asian Water Studies)

Schlumberger Water Services

Science Alert (Journals)

Science and Education Publishing

Sciences of Soils (Journal)

Scientific Software Group

SDSM - Statistical Downscaling Model

SEAWAT Users Group

Skiu Software

SOGWaM - The Simple Online Groundwater Model

Soil Science Society of America Journal


Soil Water Characteristics (Hydraulic Properties Calculator)

South Asia Network on Dams, Rivers & People (SANDRP)

Spatial Hydrology

SPAW Field & Pond Hydrology

SpringerLink Journals and Books

S. S. Papadopulos & Associates, Inc.

Subsurface Transport Over Multiple Phases (STOMP)



SWAP (Soil, Water, Atmosphere and Plant)

SWAT - Soil & Water Assessment Tool



Taylor & Francis Online Journals

The Hydrogeologist

The Water Channel

The World's Water

Transport in Porous Media (Journal)

Triangle Mesh Generator

UK Groundwater Forum

UNESCO-IHE Institute for Water Education

UNESCO-IHE Short Courses

University of Alabama - Hydrogeology Group


Unsaturated Soils

USDA - ARS Water Database

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

U.S. Geological Survey Central Region Research

USGS Ground Water Information

USGS Groundwater Resources Program

USGS Ground-Water Software

USGS Instantaneous Data Archive

USGS North Carolina Water Science Center

USGS Water Data for the Nation

USGS Water Resources Applications Software

USGS Water Resources Education Resources

Vadose Zone Journal

Variable Infiltration Capacity Model (VIC)

VIC Hydrologic Model


Visual MODFLOW Users Group

WaSim Water Balance Model


Water Accounting

Water, Air and Soil Pollution (Journal)

Water - A Multidisciplinary Research Journal

Water and Energy International (Journal)

Water Conferences

Water Encyclopedia

Water Harvest

Water International (Journal)

Water Librarian


Waterloo Hydrogeologic

Water Policy (Journal)

Water Portal of UNESCO

Water Quality Information Center

Water Research (Journal)

Water Resource Associates

Water Resources and Hydrology Journals

Water Resources Information System (WRIS) - India

Water Resources (Journal)

Water Resources Links (Science Central)

Water Resources Management (Journal)

Water Resources Publications

Water Resources Research (Journal)

Water Science Glossary of Terms

Watershed Management e-Learning (NPTEL)

Water Web

WebGIS - Geographic Information Systems Resource

WIT eLibrary

World Rivers Review (Journal)

World Water & Climate Atlas

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