Web Pages of C. P. Kumar

Webpages of C. P. Kumar



I have created the following web pages. Please visit and enjoy. Your suggestions are welcome.



1. C. P. Kumar, Former Scientist 'G' (NIH), Roorkee




I have been working as Scientist 'G' at National Institute of Hydrology, Roorkee ‑ 247667 (Uttarakhand), India till September 2020. You can find links to my other web pages.



2. Home Page of C. P. KUMAR




Please visit my home page to know more about me and link to my favorite web sites.



3. Cyber World of C. P. KUMAR




A lot of interesting web links.



4. Bookmarks of C. P. Kumar




Compilation of all my bookmarked web links.



5. Favorite Links of C. P. Kumar




My selected favorite web links.



6. Web Links of C. P. Kumar




Links, forums and web profiles of C. P. Kumar.



7. Bio-data of C. P. Kumar




My bio-data including list of publications. I have been working as Scientist 'G' at National Institute of Hydrology, Roorkee - 247667 (Uttarakhand), India till September 2020. My research areas of interest included assessment of groundwater potential; saline water intrusion in coastal aquifers; numerical modelling of unsaturated flow, groundwater flow and contaminant transport; management of aquifer recharge; and application of hydrological models.



8. Publications of C. P. Kumar




Technical Papers of  Mr. C. P. Kumar, Former Scientist 'G', National Institute of Hydrology, Roorkee - 247667 (Uttarakhand), India.



9. Progress Reports of C. P. Kumar




Annual progress reports of Mr. C. P. Kumar, Scientist, National Institute of Hydrology, Jal Vigyan Bhawan, Roorkee - 247667 (Uttarakhand), India.



10. Kumar Links to Hydrology Resources




Links to many useful Hydrology-related web sites.



11. Hydrology Links of C. P. Kumar




My compilation of Hydrology links.



12. Water Resources and Hydrology Journals




A compilation of web links for important Journals related to Water Resources and Hydrology.



13. Hydrology Resources on the Web




Details of email discussion groups related to Hydrology.