Water Resources and Hydrology Journals
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Water Resources and Hydrology Journals

Advances in Geosciences (Online Journal)

Advances in Water Resources (Journal)

Agricultural Sciences Journal

Agricultural Water Management (Journal)

Applied Water Science - Open Access Journal

Arabian Journal of Geosciences

Climatic Change (Journal)

Current Science Journal (India)

Directory of Open Access Journals

Earth Science India (Journal)

e-Journal of Land and Water

Environment Pollution and Climate Change (Journal)

Environmental Geology (Journal)

Environmental Monitoring and Assessment (Journal)

E-WAter Electronic Journal

Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems (Journal)

Geophysical Journal International

Geoscience Letters (Journal)

Geotechnical and Geological Engineering (Journal)

Groundwater (Journal)

Groundwater Monitoring & Remediation (Journal)

Hydrogeology Journal

Hydrological Processes (Journal)

Hydrological Sciences Journal

Hydrology and Earth System Sciences (Journal)

Hydrology Current Research (Journal)

Hydrology Research (Journal)

Indian Journals

International Journal of Environmental Engineering

International Journal of Geoscience Research

International Journal of Geosciences

International Journal of Hydrology Science and Technology

International Journal of Remote Sensing

International Journal of Research in Chemistry and Environment

International Journal of River Basin Management

International Journal of Soil, Sediment and Water

International Journal of Water Resources Development

International Journal of Water

Irrigation Science (Journal)

ISH Journal of Hydraulic Engineering

IWA Publishing Journals

Journal of American Water Resources Association

Journal of Applied Irrigation Science

Journal of Coastal Research (online)

Journal of Contaminant Hydrology

Journal of Earth Science & Climatic Change

Journal of Engineering Geology and Hydrogeology

Journal of Environmental Engineering (ASCE)

Journal of Environmental Hydrology

Journal of Environmental Management

Journal of Environmental Protection

Journal of Flood Risk Management

Journal of Geographic Information System

Journal of Geology & Geosciences

Journal of Groundwater Research (JGWR)

Journal of Hydraulic Engineering (ASCE)

Journal of Hydrologic Engineering (ASCE)

Journal of Hydrology

Journal of Indian Geophysical Union

Journal of Irrigation and Drainage Engineering (ASCE)

Journal of Soil and Water Sciences

Journal of Spatial Hydrology

Journal of the Indian Society of Soil Science

Journal of The Institution of Engineers (India) Series A

Journal of Water and Land Development

Journal of Water Resource and Protection

Journal of Water Resources Planning and Management (ASCE)

Journal of Water Science

Journals List by Hydro-Logic

Online Journal of Water Resources Development

Open Hydrology Journal

Open Journal of Geology

SAWAS Journal (South Asian Water Studies)

Sciences of Soils (Journal)

Soil Science Society of America Journal

Southwest Hydrology

Transport in Porous Media (Journal)

Vadose Zone Journal

Water - A Multidisciplinary Research Journal

Water and Energy International (Journal)

Water International (Journal)

Water Policy (Journal)

Water Research (Journal)

Water Resources (Journal)

Water Resources and Hydrology Journals

Water Resources Management (Journal)

Water Resources Research (Journal)

Water, Air, & Soil Pollution (Journal)

World Rivers Review (Journal)

(Compiled by Mr. C. P. Kumar, Scientist, National Institute of Hydrology, Roorkee - 247667, INDIA)

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