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Once upon a time, there was a girl named Wisp. By some stroke of fate, she became aware of the place now known as Rainbowland and wanted to save it from the darkened state it was in. The Dark One had taken over the entire planet and turned it into a gloomy, dismal place where no joy resided. But this young girl made it her mission to turn the world back into the beautiful land it had once been. The only instructions she had been given were to find the Color Belt and the Sphere of Light - and so she set out to do so.

The first acquaintance she made upon arrival there was a white sprite named Twink. His advice had been to run away, but Rainbow was determined to save this planet and wouldn't let cowardice defeat her. He admired her courage and decided to stay with her on her quest.

Next, they found the magnificent horse Starlite. He was frozen in ice, but Rainbow and Twink were able to free him and he joined their efforts to save the world. They endured many struggles, and found a baby! Wisp knew she couldn't leave the baby alone, and so she took her with them. It started to rain, so they went inside a cave to keep dry. There, Wisp found the Color Belt and was shocked to discover that the baby she had found actually was the Sphere of Light! She received a message from the Color Kids that they had been sent to 7 different corners of the land and had to be rescued for her to be successful - and so off they went to free the Kids.

They found all 7 one by one and set them free from their imprisonment. Then Rainbow was met with the biggest challenge - the Dark One himself. But with the help of the rainbow, she was able to defeat him and restore color and happiness to the land! She was given the name Rainbow Brite and put in charge of keeping color alive in Rainbowland, and on Earth. Her helpers are the Color Kids (one for each color of the rainbow) and the small furry Sprites who mine Color Crystals in the Color Caves. But not all inhabitants of Rainbowland support Rainbow's efforts. Murky Dismal and his sidekick Lurky are always up to some mischief - trying to take the Color out of the world. But Rainbow has always come out on top - and always will!

The Rainbow Land Time Line

The planet Spectra is created. Sprites move there to polish and protect it. Among those Sprites is a sage named Orin. He brings with him books and a globe.

The original users of the Belt and Prism arrive on Rainbowland with the Color Kids and Sprites. The Color Castle is built, and Sprites begin mining Color Crystal. Color is spread across Rainbowland. The only part not affected is called the Pits.

Birth of Murkwell Dismal.

At the age of one, a traumatic event causes Murky to hate color.

Murky and Lurky become servants of the King of Shadows.

The King of Shadows attacks Rainbowland. He defeats the user of the Color Belt. The Kids encode a message to the one whom prophesy says will come and defeat the King. The King captures the Kids, and throws the Belt in the No Return River. The Kids are banished to the "Seven Corners of the Land". The Time of Darkness begins. The user of the Prism leaves it and On-X with Orin on Spectra.

Much time passes, enough to reduce the events above to legends.

Starlite is foaled.

Starlite travels to Rainbowland, and is frozen by the Shadow King's defenses.

After seeing the planet from far away, Wisp expresses a desire to save it. She is taken there by Lady Brite. Wisp meets Twink and Starlite, finds the Color Belt, rescues the Kids, and defeats the Shadow King. Murky and Lurky retreat to the Pits. Wisp is given the name Rainbow Brite, and the responsibility of protecting Rainbowland.

The Earth and its system is added to Rainbowland's area of responsibility.

1285 - Murky creates and releases the Monstromurk. It tries to destroy Rainbowland, but fails. It proves uncontrolable, so Murky tricks it into a magic bottle.

Wajah's race begins to lose understanding of their own technology.

Birth of Sorrell.

Birth of Plock.

Sorrell becomes a Sorcerer. His chief mode of trasport is the flying carpet.

The Witch and the Wizard are taken to the Prison Planet. They try to escape at least once, but fail.

1968? - The Dark Princess is born.

Sgt. Zombo is promoted to head of the garrison of the Prison Planet.

1973 - Brian is born on Earth.

1980 - Brian's first encounter with Rainbow Brite, when he sees "The Great Color Mix-Up". He thinks it was a dream.

1984 - Brian becomes the only human to know about Rainbow Brite and visit Rainbowland. Rainbow Brite visits the Pits for the first time.

Brian's 11th birthday.

The Monstromurk is released and defeated for the second time. Brian is given a key that allows him access to Rainbowland.

1985 - Tickled Pink and Stormy take up residence in Rainbowland.

Sorrell attends a magician's convention at which he (and others) are told to "move with the times". After the convention, he buys a spaceship, and retires his carpet.

Spring - Murky builds a robot double of Rainbow Brite.

Brian's 12th birthday.

Moonglow moves to Rainbowland.

Brian is given a second key to Rainbowland, this one for emergencies only.

Plock the flim-flam man tricks Twink into signing over the Color Cave. He returns it after meeting Murky and Lurky.

1986 - Shy Violet installs the Color Console Mark II.

Spring - The Dark Princess attempts to steal Spectra. The Color Console Mark I is re-installed as part of the attempt to break the color signal barrier. Rainbow Brite meets Orin. Krys receives On-X and the Prism. Krys and Rainbow Brite stop the Princess.

Brian's 13th birthday.

A mechanical spells convention is organized, and Sorrell decides to attend.

Flower Festival - Sorell creates Murky's Comet to destroy the Color Cave. The comet is destroyed by Rainbow Brite.

The mechanical spells convention is held. Sorrell returns home.

A forest fire on earth destroys a beautiful forest. Rainbow Brite's power helps it get started again. Wajah's disabled flying saucer crash-lands near the Color Castle. Shy Violet repairs it. Murky tries to use Wajah's color-absorbing power to destroy Rainbowland.


Spring - Murky's mother comes for a visit. Murky succeeds in taking over the Color Castle, but is driven out.

Murky captures Moonglow in an attempt to keep the nights dark and gloomy, but defeats himself.

Brian's 14th birthday.

Sunriser discovers Rainbowland and Starlite. She begins hanging around.

Sprite Fair - Murky kidnaps Starlite and On-X, but Stormy and Rainbow Brite find them, with the help of Sunriser.

The Dark Princess arrives on Rainbowland seeking diamonds to restore her power. She and Count Blogg are defeated.

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