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Rainbow Brite Characters ~ Rainbow Brite Story ~ Various Rainbow Brite Pics

Ok, here are all of my Rainbow Brite Pics.. There are a few so bear with me while i get them all up here. I found them allover and some i edited myself so if you see something here that you think is yours just email me. Click on the picture to see the full sized version. Click on the characters name to see the Character Profile.

Here are is the Queen herself and the valiant Colour Kids. Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, & Violet.

This is the Queen of Rainbow
Land, Rainbow Brite

This is Rainbow Brite's
Sprite friend, Twink.

This is Red Butler the main male
character and Rainbow Land's Red Colour Kid.

This is Red Butler's
Sprite friend, Romeo.

This is LaLa Orange, Rainbow
Land's Orange Colour Kid.

This is LaLa Orange's
Sprite friend, OJ.

This is Canary Yellow, Rainbow
Land's Yellow Colour Kid.

This is Canary Yellow's
Sprite friend, Spark.

This is Patty O'Green, Rainbow
Land's Green Colour Kid.

This is Patty O'Green's
Sprite friend, Lucky.

This is Buddy Blue, Rainbow
Land's Blue Colour Kid.

This is Buddy Blue's
Sprite friend, Champ.

This is Indigo, Rainbow
Land's Indigo Colour Kid.

This is Indigo's
Sprite friend, Hammy.

This is Shy Violet, Rainbow
Land's Violet Colour Kid.

This is Shy Violet's
Sprite friend, IQ.

These are some of the other characters from Rainbow Brite other than the Colour Kids

This is Baby Brite

This is the Earthling Brian

This is Krys

This is Mrs. Dismal,
Murky's mom

This is Moonglo the
Night Colour Kid

This is Moonglo's Sprite
Sprite friend, Nite Sprite

This is Orin, the
Spectran Sprite

This is Plock

This is Stormy,
the Weather Kid.

This is Tickled Pink, the Pink Colour Kid with her Sprite friend Deelite.

This is Wajah,
Rainbowland's resident alien

These are some of the animals in Rainbowland

This is Starlite,
Rainbow Brite's Horse

This is Sunriser

This is Skydancer,
Stormy's Horse

This is On-X
Krys' Horse

This is Kitty Brite
Rainbow Brite's Cat

This is Puppy Brite
Rainbow Brite's Dog

These are some of the Villains from Rainbow Land

This is Murky Dismal,
The Main Rainbowland Menace

This is Lurky
Murky Dismal's sidekick

This is The Evil Princess

This is Count Blog
the Princess's Protector

This is Sgt. Zombo,
Who runs the Prison planet.

Rainbow Brite Characters ~ Rainbow Brite Story ~ Various Rainbow Brite Pics