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Rainbow Brite Character Profiles

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Colour Kids

Rainbow Brite ~ Red Butler ~ Lala Orange ~ Canary Yellow ~ Patty O'Green ~ Buddy Blue ~ Indigo ~ Shy Violet


Twink ~ Romeo ~ OJ ~ Spark ~ Lucky ~ Champ ~ Hammy ~ IQ


Baby Brite ~ Brian ~ Krys ~ Mrs. Dismal ~ Moonglo ~ Nite Sprite ~ Orin ~ Plock ~ Stormy ~ Tickled Pink & Deelite ~ Waja


Starlite ~ Sunriser ~ Skydancer ~ On-X ~ Kitty Brite ~ Puppy Brite


Murky Dismal ~ Lurky ~ The Evil Princess ~ Count Blog ~ Sgt. Zombo

The Colour Kids and Sprites

Rainbow Brite
Hi there, it's me - Rainbow Brite! It's very nice to make your acquaintance :) I'm the ruler here in Rainbow Land. I take the Star Sprinkles that the Sprites mine and use them to make the colors on Earth brite and beautiful! Rainbow Land wasn't always beautiful. When i first arrived, it was the gloomiest place i had ever seen! But my quest was to bring color and happiness back to this world. So with the help of my friends, the Sprites and the Color Kids, i was able to succeed :) I love it here and i love my job. Feel free to visit anytime! We have plenty of love to share!

Hiya!!! My name's Twink! I'm Rainbow's special Sprite and i'm the only native Rainbow Landian white Sprite in existence! I used to be a red Sprite before Murky Dismal threw me into the Pits where i lost all my color. I had almost turned clear and faded away! But somehow i was rescued and restored to health. Now i'm the head Sprite and i have the huge responsibility of making sure everyone is doing their job! Sometimes i just can't get everything done fast enough! But it's all worth it when Rainbow uses the Color Crystals to make the world beautiful! :)

Red Butler
Hi! I'm Red Butler! I'm the color kid in charge of the Red Region and all the red Star Sprinkles. You know how red is the color of romance...well that's me all over! I know how to treat the ladies and have given 'em the reddest roses you've ever seen! Some might think I'm all show, but I'm always ready to defend good from evil when need be! Everyone knows they can count on me.

Well hello there *flashy grin* - my name is Romeo and it's such a pleasure to make your acquaintance *bows.* I'm Red Butler's favorite Sprite and the Sprite in charge of all the red Color Crystals. Red is such a lovely color...the color of romance! Don't you agree? The female Sprites certainly seem to think so ;) Next time your sweetheart gives you a red rose - think of me and all the other red Sprites who helped make it so :)

Lala Orange
Hi! I'm Lala Orange! It is so very nice to make your acquaintance! I am the ruler of Orange Meadows here in Rainbowland. People say I'm a sweet French madame who's always willing to help out in times of trouble. And I hope they're right! I just try to be a good friend to all....and that means you too! ;) Have you met Red Butler yet? I think he's just the most charming guy I've ever met!

Hiya! I'm OJ! What's your name? I'm fortunate enough to be Lala Orange's favorite Sprite and the Sprite in charge of all the orange Color Crystals! There just never seems to be enough orange in the world - so the more that i can help add - the better! You can always see my (and the other orange Sprites') handiwork whenever you eat an orange or when you carve a pumpkin for Halloween! :)

Canary Yellow
Hello! My name is Canary Yellow :) People say that my personality is as 'brite' as the sun! But yellow is such a cheery can you look at it as much as I do and NOT be happy? ;) I am keeper of the Yellow Plains here in Rainbowland where daffodiles are always in bloom and canaries fill the air with their songs. It's a wonderful place to come if you're ever in a bad mood!

Yipee!! Howdy! I'm Spark! I love to be happy all the time - the color yellow is just so sunny and cheerful i can't help but be joyous! I'm Canary Yellow's favorite Sprite and am in charge of the yellow Color Crystals! Rainbow uses them for the sun, the bees and some beautiful flowers! Remember me and the other yellow Sprites next time you're drinking some cool lemonade!

Patty O'Green
Howdy! Welcome to the Green Grange! My name is Patty O'Green and this is where I spend a good bit of my time - when I'm not helping Rainbow in the Color Castle. I love green things...frogs, grass, leaves...they're all so pretty! I also love sports and just being active. Buddy Blue and I love to take jogs around Rainbowland :)

Howdy! :) My name's Lucky! Guess which Color Kid i stick by the most? Yup! Patty O'Green! She's the greatest! I love mining green Color Crystals in the Color Caves. Rainbow uses them for so many things to make the world beautiful! Trees, grass, frogs - where would we be without the color green?? I've also been known to be a "good luck charm" so stick with me and things'll go your way! :)

Buddy Blue
Hello there! I don't believe we've been properly name is Buddy Blue! I like to hang out in the Blue Zone around here...have you seen it yet? Oh it's great! The sky over it is always the bluest and the blue birds are as 'brite' as can be! I love sports! I'm always ready for action and I love my jogs with my friend Patty O'Green ;)

Hello there! I don't believe we've been properly name is Champ! I'm Buddy Blue's favorite Sprite and the Sprite in charge of the blue Color Crystals! Mining in the Color Caves is hard work, but it helps me build muscle, so i don't mind it too much! Buddy taught me the value of being physically fit. :) Next time you notice how blue the sky is, remember me and my blue Sprite buddies that started the process of making it so!

Hi :) Sorry if I'm not quite as bubbly as the others, but I'm a little shy. My name is Indigo and I keep up with Indigo Acres. I love artistic things like writing poetry and acting...and I'm always alert in case Murky or Lurky attacks! I love it here in Rainbowland :)

Guess who? Hi! I'm Hammy! I guess i got my name from my love of acting - i just like to be dramatic, but people say i'm "hamming it up" hehe :) But Indigo appreciates me and my personality, so that's all that matters to me :) I'm in charge of the Indigo Color Crystals that Rainbow uses for things such as blueberries and lakes. Think of me and my indigo Sprite friends next time you go for a swim! :)

Shy Violet
Hello! It's so nice to have a visitor here in the Violet Valley! My name is Shy Violet. I usually keep to myself, but when there's trouble, I'm always right there to lend a hand (or a brain!) ;) Everyone tells me I'm so smart...and I guess I am above average...I just love to read books and learn! Doesn't everybody?

Hi *giggle* my name is IQ :) I'm Shy Violet's favorite Sprite, and i'm a little on the shy side as well :) But i'm not shy when it comes to mining the most beautiful violet Color Crystals you ever saw! Rainbow uses them for grapes, plums, and i've seen some used to make some breathtaking sunsets! Everyone says me and Violet are really smart - but we just use common logic! Think of us next time you're drinking yummy grape juice :)

Other Rainbowland Characters

Baby Brite
I don't really know where Baby Brite comes from, although there is a rumor that she may be a child version of Tickled Pink, as they have the same colour hair.

Hi, my name is Brian *shy grin* I'm from Earth! Rainbow tells me i'm the only person on Earth that can see her. I met her on accident one day when i walked straight through one of her rainbows! You should've seen all the crazy colors i turned! But i'm glad it happened now, because i got to see Rainbow Land and participate in some of Rainbow's adventures. She also gave me a key that i can put in any lock, and it'll take me to Rainbow Land - pretty cool huh? I really like all the kids in Rainbow Land - especially Rainbow. I hope i can go there again sometime soon!

Well good day to you. I am Krys - the wearer of the Prism. I was already a good fighter and was just fine on my own when Orin introduced me to Rainbow Brite. At first she seemed like your typical wimpy girl destined to do nothing but get in my way - but she soon proved me wrong. She's actually got courage! But she's still a girl, and i've made it my duty to look out for her. Besides, my prism only works when the rainbow is nearby. We sure showed the evil Princess who's boss! My electronic horse On-X helped out a great deal as well! I guess Rainbow and i make a pretty good team.

Mrs. Dismal
Why hello there! I just *love* having visitors! Have you met my son, Murkwell Dismal? No? Oh, maybe you know him better by his nickname Murky. I know he makes a lot of trouble in Rainbow Land but he can be a very sweet boy! Why, when he was little, he used to *love* colors! He would paint all over the place! But once he painted all over the walls and i told him he had to stop! But it seems as though he took it a little too far and stopped liking color altogether! Oh well, a parent can only do so much! I just wish he'd realize what a sweet girl that Rainbow Brite is and stop upsetting her and her friends! Maybe someday we'll get through to him. Bye bye now! Thanks for stopping by! :)

Hello :) My name is Moonglo :) While the other Color Kids use their Color Crystals to 'briten' up the colors you see during the day, i use my powers to 'briten' up the night! I work my hardest to make the stars and moon shine brite and beautiful! There are more colors to be seen at night than you think! Some stars are blue and some are even red! But it's hard to tell from way down here :) Next time you're outside gazing at the stars, think of me and my pal Nite Sprite - cause we're thinking of you too!

Nite Sprite
Good evening! My name is Nite Sprite :) I'm the Sprite that follows Moonglo! We spend our waking hours every night making the night skies beautiful! I'm in charge of the golden Color Crystals that Moonglo uses to make stars bright and the moon shine :) It's a tough job, but we think it's just as important to make things as beautiful at night as they are during the day! So think of me and Moonglo next time you're watching the stars :)

Well hello there young one. My name is Orin! I'm from the diamond planet Spectra and am a Spectran Sprite (hence why i have circles on the ends of my antennae instead of stars like the Sprites from Rainbow Land). I gave my electronic horse On-X to young Krys so that he could help Krys fight the darkness in our universe! I also gave Krys his wrist-prism which can be used to fight evil as long as the rainbow is nearby. Krys and Rainbow Brite make a great team - now if i could only get them to stop fighting with each other! Kids...

Why hello there youngen! Can i interest you in a magic potion that'll make your hair grow? Or a magic apple that'll turn your toes blue? No? Well, that's ok - it's nice to make your acquaintance anyway :) Did you say something about Rainbow Land? Why, i know that place! I went there myself awhile back and was going to strike it rich selling tickets to the Color Caves. I even got the caves signed over to me by Twink! But then i met Murky Dismal and saw that there were people in the world that don't want things to be happy and colorful. And Rainbow Brite is the only one that can fight people like him, so i gave the caves back to her. She's a sweet girl that Rainbow! Maybe i'll see you there again someday!

Stormy here. How are ya? I'm ok i guess. I hate this time of year though. I wish it could be winter all year long! Ah well...guess i have to let Rainbow have her fun too. I seem to scare a lot of people, but i'm really not all that bad. I just don't let people push me around. I'm still always willing to help out Rainbow and the Color Kids when they need it. I'll do anything to keep that moronic Murky Dismal away! I have a horse named Skydancer. We love to ride around in the clouds making it rain! I totally love thunder and lightening! Ah well, enough about me. Nice meetin ya!

Tickled Pink
& Dee-Lite
Hiya! *giggle* I'm Tickled Pink! Don't you just love the color pink? It just makes me tickle all over with happiness! :) I love hanging out with Rainbow and the Color Kids - and i'm always here to lend a helping hand when trouble arises! Murky and Lurky sure do try hard to mess up our plans, but we have the power of color and light on our side - and we all know that light will win over darkness in the end!
Even though there is no indication that Dee-Lite is actually Tickled Pink's Sprite, we will assume that she is because of their colour similarity.

Guten Tag meine Freunde! Oh darn! I keep forgetting to push my English translation button! How are you today? My name is Wajah :) I accidentally crash landed on Rainbow Land once and Rainbow Brite and her friends were so nice that they fixed my ship! I wish i could've helped them more though. My species gets its energy from colors, so i was accidentally draining color from Rainbow Land! But even so, they were ever so kind saving me from that awful Murky Dismal and i will be eternally grateful to them :) Come visit me anytime!

Rainbowland Animals

Good day to you. I am the marvel of the universe - Starlite! I'm the only horse that can talk and fly and I happen to be the loyal friend of Rainbow Brite herself. Not to brag, but I am the most magnificent horse in the universe! I win every horse race and Rainbow trusts me fully! There have been NUMEROUS occasions where I have saved the day here in Rainbow Land. Murky and Lurky can try all they want, but they will never get their way as long as Starlite is around!

Hello, my name is Sunriser. I live up in the mountains of Rainbow Land. The Sprites gave me my name because they always see me looking down from the mountains early in the mornings. I like to keep an eye on the inhabitants of Rainbow Land and make sure everything is ok. Some people say i'm "wild" because i live in the wild - but really i have a gentle spirit and care a lot about my friends. I really like Starlite a lot. One time i helped save him from the evil ones - Murky and Lurky. At first he was jealous of me, but finally he put down his pride and saw me for who i really am.

Hi. I am Skydancer. Stormy and i have the glorious job of making it thunder, lightening and rain. I love to gallop on top of the clouds, shaking the water out of them while Stormy stomps on the clouds doing the same thing. It's a shame that we aren't able to make it cold, rainy and stormy all year long - but i assume that humans do prefer it to be sunny some of the time. I don't understand why! But even though i prefer the cold and storm, Stormy and i help out the Color Kids as well in their fight against gloom and darkness.

Hello. I am On-X. I belong to Krys. I used to belong to Orin, but he gave me to Krys to help him on his mission to help Rainbow Brite keep color in the world. I have been programmed to sense danger and alert others when i sense it. I have rockets on the bottom of my feet that allow me to fly. I am very loyal to Krys and his friends and will always save them from harm when possible.

Kitty Brite
Meow!!! *purrrrrrr* Howdy! I am the one and only Kitty Brite! I'm Rainbow Brite's playful cat and I just love living here in Rainbow Land! There are always so many things to do! Sometimes it's scary though when Murky and Lurky show up. But Puppy Brite protects me and we both love to help out the Color Kids when we can! Meow :)

Puppy Brite
Arf Arf!!! *pant pant pant* Hiya! My name is Puppy Brite! I'm Rainbow Brite's loyal dog and I love her very much! I'm a good watch dog! I'm always ready to allert Rainbow if trouble's comin! She's good to me too - makes sure I always have enough doggie treats to keep me happy :) WOOF!

Rainbowland Villains

Murky Dismal
Murky Dismal's the name and Gloom is my game! I was having a great time here until that Rainbow Brat had to come and mess up my fun. Now she thinks that SHE's the ruler of Rainbowland. Well, one of these days I'm going to show her who's REALLY boss! ME! When I get finished, there won't be a Rainbowland...or rainbows! All hope in the universe will be lost, and I will be the ruler

Uh, hi there stranger! What brings you to Rainbowland? Oh I bet I know - it's all those pretty colors!! But Murky doesn't allow me to like them - we're supposed to be getting rid of all colors! And I'm sure he knows what he's doing, so I just follow along and do as he says. Just between you and me, I think Rainbow Brite is kinda nice! But Murky is still the best leader I know.

The Evil Princess
Who invited YOU here?? Well i'm sure it wasn't me! So get out! Unless you have a present for me that see, i just LOVE presents! I collect diamonds especially and other beautiful, EXPENSIVE gems. Well i deserve them don't i? Of course i do! I keep trying to get Spectra, the diamond planet, for my very own - but that Rainbow Brat has to keep getting in my way! Well one of these days she won't be so lucky! And as soon as i get Spectra, i'll be SURE to get Rainbow's color belt. I WILL get what i want and nobody's going to stop me! Now leave me alone

Count Blog
If you know what's good for you, you'll leave now. The Princess does not like visitors, and it is my duty to keep the Princess happy - even if it is next to impossible to do so. I don't care who you are - if she tells me to get rid of you, i'll do it! So stay away unless you've got more diamonds to add to the Princess's collection. I so enjoyed turning those Sprites into frogs that one time on Rainbow Land - and i'll be happy to turn you into one as well! Go away!

Sgt. Zombo
You must've done something pretty bad to end up here on the prison planet! The Princess only banishes people to this place if they've REALLY done her wrong. My name is Sgt. Zombo and i run this place with the greatest organization you've ever seen! I take orders from the Princess, but i give all the orders here. Everyone respects and fears me - and you will too if you know what's good for ya! Nobody escapes me and my army! What? You say you heard that that Rainbow Brat and some of her friends escaped? Well...uhh...that's just because i let them! Yeah! It was all part of our plan! So better watch your back!

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