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Sent: Wednesday, August 11, 2004 11:40 AM
Subject: Re: Campbell Burness

I appreciate your quick response. Sorry you can't help me tie down my Scottish connection to the Burness family. I believe I have a good connection through Peter Burness and Campbell Burness, but would like at least one more independent reference.

Sorry I can't participate in your DNA study. My connection to the Burnes family goes through my mother and through her grandmother, susan Ellen Burnes. Her father was Fielding Burnes, his father was James Burnes and his father was Peter Burness who went to Virginia from Scotland in about 1771. I believe that Peter was a cousin to Robert Burns, the poet.

I do have quite a bit of genealogical information about the James and Fielding Burnes families and would be happy to share it with you, if that would help in any way. They had a lot of sons, but unfortunately, none of them came out to Utah. James Burnes moved from Virginia to Western Missouri (Platte County) where he raised a large family. Many of his descendents are still in Missouri. My GGrandmother, Susan Ellen Burnes married Daniel Fouchie Tebbs and they went to Utah in about 1860.

I am working on this Burnes line and if I do come across one of my distant male Burnes cousins, I will refer them to you for your DNA study. I'm going down to Panguitch, Utah this week-end to a Tebbs cousins reunion and I will discuss this with my Tebbs Cousins.

If I can find a male descendent of Peter Burness who is willing to particiape in the study, would your DNA study be able to prove that his lineage goes back through the lines to Walter Burness? If so, that would be a great incentive for me to help you find him for your study.

Best Regards,
Vee Butterfield

From: Veronica Hagart
Sent: Tuesday, August 10, 2004 10:05 PM
Salutations.And thank you for your email.
No the dimple is not in the family.
Wila was sent away and married overseas; so there would not be any D.N.A in the Hagart family as Wila was an Alexander, Claude Alexander’s sister.

I don’t know any thing about Robbie’s rheumatism. Death 21 st July 1796 aged 37.

I do know that he and his brother Gilbert used to plough the fields as children and teenagers. They had no plough horse. That was one push and one pull. One child harnessed pulling the other pushing.

Their father married late in life and Robbie was the elder of seven children. They thrashed the corn by hand. Robbie lived the life of a galley-slave (so he said).

When his new Mausoleum was built in Dumfries 1814 his two sons were found in the grave with him at St Michael’s churchyard Dumfries. ( Maxwell – who was born the day of the funeral; and Francis Wallace Burns.)

The other four sons thanks to their wonderful mother, all survived. The remains of Mrs. Burns were deposited in the vault beside those of her husband in April 1834.

Robbie wrote Poems; Speeches; Personal Letters; Love Letters; Letters of thanks; Letters requesting sponsors; Newspaper articles; etc.

Wila kept a letter dated Mossgiel 18th Nov, 1786. Signed I have the honour to be, Madam, Your most obedient, and very humble servant, R.B.

There is a set of all these works with commentary from friends and professors and the people who received these works.

They are in two volumes. I’m sure you could read them at the State Library. The first print sold out and so did the second. I photocopied them some 30 years ago. They are my pride and joy.

Best Wishes, Veronica Hagart.Ballarat

From: Vee Butterfield
Sent: Wednesday, August 11, 2004 1:53 AM
Subject: Campbell Burness

My Burnes ancestry goes back through Peter Burness to Campbell Burness, to Robert Burness and Isabella Keith (grandparents of Robert Burns, the poet). I have not had any luck in researching the ancestry of Campbell Burness, but find on your web page ( the same information I have on Campbell.

One reference I have (The Annals Of Platte County, Missouri by W. M Paxton page 162) says that Campbell was "born in Edinburgh, Scotland about 1718. His connection with the political troubles of 1745 brought about the confiscation of his property, and he fled to the mountains of Batlock, in Kincardineshire, where he died, disappointed and disheartened. He was buried in the churchyard of Lochlea, near Alloway Mill, on the Doon. His children were left without means, a charge upon his younger brother, William Burness, whose wealth consisted chiefly of a noble and motherly wife, whose maiden name was Agnes Brown". "Amoung the children thus left was Peter Burness. He was born in Kincardinshaire in 1752. Without education or fortune, Peter came to America in 1771, and settled at or near Norfolk, VA, where in 1777 he married Charlotte Hayden...." They had a son born in Virginia, James Burnes who is my 4GGrandfather.

I have not been able to find any other references to Peter Burness or to Campbell Burness until I came across them in your web page tonight.

In researching the ancestry of Robert Burns, I see that William Burness (married to Agnes Brown) is the father of Robert Burns (the poet). But, Campbell Burnes in not mentioned in any of the genealogies of the Robert Burns family and does not show us as a son of Robert Burness and Isabella Keith. Your web site shows him a son of Robert Burness and a Mrs. Burness. If the birthdate we have for Campbell Burness is correct (1718), that puts his birth between the two oldest sons of Robert Burness and Isabelle Keith Burness (James Burness born about 1717, and Robert Burness, born 1719). I suppose Campbell could be an illegitimate son of Robert Burness. That would make William Burness his half brother.

Can you give me any other information about Campbell Burness or Peter Burness? "The Annals of Platte County, Missouri" does not list any references for the information they have on Peter and Campbell Burnes.

I found a discussion of Robert Burness that said that he had one child in addition to those listed, but that the author did not know the child's name. I can't find that reference, but suspect that child might be Campbell.

Any help, information or suggestions would be very much appreciated.

Best Regards,
Vee Butterfield
Salt Lake City, Utah

From: Revell
To: Norma R Farmilo
Sent: Tuesday, February 05, 2002 2:01 AM
Subject: BURNS

Hi Norma
Son - JOHN BURNS (Gilbert) - Mathematics teacher b. 6th July 1802 Haddington d. 26th February 1827 Edinburgh m. MARY GOODALE (George) b. abt 1764.

Children -

1) LILLIAS BURNS b. 12th January 1822 Haddington
2) MARGARET BURNS b. 15th October 1823 Haddington
3) MARY BURNS b. 30th January 1826

MARGARET BURNS (2 above) m. JOHN WIGHT b. 1818 Haddington


1) MARY WIGHT b. 3rd March 1843 Dirleton
2) CHRISTINA WIGHT b. 6 March 1845 Dirleton m. COLIN ARCHIBALD b. 1840 Prestonpans


2) MARY JANE GRIEVE ARCHIBALD (my grandmother)

3) LILLIAS BURNS WIGHT b. January 1849 Tranent
4) JANE WIGHT b. 1st May 1851 Dirleton
5 & 6) JEAN & MARGARET WIGHT b. February 1854 Whitekirk
7) JAMES WIGHT b. 21st February 1856 Whitekirk
8) DAVID SMITH WIGHT b. 6th October 1858 Dirleton
9) MARTHA WIGHT b. 10th March 1861 Dirleton.

If anyone has any queries or information, please e-mail me at From: REVELL
Sent: Monday, February 04, 2002 2:25 AM

Hi Norma
I have been researching my family tree and it appears that I am descended from GILBERT BURNS.

My great great grandmother was MARGARET S BURNS born 15 October 1823. She was one of three daughters of JOHN BURNS & MARY GOODALE. The others were LILLIAS born 12th January 1822 Haddington and MARY born 30th January 1826 Dirleton.


The death notice of LILLIAS BURNS states that her father was a mathematics teacher. JOHN died in 1827.

It would be nice to see JOHN'S family acknowledged on the BURNS website wouldn't it?

Regards, Marilyn Revell

From: John Burness
Sent: Monday, September 10, 2001 5:54 PM

Sorry, but I can't help with regards to your JOHN BURNS. My research is basically limited to the BURNESS/BURNES family of Kincardineshire. The only members of this family known to have adopted the spelling BURNS are the poet ROBERT and his brother GILBERT. There were lots of other BURNS families in Scotland and elsewhere, but they are not related to the poet's family, and are far too numerous for me to keep track of. I have no objection to you including a link to my site on your webpage if you like. However, my policy has been to only include links on my webpages to sites directly related to the poet or his family. Incidently, I did look at a few of the pages on, or linked, to your site. The page on "The Family of ROBERT BURNS, The Poet" has a number of errors. In particular, there was no ARCHIBALD BURNS in the poet's family. Regards, John

From: AUDREY WIRTZFELD To: Sent: Monday, June 19, 2000 5:29 PM Subject: BURNS Genealogy I have just doing some research on the web and have been looking for come of my family members. My great-great grandfather, DAVID BRILL BURNS, was the son of a SAMUEL BURNS who came to New Brunswick following the American Revolution. He was a baby at the time and was born in New York about 1780.

He was the son of SAMUEL BURNES who was born about 1723. SAMUEL was the son of an ARCHIBALD BURNES who was born about 1688, probably in Scotland.

We believe ARCHIBALD BURNS went to Ireland during the time of the Cromwell Settlement. ARCHIBALD was the son of JAMES BURNES and MARGARET FALCONNER, who was the son of WILLIAM BURNES and CHRISTIAN FOTHERINGHAM.

ARCHIBALD and ROBERT BURNES, who was the grandfather of the poet, ROBERT BURNS or BURNES. This information has been passed down orally and was apparently recorded in a family Bible which has been lost. I wonder if there is any connection between your family and ours. Would love to hear from you. I am doing a family book about the BURNS family and would love to have some confirmation about the ARCHIBALD link.

AUDREY NORMA, I have read your Web page and yes there is an ARCHIBALD BURNS who was a part of the ROBERT BURNS, the poet's, lineage. My lineage, ARCHIBALD and ROBERT'S grandfather, ROBERT BURNES, were brothers. ARCHIBALD was not registered at the time of his birth which I guess was quite common in those days.

A cousin in Illinois had touched base with a lady in Coulterville, Illinois who has the same lineage as our family but she passed away before we were able to get any information from her. Apparently she had done a lot of research but did not have it in any kind of order so her family knew what she was doing. However we do have a letter from her confirming the ARCHIBALD, SAMUEL, SAMUEL which is our connection.

SAMUEL BURNS SENIOR came to New Brunswick and worked with JOHN PARR a year before the influx of United Empire Loyalists in 1783. SAMUEL BURNS, my great-great-grandfather was a baby at the time. What do you need from me to put information your Web page. Thanks. AUDREY BURNS WIRTZFELD.

P.S. My family has an interesting history as I am sure yours does. Would love to hear more about your family. I am putting mine together in a book which has been a lot of work and involved three years of research, etc. AUDREY


WALTER BURNES Born: <1619> Of Mergie, Kinc., Scot.

1-- WALTER BURNES Born: <1619> Of Mergie, Kinc., Scot.
sp(2)-ISOBEL GREIG Chr.: 1 Apr 1634 Arbuthnott, Kinc., Scot.
2-- DAVID BURNES(Isobel) Born: <1645> Arbuthnott, Kinc., Scot.
2-- JEAN BURNES(Isobel) Born: <1647> Arbuthnott, Kinc., Scot.
sp-Unknown (00)
2-- WILLIAM BURNACE BURNESS (Mother is 1ST wife of Walter) Chr.: 3 Sep 1645 Arbuthnott, Kinc., Scot.
sp-CHRISTIAN FOTHERINGHAM Born: <1649> Of Glenbervie, Kinc., Scot.
3-- JOHN BURNES Born: <1671> Of Glenbervie, Kinc., Scot.
3-- JAMES BURNES Born: <1673> Of Glenbervie, Kinc., Scot.
3-- WILLIAM BURNES Born: <1675> Of Glenbervie, Kinc., Scot.
3-- I. BURNES Born: <1677> Of Glenbervie, Kinc., Scot.
3-- W. BURNES Born: <1679> Of Glenbervie, Kinc., Scot.
3-- R. BURNES Born: <1681> Of Glenbervie, Kinc., Scot.
2-- JOHN BURNES Born: <1647> Of Arbuthnott, Kinc., Scot.
2-- JAMES BURNES(Mother is 1st wife of Walter) Born: 1656 Of Arbuthnott, Kinc., Scot.
sp-MARGARET FALCONER Born: 1659 Arbuthnott, Kinc., Scot.
3-- WILLIAM BURNES Born: <1680> Glenbervie, Kinc., Scot.
3-- ELSPETH BURNES Born: <1682> Glenbervie, Kinc., Scot.
3-- CHRISTIAN BURNES Born: <1686> Glenbervie, Kinc., Scot.
3-- ROBERT BURNES Born: Abt 1687 Glenbervie, Kinc., Scot.
sp-ISABELLA Or ANNABELLA KEITH Born: Abt 1691 Craig, Kinc., Scot.
4-- JAMES BURNES Born: 1717 Glenbervie, Kinc., Scot.
4-- ROBERT BURNES Born: 1719 Glenbervie, Kinc., Scot.
4-- WILLIAM BURNS (BURNES) Born: 11 Nov 1721 Of Kincardineshire, Scotland
sp-MRS. BURNS Born: Abt 1739 , Scotland
5-- ROBERT BURNESS Born: 25 Jan 1759 Alloway, Ayrshire, Scotland
sp-JEAN AMOUR Born: 27 Feb 1765 Of Cowgate, Mauchline, Ayrs, Scotland
sp-ELIZABETH PATON Born: Abt 1765 Of Mossgiel, Scotland
sp-JEAN ARMOUR Born: Abt 1766 Of Mossgiel, Scotland
5-- BURNS Born: Abt 1761 , Scotland
5-- BURNS Born: Abt 1763 , Scotland
5-- BURNS Born: Abt 1766 , Scotland
5-- BURNS Born: Abt 1770 , Scotland
5-- BURNS Born: Abt 1773 , , Scotland
5-- BURNS Born: Abt 1775 , Scotland
sp-AGNES BROWN Born: 26 Mar 1731 Kirkoswald, Ayrshire, Scotland
5-- ROBERT BURNESS Born: 25 Jan 1759 Alloway, Ayrshire, Scotland
sp-JEAN AMOUR Born: 27 Feb 1765 Of Cowgate, Mauchline, Ayrs, Scotland
sp-ELIZABETH PATON Born: Abt 1765 Of Mossgiel, Scotland
sp-JEAN ARMOUR Born: Abt 1766 Of Mossgiel, Scotland
5-- GILBERT BURNS Born: 28 Sep 1760 Ayr, Ayr, Scotland
sp-JEAN BRACKENRIDGE Born: 8 Feb 1764 Of Ayr, Ayr, Scotland
5-- GILBERT BURNESS Born: 28 Sep 1760 Alloway, Ayr, Scotland
5-- AGNES BURNESS Born: 30 Sep 1762 Alloway, Ayr, Scotland
5-- ANNABELLA BURNESS Born: 14 Nov 1764 Alloway, Ayr, Scotland
5-- WILLIAM BURNESS Born: 31 Jul 1767 Alloway, Ayr, Scotland
5-- JOHN BURNESS Born: 21 Jul 1769 Alloway, Ayr, Scotland
5-- ISABELLA BURNESS Born: 27 Jun 1771 Alloway, Ayr, Scotland
sp-JOHN BEGG Born: Abt 1767 Of Ayr, Ayr, Scotland
4-- MARGARET BURNES Born: 1723 , Kinc., Scot.
4-- ELSPET BURNES Born: 18 Aug 1725 Dunnottar, Kinc., Scotland
4-- JEAN BURNES Chr.: 24 May 1727 , Kinc., Scot.
4-- GEORGE BURNES Chr.: 9 Apr 1729 Dunnottar, Kinc., Scot.
4-- ISOBEL BURNES Chr.: 18 Aug 1730 Dunnottar, Kinc., Scot.
4-- MARY BURNES Chr.: 26 Oct 1732 Dunnottar, Kinc., Scot.
4-- BURNES Born: <1734> , Kinc., Scot.
sp-MRS BURNESS Born: <1696> , , Scotland
4-- CAMPBELL BURNESS Born: 1718 Edinburgh, Lothian, Scotland
sp-MRS CAMPELL BURNESS Born: <1730> , , Scotland
5-- PETER BURNESS Born: 1752 , Kincardine, Scotland
sp-CHARLOTTE HAYDEN Born: <1756> , Louisa, Virginia
4-- WILLIAM BURNS (BURNES) Born: 11 Nov 1721 Of Kincardineshire, Scotland
sp-Mrs. BURNS Born: Abt 1739 , Scotland
5-- ROBERT BURNESS Born: 25 Jan 1759 Alloway, Ayrshire, Scotland
sp-JEAN AMOUR Born: 27 Feb 1765 Of Cowgate, Mauchline, Ayrs, Scotland
sp-ELIZABETH PATON Born: Abt 1765 Of Mossgiel, Scotland
sp-JEAN ARMOUR Born: Abt 1766 Of Mossgiel, Scotland
5-- BURNS Born: Abt 1761 , Scotland
5-- BURNS Born: Abt 1763 , Scotland
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