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For more information on the Clay Co KY BURNS Family see the link above on BURNS Family VA & KY

From: Date: Tuesday, 26 April 2011 22:07:05 -0400 (EDT) Subject: Mary Burns Weir To: now
John Weir and Mary Burns Weir of Muhlenberg Co. KY. Daughter Minerva Weir (John and Mary Burns) born abt. 1800 Muhlenberg Co. KY m. John Shelton b abt. 1800 KY in 1817 at Muhlenberg Co. Ky.
John and Minerva Shelton had a daughter Nancy Ann Shelton b. 15 Oct 1826 Muhlenberg Co. KY. Nancy m. 21 Dec. 1847 Muhlenberg Co. KY to George Washington Terry b. 6 Dec. 1825 VA. To their union was 9 children Ruth Ann Terry, Melissa Jane Terry, William A. Terry, George T. Terry, John C. Terry, Charles Terry, Ida May Terry, Edward F. Terry, and Robert Catterson Terry (named after G.W.'s commander in the Civil War at the Battle of Kennesaw Mt. in GA. Col. Robert Catterson) Nancy d. 19 Oct 1884 Monroe County, IN. and is buried in the Gosport Cemetery of Monroe Co. Indiana. Rev. George Washington Terry died 21 Nov. 1913 and is buried in the Gosport Cemetery of Monroe County. George Terry was the son of Thomas and Elizabeth Terry. Thomas and Elizabeth are buried in the Sanford Cemetery near Greenville of Muhlenberg Co. KY next to his mother Sally LeMay Terry.

Thomas Terry and John Shelton were both veterans of the War of 1812. Rev. George Washington Terry was a Chaplain of the 97th Ind. Inf. during the Civil War.
I'd appreciate all information on John and Mary Burns and also about John Shelton all of Muhlenberg County, Ky. Thanks, Jeany Terry

Date: Wednesday, 12 November 2008 00:45:41 -0800 (PST)
From: Mary Dan Raider Sent: Thursday, October 07, 2010 7:14 AM To: '' Subject: Dennis Burns Sr. family
I found your information regarding Dennis Burns family on I am hoping that we can help each other in finding relatives!
I am interested in Dennis Burns Jr. and his wife Carrie. Their daughter, Penelope Burns (Dennis) , was my late husband’s grandmother. What I know is that supposedly Carrie and Dennis Jr died when Penelope was a teenager. On census reports it looks like she went to live with her paternal aunt and uncle in Jessamine Co (Ellen T. Burns and John H. Blackford) when she was about 13. I have also found the Blackford’s graves in the Lexington cemetery. From what I have found, Carrie’s maiden name is spelled different ways on the census reports – Hughart, Huggard, etc. But I can’t find either Carrie’s or Dennis Jr's. graves or any other records such as marriage, birth or death certificates. I did find in the Elizaville Cemetery Carrie’s maternal grandparents, Alfred and Caroline Carter Slicer but not Carrie’s parents – Porter S. Hughart and Penelope Slicer Hughart.

I did find Dennis Burns Sr. and Mary Ann Wilson Burns' cemetery monument in the Fleming County cemetery on Water Street. It is in section E – which is in the back right hand section of the cemetery on a hill overlooking the town. It is on a wagon road close to a mausoleum. I can scan pictures if you would like.

I hope that I have helped you and that maybe you can help me find the rest of the family or possibly know someone who can.

One other thing, I found in the cemetery records for Elizaville a Samuel P. Burns – said parents/kin were Dennis and Carrie Burns. Did Carrie have more than 1 child? When Samuel was little, he went to live with the Stone family about the same time as Penelope went to live with the Blackfords. Just wondering if they died of typhoid or something and the kids were split up.
Thank you, Mary Dan Raider

From: Carolyn Pigg Subject: Re: CHARLES BURNS SR and his father GEORGE BURNS To: CC:

Hello Norma,
Something you may find interesting: William Burns, Sr.'s great grandson, Robert Franklin Burns (Perry Baker Burns; Andrew Sr, William Sr) knew Jesse and Frank James. Frank James was doing a Western Show in Floyd County, Kentucky and during that time he was staying with Robert Franklin. When Frank left to go back home, he gave a pistol to Robert Franklin. Someone in our family has that pistol, but probably doesn't realize what they have. I have a photo of Frank's show. At this time, my nephew is combining my thousands of files and documents for me, therefore, I don't have my all my information at my finger-tips.

My connection with my Burns Family:
Robert Daniel Burns, son of Irvin Robert Burns; Irvin Robert son of Robert Franklin; Robert Franklin Burns, son of Perry Baker Burns, Perry Baker, son of Andrew Burns, Sr. and Nancy Baker, Andrew Burns, Sr., son of William Burns, Sr., son of Charles Burns, Sr.,

Robert Franklin Burns (Perry Baker Burns; Andrew Sr; William) had his own Wood Mill; unfortunately, his son Irvin Robert Burns was killed when the Mill exploded and a tree fell on Irvin, killing him. Irvin was married to Paralee Burns; they were 3rd or 4th cousins. She was the daughter of Andrew Jackson Burns and Nancy Davidson.

Andrew Burns, Sr.'s son Andrew Jackson Burns, Jr. fought in the Civil War. Long after he was mustered out, Andrew Jackson Burns died from Acute Malaria. Andrew Jackson Burns was married to Nancy Davidson, daughter of James A. Davidson and Rachel Allen. Nancy Davidson's grandfather was John Madison "Bear Hunter" Davidson. William Burns, Sr., Revolutionary War Soldier, was given a lot of land for his service. There was some bad feelings in their family over the land, when William died.

Andrew Burns, Sr.'s son Hugh Burns, was the father of James Anderson Burns, who built the Oneida Baptist Institute in Manchester, Kentucky. When James Anderson Burns left West Virginia, he went to Clay County, Kentucky (Manchester) so he could get to know the rest of his family. There was a war going on at the time, called the Cattle War. This was a long and bloody war. Many of their children were killed during that war. James Anderson Burns played a large part in bringing all the families involved in the war together. This was about the time when James Anderson Burns started building the Oneida Baptist Institute.

James Anderson Burns wrote a couple of books. One was the Crucible and, for some reason I can't remember the other book at this time.

I hope to hear from you again some time. I'm willing to share what I have on my Burns' family. Although, you certainly have a great website.

Is it possible for me to find all those links you mentioned? I apologize for not being up to par on the Internet. I am an experienced Administrative Assistant, have worked for City, County, State and Federal Governments. However, I worked for government, so I'm not so great on the Internet/Websites.

Have a wonderful and blessed Thanksgiving.
Sincerely, Carolyn Pigg

From: Norma Farmilo now To: Carolyn Pigg Sent: Tuesday, November 11, 2008 7:45:46 AM Subject: Re: CHARLES BURNS SR and his father GEORGE BURNS

The best way to find anything on my large website is either to put the info in Google or to go to and there will be a way to search angelfire.
My website is more than a page there are many, many links. I do have a page on the Indian connection but I would have to find it in Google also.
If you want me to post your email on my website please tell me which link you would like it posted on.

At Tuesday, 11 November 2008, you wrote:
Hello Norma, I am a direct descendant of William Burns, Sr. (Per World Connect Scotland:) Charles (Burns) was born in Lanarkshire County, Glasgow, Scotland. He departed from Scotland at Greenock on the ship Monima in 1737. Charles was married to Mary Webb, daughter of Merry Webb.

Charles (Burns)(George; Rev Dr John Burns) was a Senator in Henry County, Virginia in the latter part of the 1700's (Henry County use to be Pittsylvania County, Virginia). Charles' father George (Burns), was born and died in Glasgow, Scotland. His wife's name was Mary (last name unknown); his grandfather was the Rev. Dr. John Burns, his wife was Jordan Probst. I have been told that William Burns, Sr. was married three times: Nancy Chandler, Sarah Bishop, and Lucy Angell. Of what I know about George, he never lived here in America. Our Burns family is very complicated.

I have been trying to find out which Burns' married Native Americans. There are specific charateristics of Native Americans and almost all of my family have them: i.e. shovel back teeth, crooked little fingers, large ears with heavy earlobes, toe next to big toe is longer than big toe, extra ridge of bone along outside of feet (if you run your finger along the outside of your feet and you feel a hump, that is an extra ridge of bone), oriental type eyes, etc. Would love to hear from. I enjoy your page.

Sincerely,Carolyn Pigg

From: Ralph Burns To: , now Subject: James Burns Date: Thursday, 23 October 2008 11:06:59 -0500

I said on the other Email that I thought James Burns was too old to be the father of William Burns of Gallatin Co., KY. But I was thinking he was born in the 1770`s. But he was born around 1757, making him the possibility of being the father of William Burns and of Mary Burns` husband. Ralph


James Burns was aged 63 years in 1820, thus born about 1757. His Revolutionary War pension papers (S35805) indicated that he enlisted for the war in Cumberland County, Pennsylvania on August 19, 1776, serving under Captain Samuel Miller in the 8th Pennsylvania Regiment commanded by Colonel McCoy and that he served as a private for 3 years and 26 days. He was discharged at Fort Pitt, was then under the command of Col. Broadhead who commanded the 8th Regiment and received his discharge from Colonel Stephen Byard. He applied for this pension in 1818 from Pendleton County, Kentucky and included among his pension papers was a request for (perhaps his lawyer?) Robert Taylor, for a Revolutionary War pension for another man, William Wharton.

The latter was involved in a circuit court case in Bourbon County, Kentucky (Bourbon County Order Book A:394) dated May 1791 in which e accused John Wilson and wife and James Burns on slander. This John Wilson in his will, written March 12, 1795, probated October 1795, names as his only heir, his son-in-law James Burn. William Wharton later appears in early Pendleton County, Kentucky records also. Thus, it appears that James Burns' wife later appears in early Pendleton County, Kentucky records also. It appears that James Burns' wife was Eleanor Wilson, daughter of John Wilson of Bourbon County, Kentucky. Her given name is found in two documents: first in a Bourbon County Court case involving Thomas McLay, dated February 24, 1792 (old case file #13--now #456 in Box #2 at the Kentucky Department for Libraries and Archives in Frankfort); and secondly in James Burns' pension files, where Eleanor is listed as age 65 years on October 16, 1820. Eleanor was apparently deceased by 1834 in that she is not named in her husband's will.

James Burns' name appears on the first tax list for Bourbon County (1787) through 1789; in 1791; and from 1796-97. In 1799, a Jean/Jane Burns and a John (Burns) and Garret Burns appears; it is not known if they are related or not. A James Burns appears on the 1797-1798 tax lists for Campbell County, Kentucky, then from 1807-1809 and is on the 1810 census there (the only James Burns on the 1810 Kentucky Census) with apparently four sons and two daughters if all the children in the household are "his." He appears on the Pendleton County, Kentucky tax lists for 1801-1805 (in 1801 he is called James Burns Sr.) and again for 1814-1819 when that part of Pendleton County where he lived became Grant County. He is then on the Grant County tax lists 1820-1829 but no James Burns appears on the 1830 Kentucky Census. There is a man by that name on the Boone County, Kentucky tax lists for 1821, 1824, 1827, 1818, 1829, 1831, 1833. He does not appear on the Grant County, Kentucky deed indexes.

His will was written January 14 and probated July 1834 in Boone County, Kentucky. Names his children: Thomas (Burns)("my oldest son") (James), "next oldest child Margaret (Burns) Aydelott (James), "my next oldest child" Elizabeth Burns (James), "my next oldest child" Samuel Burns (James), "my next oldest child" David Burns (James), my daughter Polly (Burns) Webster (James), wife of Biven Webster "who (referring to Polly) has had a great deal of trouble with me and my companion, her mother", daughter, Nancy (Burns) Points (James), son George Burns (James), son William (James). Witnesses were U. W. Webster. T.G.P. Cunningham and Wm. Franks. (Boone County, Kentucky Will Book C:26).

Additional research needs to be done in Boone County court orders and deeds. Three additional Bourbon County circuit court cases (vs. Benj. Harrison; vs. James McLay; and vs. Jno. Standeford) as listed in the index to Bourbon County "case files" did not reveal any additional genealogical information; Probable children, based on his will:

1. Thomas Burns (James), apparently born between 1775-1794 (1820 census) may have been the man by that name who married Catharine Cayton on March 3, 1807 (bond) Pendleton County, Kentucky. He is on the 1820 census for Grant County with seven children. There is a Thomas Burns on the 1830 census for Gallatin County, Kentucky, it is not known if this is the same man, and research needs to be done in that county's records.

2. Margaret Burns (James) who married first Samuel Hutchason June 12, 1804 in Pendleton County, and then John Aydelott on May 6, 1819 in pendleton County.

3. Elizabeth Burns (James) who was unmarried in 1834.

4. Samuel Burns (James) who married Eve Franks in Switzerland County, Indiana September 5, 1816. He had served in the War of 1813 with Childers' Company of Mounted Volunteers and was deceased by February 20, 1823 in Grant County (he is last on the 1822 Grant County tax list). He left three children for whom there is additional information.

NOTE by Beulah Wiley Franks ~ October 22, 2001: I must differ with Janet's information on Child #4. I do not think son Samuel Burns named in the will of James Burns, is the Samuel Burns who married Eve Franks, daughter of John Martin and Elizabeth (Lail) Franks, in Switzerland County, Indiana on September 5, 1816. James Burns did name a son, Samuel, in his January 14, 1834 will, probated July 1834 in Boone County, Kentucky, willing him $1, however, the Samuel Burns who married Eve Franks was deceased at the writing of James Burns' will, having died in Grant County in February 1823, with Jacob Franks being appointed administrator of his estate. Samuel Burns, husband of Eve, did serve in the War of 1812 with Captain Childers' Company of Mounted Volunteers. He and his wife, Eve, had three children: James, Elizabeth "Betsy", and David.

5. David Burns (James) married Margaret Franks on February 28, 1816 in Fayette County, Kentucky and he is on the 1820 and 1830 census records there. He died between September 1837 and 1838 in Grant County leaving descendants; five known sons.

6. Polly Burns (James) married Bivin Webster (perhaps this is the "Benoni" Webster marriage, 1822 in Grant County). She is mistakenly listed in the 1850 Grant County Census as being only 39 years old; by 1860, she is listed as 67 years old. Additional information is available on her children.

7. Nancy Burns (James) married John Points June 13, 1815 Boone County, Kentucky, with Samuel Burns being bondsman with the consent of her father James Burns (the consent form is very hard to read due to smudges). This couple may have divorced or separated, with John Points going on to Schuyler County, Illinois where he married again to Mary Elizabeth in 1833. Nancy (Burns) Points may be the Nancy "PINTS" who appears on the 1840 and 1850 census for Mississippi County, Arkansas, but who then disappears from the records.

8. George Burns (James) may be the man by that name who married Polly Richardson in 1825 in Grant County. He is on the Grant County tax lists for 1823-1827.

9. Williams Burns (James) may be the man by that name who married Joanna Delph in 1827 Boone County, Kentucky.

Researched by Janet Pease 10310 W. 62nd Place, #202 Arvada, Colorado 80004. Used with permission. Published in Footsteps of the Past, March 23, 2000.

1850 Gallatin Co., KY
Burnes, Jacob 43 KY
Sarah Burnes 50 VA
James A. Burnes 21 KY
Caroline E. Burnes 19 "
Matilda M. Burnes 17 "
Sarah A. Burnes 15 IN
Rodoman Burnes P. 12 "
Jacob Burnes 10 "
Emeline M. Burnes 7 "

1840 Ripley Co., IN, Johnson
Burns, Jacob 201001 / 1200001

1830 Gallatin Co., KY
Burns, Mary 000000000 / 000000001

1820 Gallatin Co., KY
Burns, Mary 01000 / 00001
Burns, William 10001 / 0001
(side by side)

1830 Gallatin Co., KY 23 Burns, Jacob 10001 / 00001 25 Burns, David A. 100001 / 11001 33 Burns, Thomas 1100001/ 111001 35 Burns, Mary 000000000 / 000000001

I believe the younger Jacob was born in 1839 or early 1840. I think Mary is William`s sister-in-law. I think Mary could be the mother of the older Jacob. I think William and Mary`s husband would be a little old to be the children of James Burns of Boone Co., KY, but don`t rule it out.
From Ralph Burns: This is Sarah Burnes Heiner`s line. Bracken Co. was formed in 1797 from parts of Campbell and Mason Counties. Is this family connected to James and Jemima Burnes` family who had members in Mason Co. in 1800 and before? Ralph
1810 Bracken Co., KY
Burns, William 1-1-0-1 2-0-1

1820 Harrison Co., KY, Marysville
Burns, William 3-1-1-1-1 0-1-1-0-1

1830 Shelby Co., IN, Jackson
Burns, Washington 1-0-0-0-1 0-0-0-1

- 1840 Bartholomew Co., IN, Haw Creek
Burns, William 0-0-1-0-0-0-0-0-1 0-0-0-1-0-0-0-1
Burns, Washington 2-2-0-0-0-2 1-1-0-0-1

1850 Bartholomew Co., IN, Haw Creek
Burns, William 74 VA
Sylvania 62 SC
Burns, Washington 43 NY(mistake?, other censuses say KY.)
Sarah 39 IN


Date: Thursday, 4 September 2008 04:40:03 -0700 (PDT)
From: Carolyn Pigg
To: now

Dear Norma,
I am a direct descendant of William Burns, Sr. My line is:
Rev. Dr. John Burns, born Glasgow, Lanarkshire County, Scotland, married Mary Probst.; was Minister of the Barony Church in Glasgow.
George Burns, born in Glasgow, Lanarkshire County, Scotland. Worldconnect; Scotland says he was born and died in Scotland. Married a Mary (last name unknown)
Charles B. Burns, Sr., born in 1710-1720 Glasgow, Lanarkshire County, Scotland. Charles departed from Scotland in Greenock on the ship Nomina, for America in 1737. Charles was a Senator in Henry County, Virginia in the 1700's. Charles had four sons who fought in the Revolutionary War.
William Burns, Sr. (Charles B Sr; George; Rev Dr John) married Nancy Chandler, Sarah Bishop, Lucy Angel. William is buried in the Luce (Lucy) Angel Cemetery in Kentucky. The dates of his marriages has stumped me. I've seen him married to two people at the same time; which cannot be correct (Nancy and Sarah).
Andrew Burns, Sr.; married Nancy Baker, daughter of Robert "Julius Bob" Baker and Elizabeth Hammonds. Nancy's grandfather John "Tenerretta" (Renta) Baker married Elizabeth Terrill, daughter of James Terrill and niece of Obediah Terrill (a famous Long-Hunter). Through the Terrill Family we are descended from famous people, like (6-8 Presidents, first ladies, Shirley Temple, John Wayne, Queen Elizabeth II, Greta Garbo, JP Morgan, Jesse and Frank James, Audrey Hepburn, the list is too many for me to list them at this time.
Perry Baker Burns, married twice, Amossa "Massie" Hacker, then married Charlotte "Lottie" Gay. Robert Franklin Burns, married twice: first to Action Hacker, second to America Barger.
Irvin Robert Burns, married Polly Barger, daughter of Joseph Barger and Nicie McIntosh: Nicie's grandfather, Samuel McIntosh was married to Mary Polly DeWeese--through this line we are descended from Ferdinand I, Holy Roman Emperor, the Medici Family of Italy, etc.
Robert Daniel Burns, married Dora Belle Arnett, they had Geneva Burns, Robert Burns Jr., Patrick Burns, CharlesBurns, Wendell Burns, Elizabeth Burns, Eleanor Burns, Conrad Burns, Deborah Burns Elizabeth Mae Burns-Pigg, my mother, she married Jack Alfred Pigg, Sr., they had Carolyn Mae Pigg, Jackie Lee Pigg, Tammie Kay Pigg, Jack Alfred Pigg, Jr., Robert Lincoln Pigg, and Charles Tilden Pigg.
I have not been able to find documentation on the marriages or deaths of William Burns, Sr.'s wives. (one source that someone emailed to me was a man by the name of Leon Morris; he wrote a book, I think it was called Morris Creek, Kentucky; they said he had William Burns Sr. married to Luce (or Lucy) Angel.
Any help/suggestions would be so appreciated. Thank you.
Carolyn Pigg (Elizabeth Mae Burns; Robert Daniel; .........)

Sent: Wednesday, January 28, 2004 1:45 PM
Subject: BURNS' in Kentucky Question

My great great grandmother was SARAH ANN (BURNS) ANDERSON. We know very little about her and I am writing to learn if you have encountered anything in your BURNS research that might give us some clues about SARAH ANN'S family. I have a new computer and have lost some of my earlier e-mail archive so forgive me if I have contacted you previously about this.

(1) SARAH ANN BURNS was born circa 1831 in Kentucky. By 1850, she was living in the household of ANDREW and LOUISA BARLOW of Lima Township, Adams Co., Illinois. On November 24, 1850, she married a local Adams Co. schoolteacher / farmer named JAMES H ANDERSON, also a native of Kentucky. JAMES and SARAH had two sons: STEPHEN A DOUGLAS ANDERSON (b. 1851) and WILLIAM W ANDERSON (b. circa 1853). SARAH ANN (BURNS) ANDERSON apparently died between 1855 and 1857. JAMES H ANDERSON married a second time to a SARAH ADAMS on October 22, 1857.

I obtained or reasonably inferred the above information from the following sources:

1850 U.S. census (Illinois, Adams Co., Lima Township) 1855 Illinois state census (Illinois, Adams Co., Lima Township)
1860 U.S. census (Illinois, Adams Co., Lima Township) Illinois Statewide Marriage Index (Illinois Secretary of State�s Office)

(2) A long-deceased great aunt of mine once said �it was said� that SARAH ANN BURNS ANDERSON had been buried in Gallemore Cemetery, a small rural cemetery in Adams Co., Illinois. If true, no tombstone survives (I checked).

(3) Adams County, Illinois is in Western Illinois, along the Mississippi River, near the place where Illinois, Missouri, and Iowa come together. Quincy, Illinois is the county seat.

(4) In case it might be helpful or provide clues, the household in which SARAH ANN BURNS was shown to be living on the 1850 U. S. Census is the following:

1850 U. S. Census, Adams Co., Lima, Illinois:
Dwelling #112
ANDREW J. BARLOW 25 cooper Ky.

Does any of this correlate with any of your research? Thank you for your consideration of this matter.

JOHN ARTHUR, Springfield, Illinois

From: "Ann Powell" Sent: Monday, April 29, 2002 1:12 PM Subject: PETER & SARAH BURNS of Christian Co. KY

Dear Norma: I am descended from PETER & SARAH BURNS through their son, BENJAMIN FRANKLIN, SR (PETER) who married MARY LOUISA GATES. I have a full list of their children and a full accounting of my line at home. I will email soon.

I also have SARAH GRIFFITH'S line back to Wales and have visited the area that family came from. I know nothing about PETER BURNS and am very eager to learn more about him. I hope to hear from you and others interested in this line. My mother was born a BURNS.

Ann Faubion Powell

From: "Ann Powell"
Sent: Tuesday, April 30, 2002 9:19 AM

Below is the family listing for PETER & SARAH BURNS:

PETER BURNS b. 16 March 1775 d. 17 November 1846, buried BURNS Cemetery, 7 miles south of Tuscaloosa AL m. 10 March 1800 to SARAH GRIFFITH b. 4 June 1779 d. 7 February 1846, buried by PETER

Children listed in family Bible:

1) WILEY BURNS (PETER) b. 1 Dec. 1800, Christian Co, KY d. 11 Jan. 1801
2) L HIRAM BURNS (PETER) b. 2 July 1802, " d. 25 Dec. 1879 m. DRUCILLA SHORT, 16 Jan. 1823
3) ELIZABETH BURNS (PETER) b. 2 June 1804 " d. 28 Aug. 1867 m. JAMES TRIBBLE, 21 Nov. 1822
4) GRIFFITH BURNS (PETER) b. 7 April 1807 " d. 7 Feb. 1873 m. MARY E JENNINGS, 21 Jan. 1829, Greene Co. AL
5) WILLIAM BURNS b. (PETER) 10 April 1809, " d. 17 Nov. 1863 m. MARGARET OSWALD, 2 Oct. 1825, 2nd ELLENDY MOORE
6) MARY "POLLY" BURNS (PETER) b. 26 May 1811 KY d. 7 Sept. 1845 m. ISAAC J JONES, 27 Jan 1825
7) BENJAMIN FRANKLIN BURNS (PETER) b. 6 Oct. 1813 " d. 31 July 1878 m. MARY LOUISA GATES 1835 Kosse, TX
9) ICY PHINA M BURNS (PETER) b. 18 Feb. 1818 d. 1862 m. OBADIAH B HOOPER, 6 Sept. 1832
10) PETER L BURNS (PETER) b. 18 April 1820 d. 1 Dec. 1823
11) ELIZA ANN BURNS (PETER) b. 5 May 1822 d. 6 March 1900 m. G W THOMSON, 6 Feb. 1838, 2nd NOMROD MARKHAM in 1845
11) HAMPTON S BURNS (PETER) b. 8 June 1823 d. 22 July 1843 BURNS Cem. Tusc.

PETER BURNS appears on the tax lists of Christian Co., KY on 7/22/1800 as the owner of 150 acres on Little River owning one horse. His name is mispelled (PETER BOUNDS) in the Marriage records when he married SARAH. PETER was not on the Christian Co tax rolls in 1790 or 1799.

PETER & SARAH BURNS to Tuscaloosa Co. AL and remained there for the rest of their lives.

I descend from BENJAMIN FRANKLIN BURNS (PETER) who married MARY LOUISE GATES. They moved to Yalobusha Co, AL and on to Texas in 1857. I have a chair that came with them in their covered wagon.

Their son, BENJAMIN FRANKLIN BURNS JR (BENJAMIN SR, PETER) married MAGGIE O'NEAL and, after her death, CLARA MATTHEWS. I descend from BEN JR & MAGGIE through their only surviving son, JOHN HENRY BURNS (BENJAMIN JR; BENJAMIN SR; PETER)who married WILLIE EVA PITTS.

Their youngest child, VERA EVA BURNS (JOHN HENRY; BENJAMIN JR; BENJAMIN SR; PETER), born June 24, 1912 married JOHN MELVIN FAUBION on 1 Oct. 1932. They were my parents.

I would appreciate hearing any information you have on PETER BURNS and his ancestors.

Thanks, Ann Faubion Powell

Wed, 20 Oct 1999 10:15:28 EDT From:

NORMA - Sorry it's taken me so long to get back to you, but things have been busy here at work. We've been short a warehouse man for six months and if a truck comes in I have to stop what I normally do, which is all the booking and running the office to do that.

Anyway, I'm afraid I know very little about my BURNS relations. I do know they lived in the counties of Fleming and Mason (KY) and possibly others in that area.

DENNIS BURNS SR married MARY ANN WILSON probably sometime around the mid to late 1830's. I've heard that DENNIS BURNS SR left a will when he died and it is suspected that he died in Mason, probably in Maysville. I've seen mention of a DENNIS BURNS having died there in the 1880's (I believe) and he may be my DENNIS. Who knows?

DENNIS BURNS SR & MARY ANN WILSON had seven children:


1) DENNIS BURNS, JR (DENNIS SR) was married to a CARRIE (?) and had a daughter named PENELOPE BURNS (DENNIS JR, DENNIS SR).

2) ELIZABETH BURNS (DENNIS SR) was born August 21, 1839 and died January 25, 1927 in Fleming Co. She was married to FRANK P(R)EED and had a son named JIM PEED (ELIZABETH, DENNIS BURNS SR).




6) MARY BURNS (DENNIS SR) married WILLIAM RATCLIFFE. Some say he's JOHN THOMAS RATCLIFFE, though I think the WILLIAM is probably correct. They had daughter BETTIE WILSON RATCLIFFE (MARY, DENNIS BURNS SR). MARY died about 1874 while daughter BETTIE was still a child. BETTIE'S father remarried and had another child, before dying in Chicago. BETTIE was supposedly left behind to be raised by her BURNS relations.

7) ELLEN BURNS (DENNIS SR) was born ca. 1849 and died August 12, 1925 in Jessamine Co., KY. She married JOHN H BLACKFORD and had one son, DENNIS BURNS BLACKFORD (ELLEN, DENNIS BURNS SR).


HESTER BURNS & PAUL BROOKS were in Shelby County KY by 1792. HESTER BURNS m. 1/15/1784 Newtown PA to PAUL BROOKS. PAUL BROOKS b. 1760 was listed on the Berkley County, Virginia Tax list then Shelby County, KY in 1792.

1) THOMAS BROOKS b. May 4, 1791 in PA m. 5/13/1813 Shelby County, KY to NANCY DOGGETT


3) MARTHA BROOKS (dau of MARY MORRIS) b. 1795 Shelby County, KY m. 4/1/1817 WILLIAM ABNER LONG

4) SAMUEL BROOKS b. 1800 Shelby County, KY m. 1/1/1821 Shelby County, KY to ELIZABETH FOSTER (dau of FARANIS FOSTER & POLLY)

From: Collins
Sent: Wednesday, June 19, 2002 4:20 AM
Subject: HENRY BURNS family

I'm stuck on my BURN(S). JIM ORANGE helped me get to HENRY BURNES who was born in South Carolina July 10, 1811. I don't know who his father is. I would love to be able to link up with the BURNES on your website.

I've gone through (recent) obituaries, census records, and family pictures. I have no clue, but my great grandmother (who was a BURNS) said that the family was little bit German and a little bit Irish. I remembered that, but I was so young, I didn't think about asking her about family relations. I wrote her stories down and JIMMY ORANGE had someone to take pictures of tombstones in the BURN'S cemetery in Butler County, KY. Thanks for writing me and I'll be glad to send you what I have....if you still want it.

Sent: Wednesday, January 14, 2004 8:40 PM

Our PETER L BURNS was married to SARAH GRIFFITH b. 11-3-1800- Christian Co Kentucky. They had 12 children WILEY, HIRAM, ELIZABETH, GRIFFITH, WILLIAM, MARY "POLLY", BENJAMIN FRANKLIN, LEWELLEN H, ICY PHENA, ELIZA ANN, HAMPTON S. We, MARGARET I, have tried to find PETER BURNS' father. Can you help?MARGARET lives in Florida, too. PATSY LENARD

From: ptlenard
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I am a decendent of BENJAMIN F. BURNS of the Texas Burns'. I have a cousin MARGARET BARHAM that lives in Jensen Beach Fl. and has done extensive BURNS and GRIFFITH research. We have been trying to get back past PETER L BURNS to who was his father. I think MARGARET has an idea, but can't prove it. BENJAMIN was father to my grt. grandmother MATTY CLEMENTINE BURNS. Patsy.

SALLY (SARAH)7 GRIFFITH (WELLS6, WILLIAM5, GRIFFITH4, GRIFFITH JOHN3, JOHN GRIFFITH AP2 HUGH, GRIFFITH1) was born 04 June 1779, and died 09 February 1846 in Tuscaloosa,AL. She married PETER L BURNS 11 March 1800 in Christian Co.,KY. Children of SALLY GRIFFITH and PETER BURNS are:
i. WILEY BURNS, b. 01 December 1800, 11 Jan 1801.
ii. HIRAM BURNS, b. 02 July 1802, Christian Co.,KY.; d. 25 December 1879, Ripley, Tippah Co.,MS; m. DRUCILLA SHORT, 16 January 1823.
iii. ELIZABETH BURNS, b. 02 June 1804, Christian Co.,KY.; d. 28 August 1867; m. JAMES TRIBBLE, 21 November 1822, Tuscaloosa, AL.
iv. GRIFFITH BURNS, b. 07 April 1807, Christian Co.,KY.; d. 07 February 1873; m. MARY E JENNINGS, 21 January 1849, Green Co.,AL.
v. WILLIAM BURNS, b. 10 April 1809, Christian Co.,KY.; d. 17 November 1863; m. SUSAN BROOKS.
vi. MARY (POLLY) BURNS, b. 26 May 1811, Christian Co.,KY.; d. 07 September 1845; m. ISAAC JONES.
vii. BENJAMIN FRANKLIN BURNS, b. 06 October 1813, Christian Co.,KY.; d. 01 August 1878, Kosse, Limestone Co.,TX.; m. LOUISA GATES, 1835, Pickins co.,AL.
viii. LEWELLEN H BURNS, b. 05 January 1816, Christian Co.,KY.; d. 07 March 1846, Tuscaloosa,AL; m. (1) MARGARET MECAIN, 12 November 1840; m. (2) MATILDA CRANE, 12 November 1845, Tuscaloosa, AL.
ix. ICY PHINA BURNS, b. 18 February 1818, Christian Co.,KY.; d. 1862; m. OBADIAH HOOPER, 06 September 1832, Tuscaloosa, AL.
x. PETER L BURNS, b. 18 April 1820; d. 01 December 1823.
xi. ELIZA ANN BURNS, b. 03 May 1822; d. 06 March 1900, Eutaw, Limestone,TX.; m. GEORGE W THOMSON, 06 February 1838, Tuscaloosa, AL.
xii. HAMPTON S BURNS, b. 08 June 1825, Alabama; d. 22 July 1842.

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Subject: BURNS Cemetery

Thought you might be interested in this article about the BURNS Cemetery being move.

Tuscaloosa News
Staff Writer
October 22, 2003

TUSCALOOSA | The phone call came about three weeks ago. It was BILL BURNS' cousin, FRANK BURNS, delivering strange news: Archaeologists were exhuming their great-great grandfather to make room for real estate development.

BILL BURNS, 72, didn't know how to feel about the exhumation. But he decided he would be present when PETER BURNS' remains saw light again. So he and his wife, MARIE, loaded the car and drove 350 miles from their home in Arkansas to the BURNS Cemetery between Alabama Highway 69 and Old Greensboro Road, near Shelton State Community College.

"I wanted to make sure they have done what they said they would," BURNS said Tuesday. "Otherwise, we would object."

BOBBY PARK, one of the landowners, said the property probably would be used for houses, apartments and commercial real estate.

Archaeologists PATRICK SMITH and ADRIENNE LUCAS of Tuscaloosa-based Panamerican Consultants Inc. started digging Thursday. But rain delayed the exhumation until Monday, when they discovered two graves. They believe three more exist in the small family plot.

Standing atop a dirt mound Tuesday morning, BILL BURNS stared into two pits. To his right, a skull lay partially hidden, its teeth still intact. This, he said, was his great-great grandfather, PETER BURNS.

PETER BURNS came to Alabama from Kentucky sometime around 1817, ultimately acquiring several thousand acres of land that stretched from the cemetery area toward the Black Warrior River. He operated a plantation and had at least two sons. He died in 1846. Other than that, the descendants know little about their ancestor.

The only record AUBREY BURNS, 72, BILL'S cousin, keeps on PETER BURNS is his name, birth date and date of death, listed in the back of an old black Bible.

"I'm surprised there's anything down there. It's been such a long time," he said, looking into the open grave Tuesday.

BILL BURNS, his wife and another cousin, EVELYN BURNS DANIELS of Florida, watched the exhumation from lawn chairs. They came to ensure their ancestors were treated with respect, but they will leave with an unexpected answer to a family mystery.

The archaeologists discovered a grave about three feet long. The descendants knew PETER BURNS had a son who died around 2 years old. But they never knew where the child was buried.

"He was missing all the time. We never knew," BILL BURNS said.

The descendants have no problem with the exhumation, he said. The cemetery remained in disrepair for several years. It was overgrown with weeds, and the tombstones were knocked down.

The family worked to repair the damage, but they feared the site could attract vandals. So when the landowners decided to develop the land and hired an archaeological crew to relocate the remains to Tuscaloosa Memorial Park, the descendants did not object, he said.

"It's really better off, the memory of them in a perpetual cemetery," BILL BURNS said.

SMITH said the remains would be placed in body bags, and ultimately buried in the new funeral plots, with new tombstones.

"It's just like a normal burial," he said.

Reach SCOTT PARROTT at or 722-0200.

R. P. Beasley Thu Mar 27 20:32:41 1997
WEIR /BURNS / SHELTON - Seeking information about the origins and ancestors of JOHN WEIR and MARY BURNS, parents of MINERVA WEIR born Muhlenberg Co 1800. JOHN and MARY WEIR may have moved on leaving daughter MINERVA in Muhlenberg Co where she married JOHN SHELTON in 1817. JOHN and MARY Shelton had 12 children. Mary WEIR may have been related to LAIRD BURNS of Roane Co., TN. All leads welcome on this very obscure family! Thanks!

Fri May 2 11:15:32 1997
I am searching for info on the GATES family who were in Muhlenberg Co. KY. as early as 1800 and perhaps earlier. GEORGE WASHINGTON GATES b. about 1850 is one: another is MILTON TERRY GATES b. about 1873. Also looking for info on LORENA JANE LATHAM who married GEORGE WASHINGTON GATES.

WILLIAM BURNS 08/05/2004

WILLIAM ""BILL" BURNS, 68, of Wadena died July 26, 2004, at the Wadena Municipal Airport.

Mr. BURNS was born May 20, 1936, in Brutus, Ky., to HENRY and MINNIE (DAVIDSON) BURNS. He married PHYLLIS DOROTHY BUSKER on June 9, 1956, in Wadena. He served in the U.S. Air Force from 1955 to 1963. He was an art teacher in the Wadena schools, retiring in 1994 after 34 years of teaching. He lived in the Wadena community for 43 years and operated Burns Signs.

He was a member of the Wadena Pilots Association, Wadena Fire Department, Boondocks Caf� Coffee Club and American Legion. He enjoyed spending time with grandchildren, flying, painting, fishing, hunting, woodcarving and reading.

His funeral was July 30 at St. John Lutheran Church in Wadena. Burial was in Wadena Cemetery with the JOHNSON Memorial Home of Wadena in charge of arrangements.

Casketbearers were BERT JEFFERY, FRANK KOHOUTEK, CHUCK VISER, TONY PLATZ, DAVE HUCKLE and DICK CARMAN. Honorary casketbearers were JASON BURNS, ERIN BURNS, EMILY BURNS, ELIZABETH BURNS, MITCHELL FISCHER, JIMMY, Wadena Pilots Association, Wadena Fire Department, retired teachers and coffee group.

Survivors include his wife, PHYLLIS of Wadena; two sons, WILLIAM BURNS JR (MICHELE) of Canton, N.Y., and JOHN BURNS (DONNA PEDERSON) of Fergus Falls; one daughter, SHELLEY BURNS (SCOTT FISHER) of St. Cloud; one brother, OSCAR BURNS (MARY ROSE) of Manchester, Ky.; two sisters, DAISY BURNS FRENCH of Lexington, Ky., and ISA BURNS ROBERTS of Red Lodge, Mont.; and six grandchildren.

He was preceded in death by his parents and one brother, HENRY BURNS JR.

This WILLIAM BURNS who married MARY HUTCHINSON was a widower with four sons in Camden Co., MO in 1850. His sons had the same names as JAMES BURNS & JEMIMA BURNS` four oldest sons in MD. I think they may be from the same family.

WILLIAM BURNS is descended from DAVID BURNS and MARGARET FRANKS of the Fayette/Grant Cos., KY area. I think DAVID BURNS may be descended from JAMES & JEMIMA'S second oldest son THOMAS BURNS who disappeared around Montgomery Co., KY about the 1780`s.

I think this family should keep try doing the DNA project. Those four names are repeated over and over in that family in its early generations in KY.

WILLIAM BURNS m. abt 1833 to MARY HUTCHINSON - Sons: DAVID BURNS, JAMES BURNS, THOMAS BURNS and JOHN BURNS. MARY died in Ky. He and the boys migrated to Benton County Mo. about 1840. ANY INFO MUCH APPRECIATED!!!!!!!



ALEXANDER BURNS b. 1822 in Owen Co KY m. 8/7/1825 in Owen, KY to ELIZABETH BALLARD.

ELIZABETH BALLARD'S parents are JOHNSON BALLARD b. abt 1775 of Owen KY d. abt 1843 Owen KY m. 1776 to ISABELLA probably in Owen KY.

1) LUCY BURNS b. 1831 Owen KY
2) JAMES P BURNS b. 1833 Owen KY
3) MELINDA BURNS b. 1838 Owen KY
4) JOHN M BURNS b. 1834 Owen KY

Some of the Owen KY BURNS' came from Venango Co PA. See the link above.

From: James Fletcher
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Subject: Burns family info

Descendants of JOHN BURNS SR

Generation No. 1
Children of JOHN BURNS, SR. are:
2.i.JOSEPH C.2 BURNS, b. August 20, 1787, MD; d. KY.
ii.WILLIAM BURNS, b. Abt. 1790; d. 1855; m. FRANCIS FOWLER, May 30, 1811.

More About WILLIAM BURNS and FRANCIS FOWLER: Marriage: May 30, 1811
iii.CATHERINE BURNS, b. Abt. 1794, MD; m. JAMES HICKES, October 23, 1810.
More About JAMES HICKES and CATHERINE BURNS:Marriage: October 23, 1810
iv.JOHN BURNS, JR., b. Abt. 1795.
v.ELEANOR BURNS, b. Abt. 1796, KY; m. BENJAMIN TAYLOR, 1815.
More About BENJAMIN TAYLOR and ELEANOR BURNS:Marriage: 1815
vi.ELIZABETH BURNS, b. Abt. 1799, MD; m. JOHN AVERY, September 29, 1819.
More About JOHN AVERY and ELIZABETH BURNS:Marriage: September 29, 1819
vii.MARY A.BURNS, b. Abt. 1803, KY; d. July 25, 1869, KY; m. GEORGE WILFORD GOTTEE, August 11, 1818, Washington Co., KY.
More About MARY A. BURNS: Burial: 1869, St. Rose Cemetery in Washington Co., KY
More About GEORGE GOTTEE and MARY BURNS: Marriage: August 11, 1818, Washington Co., KY
viii.MARGARET BURNS, b. Abt. 1804, Springfield, Washington Co., KY; m. WESLEY AWBERRY, April 17, 1822, Springfield, Washington Co., KY.
Marriage: April 17, 1822, Springfield, Washington Co., KY
ix.JAMES B. BURNS, b. Abt. 1809, Springfield, Washington Co., KY; m. MARIA MCLAIN, Abt. 1840, Washington Co., KY.

My belief in this being our BURNS family linage, starts with this family line. In another listing I had found �CHAS BURNS� abbreviated CHARLES BURNS,(christening) with his father listed as JAMES BURNS and mother MARIA MCLAIN. There was no other information provided.

In continuing my search I found this to be the only listing of a JAMES and MARIA together in Kentucky during the right time frame. Long story short, when starting this quest all our family knew was my ggrandfather�s name, birth and death dates, and where he is buried in Texas. We had always been of the belief the family originally came from Tennessee. My grandfather knew very little of the family history. Even though we were raised protestant we knew he was raised Catholic so I consider this to be a good lead.

There were no county census listed anywhere for the counties where he met and married my ggrandmother. Our family had been and is still living on the same land since the late 1800s. Upon visiting the homestead I found that a local chapter for genealogical research had been formed. I visited the office hoping to find something on the old homestead. I was asked if there was anything in particular I would like to see. I had been exhaustively searching for some lead as to who my ggrandfather�s parents were and where they may have come from.

I asked for and surprisingly received from the researcher a copy of a 1900 census for that county, that I had not been able to locate anywhere else. The county was small and locating this family was easy. There his name was, and the letters KY for his father and mother�s birthplace. Upon returning home and continuing my research I found the above posting. Further research has brought me your listing and now I come to you looking for help and any additional information. Thank you in advance for any consideration.


; Tue, 12 Apr 2011 15:33:53 -0400 (EDT) Subject: James Burns question From: Burns McArthur To:

Hi, I was looking at your site I have been trying to get a grasp on my Burns ancestors. I know that a James Burns came to Pike County, MO from Kentucky about 1800 with his brother my 4th great grandfather Arthur Burns. And before Kentucky the brothers were from Pennsylvania.

"Judge T. J. O. Fagg says that in the year 1800, James Burns, of Kentucky, effected the first temporary settlement of what is now Pike county, at or near the present site of Clarksville. He returned to Kentucky, then came back bringing his family and his brother, Arthur Burns, in the year 1808. This time he settled a little above Clarksville and erected the first log house in the county. Our public records show that on June 4, 1802. Frederick Dixon, a celebrated hunter and Indian trader, brother-in-law of James Burns, applied to the lieutenant-governor of Upper Louisiana, for a grant of eight hundred arpens, 680 acres, immediately on the north bank of Grassy creek. The grant was made, but Dixon never made settlement. Instead, he settled where Clarksville now stands and established a trading post with the Indians. In the years 1808, 1809 and 1810, other settlements were made by immigrants from Kentucky and the Carolines." A History of Northeast Missouri, Vol 1

So, this James Burns was bro-in-law to Frederick Dixon. I see on your site: JAMES BURNS (Parents of General JAMES BURNS) b: 21 May 1772 in Cumberland Co,PA m. MARY DIXON (JAMES & MARY CLARK)

Here is a Dixon again. Can you help shed some light on this information? There is also a possibility that James, Arthur and Robert Burns were all brothers, as land rights for all three have been found to be near one another in Pike County area. (Arthur's land was across from Squire Boone's; Arthur named his first son Squire, after family friend Squire Boone.) And I understand from family stories passed down that their father was also an Arthur Burns, perhaps born in Ireland and moving to PA before possibly moving to Pike County with his sons. Arthur moved on to Texas in 1828 with the Green DeWitt colony.

I have spent years trying to understand this Burns line. What do you think?
regards, Burns McArthur

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