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The BRats Homepage

last update 4/26/2001

Our Lifestyle Includes

  • The Bus
  • The Kids
  • Camping
  • The Bus
  • The House
  • The Bus
  • oh yeah! and the job

Caravan 2000

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Caravan 2001:
Here is the Latest

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Welcome aboard

We are the BRats, Alot of people ask us why "BRats"? the answer to that question is simple, we logged on to a Bus builders chat site as "TtownRats", because we live in Tecumseh Ne.aka "T-Town". Hence the name TtownRats. This was too hard for the fellow Busnuts to type all the time so it was shortened to "T-Rats" for typing purposes, This lasted till we began talking about age and they found out we were the youngest of the group. Then we were labled as the "BabyRats". again this was shortened to "BRats". So forever more we are

"The BRats"

As you can see by the list above we have a Bus/Motorcoach! its a 66 GM 5303


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Here is a Poem I wrote about the Life of a Transit

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We spend alot of time Camping and Playing around on the internet, Along with Trying to get our Bus finished I hope you'll take the time to dig around my site and let me Know what you think. Click for Tecumseh, Nebraska Forecast

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