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The BRats Links to the World

Here are my favorite links. I hope you can enjoy them as I have.

Bus Links

Rolling Homes Across America Members Pages

Slide out decks by LARDON Inc.

The Bus Spot

sKOOLie Chat

Busses on ebay for sale


Coach Talk
Mr. Sharkeys Bus Barn
Joe's Schoolbus world
Buses and such(Bus clip art)


EBAY CROOK "hendri2000" REVEALED After Ebay Auction Item # 566656483, ending March 14, 2001 at 15:57:54 PST conducted by Hendri2000 of Palm Springs, CA in which a 1965 Flxible Bus was sold to the high bidder for the sum of $1,825.00 it was found that the seller, Hendri2000 so grossly misrepresented the buses condition causing the high bidder to refuse the sale and to bill the seller for expenses incurred while finding out that she had been lied to. For complete details including the sellers description of the bus and pictures of what the buyer found go

some Non-Bus related cool sites

The 3rd Childs homepage/on angelfire
Real player/Free download
80's Arcade games
Angelfire Home Pages/create your own!!

web building tools

Free Web Building Help/ media builder