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Rolling Homes Across America Org.

Some of the folks who I occasionally chat with online have been to some of the Bus Conventions that are held around the country each year. Conspicuously missing are any representitives from the school and transit bus conversion crowd. Some conventions actively discourage attendance by low-end conversions, partly by holding the events in up-scale RV parks that don't even allow school bus conversions on the property. In order to correct this discrimination, WE Have orgranzed

Rolling Homes Across America Org.

We have Organized and are now on our way to the 2nd annual Caravan of the Rolling Homes Across America Org. We have reserved a Awesome Gathering Place in the Mid West (Danville Mo.) so that no matter where you are located in the country we can Meet in an area that isn't to far for anyone, Unlike other groups that have conventions in areas that either the west coast members or the east coast members have to drive all the way across the US to meet with people that they enjoy talking to.

CARAVAN 2001 info & update

OK Bus folks, this is the real thing. As you are all aware we have been discussing CARAVAN 2001 since the last Caravan (witch was GREAT) and its time to get our Ducks, or Busses in a row!! Those of you who drop into Chat Room on a regular (or semi-regular) basis have probably already heard some of the early rumblings. After a long time of being considered too far out of the main stream to be acceptable at fancy bus conventions we realized....

HEY!! We are a river unto ourselves not a tributary of the fancy folks!!


And Last Years event Proved to be the Best Gathering of those of us that participated. We had a Great time and Enjoyed a Proud Group of Bus Enthusiasts that laughed and Partied together along with a couple of Group Trips that proved to be a lot of fun.

Planning for the year 2001, We need some input from all you other sKoolie/Transit/do-it-yourselfer bus folk out there. This is the bare bones of the plan as they are now. We want this to be a really good time for all concerned and we welcome everyone's comments.

As the planning For this event and a large group of Interest in other facets of our group we have started an Origination that is Registered as such in Oregon, Hence Rolling Homes across America Org. The Board Members and Origination is broke down as follows:

Greg Thomas, WEB Master Contact for any postings on the web site, changes, ideas etc. And Origination Chairman of the Board

Cece Goin, Coordinator and chat mistress Contact me with any ideas and Is the Vise Chairman of the Board

Mark & Dawn Mandrey, Location & Reservations Coordinators Contact them for information on RV park & Reservations. Also the Secretary Treasurer of the Org.

OK!! Here's the info to date:

June, 15, 16, 17, and 18, 2001
Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday nights.
Only $80 per unit* for all four nights,$70 per unit * any three nights,$60 per unit * any two nights,$50 per unit * one night
Price includes full hook-ups if needed, Continental Breakfast each morning, Free Tshirt, Nightly bonfire, Wine Tasting Tour, Local Sight Seeing Tours, Prizes, Saturday Night Feast, Sunday Brunch and much more.*
Maximum 2 adults and 2 children (under 16) per unit.
Additional people in your party charged as follows:
Children (ages 2-16) $5 each per night;
Adults - $10 each first night, $5 each additional nights;
Children under the age of 2 - FREE
If you require electrical, water or sewer hook-ups a minimum deposit of $50 is required as soon as possible.
Deposits or full payments are refundable if notice of cancellation is received on or before May 15th, 2001 Spaces with hook-ups are subject to availability and are offered on a first come first served basis.
Reservations for all other spaces need to be made by no later than June 1st, 2001.
Entertainment!! This is a biggie.... we have lots of musical people and I know lots of us will bring tunes... Treasure Hunt... on the way and/or there? Lets have some ideas folks. Enterprises. If you have a talent or product you want to offer can you? I do not see why not. Bring your best and share it with those who are interested. If you want to charge do so, if you want to share for free, do so... we are pretty laid back... what ever cranks your diesel (or floats your pistons, or...... you get the picture).

OK... That's it for now folks... lets get this moving!!