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Kneel before me you miserable smiley faces, for I am your lord and master! BUWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

Either you already know what ZZT is, or you need to go to Z2 and find out. Either way, have some nice links:

Z2- This is the current mecca of the ZZT community. If you don't know what ZZT is, it's this neat little ASCII-based GCS... Z2 can explain it a lot better than I can. The community's smaller and weirder than it used to be, but is still a pretty good place to hang out.

ZZT's Exploited Chaos- This site, maintained by ZZT's oddball Viovis, contains a mirror archive of ZZT games so that ZZT can ENDURE should Z2 ever kerplode, and there's some other interesting stuff there too.

Here are links to my ZZT games. Enjoy! WHY AREN'T YOU ENJOYING?!

Betra (24HoZZT version)- This is the original version of Betra, made for a 24HoZZT years ago... Spring 2002, I think. It's like the full version of Betra, only it's smaller and not as good. Released April, 2002.

Betra (Full version)- After Bigman and I made Betra, I couldn't resist the urge to polish it up and release it as a full game. Lots of tweaks, added boards, and extra endings make for a game that's pretty damned good considering that it was made over the course of a few days. Can you find the Golden Llama and survive Bigman's betrayal? Released April, 2002.

Kaboom! ZZT- This game is a port of the old Activision game Kaboom. Of course, that only applies if you go in the purple hut... I would often get distracted while working on the game's engine, and ended up with quite a pile of silly nonsense surrounding the central experience. Work on Kaboom started before work on Betra so I count it as my first game even though it was released a week or two later. Released May, 2002.

Mind Vomit- This is my largest and arguably best game to date. Work on it started during the summer of 2002, and went on in short fits and bursts for over a year. It's an extremely trippy adventure-type thing concerning one man's quest to defeat MAN-EATING CAKE, and the valuable lessons he learns along the way. Or not. Released September, 2003. It even earned a Madtom's Pick award - Here's Madtom's review.

And here's some other stuff about ZZT and/or me (In addition to having a big ego, I'm also a nostalgic completist):

ZZTV 8- ZZTV is the ZZT community's magazine of sorts. Basically, people make 'channels' (ZZT worlds) consisting of almost whatever they want to- previews of upcoming games, art, reviews of other ZZTer's games, interviews of other ZZTers, that sort of thing. It's had a varied history over the years, being founded by DarkFLR, then passing on to Zenith Nadir, Boonob, Madtom, and currently Commodore. Although this one, compiled by Madtom, wasn't as big as ZZTV 6, it was a nice step up from ZZTV 7 at least. My first channel, #wintercitadel, is in here. Game demos ahoy.

ZZTV 9- Second verse, same as the first; Madtom brought another fine installment of ZZTV to the ZZT commune. This was a good edition; not quite as large as ZZTV 8 but there's some pretty nice stuff in here. My channel, #magnetic, is in it; has some pretty good interviews in it in addition to game previews and art like in #wintercitadel.

BkZZT- Once upon a time in the ancient year of 2004, I was in the mood for some ZZTing and eventually ended up holding a contest. A BkZZT (short for blitzkrieg ZZT) is similar to a 24HoZZT, but it only lasts one hour instead of 24. It's a pretty different experience having to make a game so quickly, using pretty much everything that pops into your head since there's no time for planning or complexity of any sort. I wanted to compete without unfair advantages, so in the end Stiltkin kindly judged, and Zamros made the topic "LAW AND ORDER" since that's what was on TV when we realized at the start of the contest that nobody had made a topic. This .zip holds the four contest entries. Actually it has three of the entries, but mine's missing and there are some other junk files for some reason, I'll fix this later unless I don't

BkZZT 2005- Once upon a time in the marginally less ancient year of 2005, I was still in the mood for some ZZTing and decided on the spur of the moment to make the BkZZT I held last year an annual thing. Zenith Nadir ended up choosing the topic "Mighty Trust Krusher", with Dr. Dos judging when Quantum P. wasn't able to. Things were a little chaotic due to Quantum's absence and Z2 being down at the time, but we all had a good time anyway (even if I didn't win this time). This .zip contains all three entries, plus some chat logs for added flavor.

Upcoming projects:

Huh?: The prodigal son of video games. An epic 4-file thing that I've been plugging away at, on and off, for over three years now, making it my longest uncompleted project next to Enchanted Lobster Saga. I've decided to change some stuff, so I may upload a prototype version later since prototypes are cool.

A channel for ZZTV10: Got the idea, just need to sit down and find the time to actually make it. Might end up in ZZTV11 instead. pffffhahahahaha, Enchanted Lobster Saga will be finished before ZZTV10.