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the Case for a First Century End Time


2000 years ago

End Time Axiom

Time Is Near
2000 Years Ago

Prophecy Paradox: The Book

Vesuvius A.D. 79
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The Case for a First Century End Time

Edition: Second revised 
a book by Lynn Schuldt

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From the back cover:

Were the end times 2000 years ago?

Learn the facts. Then decide.

Nearly 2000 years ago, the first Christians lived in the last days, and the end was at hand in their immediate future. Jesus warned them of things to come in their own generation; and when they saw all those things, they would know the end was near. The origin of "end of the world" prophecies was this series of signs meant for those who lived 2000 years ago. Most theologians claim all those things have not happened; and therefore, the end time is expected in our future. Most evangelicals are waiting for Christ to return a second time. 
   Ms. Schuldt's carefully documented book proves that all those things happened, historically, to those people nearly 2000 years ago in their future and in their generation. The end time was therefore future to them, but past for us. Evangelicals ignore this view because they maintain that no one living when Jesus described the things to come lived to see all those things come to pass. However, scriptural and historical references in this book show the first Christians did see all those things come to pass. 


  • How all Bible prophecy has been fulfilled. 
  • When the end times were.
  • Who the Antichrist was.
  • What the millennium was.
  • When the kingdom of God began.
  • How the seven year tribulation theory was created from Bible verses.

Lynn Schuldt is an author and researcher specializing in Bible prophecy and history of the Roman Empire. Her persistent investigations during the ten years of writing Prophecy Paradox: the Case for a First Century End Time uncovered abundant evidence for first century fulfillment of prophecy. 

This book is supported by extant Greek and Roman history in conjunction with biblical history. Sources include The Life and Works of Josephus, a history of Rome by Dio Cassius, the Dead Sea Scrolls and many others. This book is unique in that the final climax is set in A.D.79 rather than A.D.70. 

PROPHECY PARADOX: The Case for a First Century End Time
By Lynn Schuldt 
Edition: Second revised 
$18.95; 338 page trade paperback 
Illustrations, maps, charts, Bibliography, Index 
chronological table, listing of time statements, 
table of Old Testament Prophecies Fulfilled 
ISBN: 0-9647816-1-1 
LCCN 2001116297 

Published by Son Mountain Press 
P.O. Box 5762 
Concord, CA 94524 

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