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2000 years ago

End Time Axiom

Time Is Near
2000 Years Ago

Prophecy Paradox: The Book



Vesuvius A.D. 79
We are saved by faith in Christ through His grace. Our hope is not in a future millennium, nor an end of all things, nor a rapture, but in Christ Himself. 
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of a first century visible return of Christ.
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2000 Years Ago


Armageddon:  In A.D.69, the time was near.

  John got this revelation from God about A.D.69 before the temple was destroyed. Every prophecy in Revelation would shortly take place.

Armageddon in Our Future is Myth:  While this doctrine of an end time in the generation of the apostles is reinforced throughout the New Testament, an end time in a future to our generation is never suggested. We do not live in the end time. Jesus and the Apostles did. It's doctrine. Jesus was not confused. We are. A future Armageddon is myth.

(Revelation 16-19)

When: Soon after A.D.69 when Revelation was written. Before A.D. 116 when Trajan went to Babylon and found nothing but "mounds and stones and ruins" (Dio's Rome, Dio Cassius, LXVIII.30) Armageddon was the sixth bowl judgment and the destruction of Babylon was the seventh bowl judgment (Rv.16)

Where: West of the Euphrates in a place called Har-Magedon 2000 years ago.

Who: The kings from the East (Parthia) and the kings from the whole "habitable world". The Roman Empire and adjacent  nations were defined as the "habitable earth" 2000 yeas ago.  Lands beyond that were called "inhabitable earth." The kings from the Roman Empire, Parthia in the East, and kings from North and South of the Empire gathered for war on the great day of God the Almighty.

Why: God's wrath on the "habitable earth." (The Roman Empire and adjacent lands.

What: The  bowls of God's wrath were His last judgments on the habitable earth. They included painful sores, every living thing in the sea died, the rivers and springs became blood, intense heat from the sun,  the kingdom of the beast was plunged into darkness, the kings gathered for battle in a place called Armageddon, and God would pour out His wrath on the great ancient city of Babylon. Babylon would be consumed by fire and thrown down never to be found again.  The beast and kings of the earth and their armies gathered to make war with a rider on a white horse and armies of heaven following him. The rider's name was "Word of God." The armies of the kings of the earth were all killed and the beast and false prophet were thrown alive into the lake of fire burning with brimstone.

  This is the history of the biblical Armageddon nearly 2000 years ago.

Armageddon today is Myth!

      Some of you may ask why these events were not recorded in history books. Some were. But most history of the A.D. 70's and 80's is missing. For the best detailed information of conspicuous missing Roman history after A.D. 70, refer to Chapter 6 in Prophecy Paradox: the Case for a First Century End Time.

You can still believe in Christ,
 gain salvation, and know the world
 won't come to an end.
 It's doctrine!