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Dan Scorpio NLP Language Pattern Awareness and Consciousness Selected Bibliography

The titles given below, in no particular order, comprise a relatively extensive reading list which broadly underpins the 'iceberg' that manifests as the Dan Scorpio site & which the serious reader may wish to dip into such as to further the depth of his/her knowledge. The majority of the books are still in print and sufficient information is given such as to uniquely identify each via an online bookseller. For the out of print works (Scott, MacCarthy, Omananda) these are hard to come by & the services of a competent bookfinder will probably be required; fortunately, Omananda is available via the web.

Psychotherapeutic Metaphors - Barker
The First and Last Freedom - Krishnamurti
Beginners Guide to Constructing the Universe - Schneider
The Structure of Magic (Vol 1) - Bandler and Grinder
States of Consciousness - Tart
The Spheres or Music - Meyer

Argumentation Schemes for Presumptive Reasoning - Walton
Study of Numbers - Schwaller de Lubicz
The Mysticism of Sound and Music - Inayat Khan
Sacred Geometry - Lawlor
Language in Thought and Action - Hayakawa
Teachings of Don Juan - Castaneda

Counterpoint - Jeppeson
Communication: The Social Matrix of Psychiatry - Ruesch & Bateson
Brave New World Revisitd - Huxley
Twilight of the Gods - Mellers
Language Thought and Reality - Whorf
Shock and Vibration Handbook - Harris

The Boy and the Brothers - Omananda (out of print but on the web; follow link below)
Towards the Mysteries - Omananda (out of print but on the web; follow link below)
The Embodied Mind - Varela, Thompson, Rosch
The Manual of Harmonics - Levin
Man and His Symbols - Jung
The Metaphysical Poets - Penguin

All Talk - Beattie
Number from Ahmes to Cantor - Gazale
The Ascent of Babel - Altman
The Fourth Dimension: Sacred Geometry, Alchemy and Mathematics - Steiner
Patterns of the Hypnotic Techniques of Milton H Erickson MD (Vol 1) - Bandler & Grinder
The Language of Change - Watzlawick

Harmony of the Spheres - Godwin
Tranceformations - Bandler and Grinder
The Geometry and Art of Life - Gliyka
Language and the Brain - Obler & Gjerlow
Secret Lore of Music - Olivet
The Impossible Question - Krishnamurti

Frogs Into Princes - Bandler and Grinder
Management and Machiavelli - Jay
Sonics- Hueter and Bolt
The World is Sound; Nada Brahma - Berendt
Mechanics of Materials - Sloane
Mysteries of the Alphabet - Ouaknin

Elementary Harmony - Kitson
The Crowd - le Bon
The Divine Proportion - Huntley
Mind Body Therapy - Rossi & Cheek
Music: It's Secret Influence Throughout the Ages - Scott
Philosophy in the Flesh - Lakoff and Johnson

Influence - Cialdini
Shifting Frequencies - Goldman
Mystery of the Seven Vowels - Godwin
Advanced Engineering Mathematics - Kreysig
Metre, Rhythm and Verse Form - Hobsbaum
Inner Music - Kassler

My Voice Will Go With You - Rosen
Healing Sounds - Goldman
Be Here Now - Ram Dass
On the Sensations of Tone - Helmholtz
The Awakening of Intelligence - Krishnamurti
Separate Realty - Castaneda

The Wisdom of Milton H Erickson (Vol II): Human Behaviour and Psychotherapy - Havens
The Hathor Material - Kenyon & Essene
Wholeness and the Implicate Order - Bohm
Science of Percussion Instruments - Rossing
Selected Prose - T S Eliot

English Fairy Tales - Wordsworth Edn
The Life and Death of Krishnamurti - Lutyens
Healing in Hypnosis - Rossi, Ryan and Sharp
Sacred Sounds - Andrews
Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam Ist Edn - Fitzgerald (on the web)
The Temple of Labour - MacCarthy

Total Freedom: The Essential Krishnamurti - Krishnamurti
Mind Body Communication in Hypnosis - Rossi & Ryan
Repetition in English (part 1) Persson
The Power of Limits - Doczi
Musical Languages - Swain
Swinburne Poems and Ballads - Penguin

The Republic - Plato
Journey to Ixtlan - Castaneda
Ambiguity Resolution in Language Learning - Schutze
Science and Music - Jeans
Collected Poems and Plays - Tagore
The Light of the Soul - Bailey (on the web)

Symbol, Story and Ceremony - Combs & Freedman
The Varieties of Religious Experience - James
The Harmonics of Sound, Color and Vibration - DeMohan
The Seventh Enemy - Higgins
Mutual Causality in Buddhism and General Systems Theory - Macy

Taproots: Underlying Principles of Milton Erickson's Therapy and Hypnosis - O'Hanlan
Tales of Power - Castaneda
Initiation, Human and Solar - Bailey (on the web)
Light of Asia - Arnold (on the web)
The Singer and His Art - Wronski
Metaphors We Live By - Lakoff Johnson

The Secret Doctrine - Blavatsky (on the web)
Treatise on Cosmic Fire - Bailey (on the web)
Practical English Usage - Swan
Bach Mass in B Minor - Novello (score)
Mozart Requiem - Novello (score)

Mozart Magic Flute (score)
Treatise on White Magic - Bailey (on the web) Complete Works of Shakespeare
Concise Oxford Dictionary
Roget's Thesaurus (alphabetical & subject versions)
Rhyming Dictionary
Brewer's Dictionary of Phrase and Fable
Cassell Dictionary of English Idiom
Devil's Dictionary - Wordsworth
Various dictionaries of Proverbs, Anagrams, Eponyms, Symbols, Names, Etymology, etc. etc.