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Cliche and Word Journey

cliche word journey

Cliche and Figure of Speech

This page provides about three thousand clichés and figures of speech as a toolbox for the reader to use in any way they see fit. The speech figures relate principally to the UK usage of the English language - although there is inevitably overlap with the forms adopted by the overseas cousins - and may be used in a number of ways including:
a) research on language pattern (e.g. prosody and word ordering)
b) semantics research
c) in analysis of speech for language abuse (cliché 'bingo')
d) word journey (one of the primary reasons for creating this page is as an adjunct to the pages on Word Journey which can be found elsewhere on this site.)
e) general literary composition: some comments on this are appended below
f) for adding 'colour' to otherwise monotonous speeches (note, that since the speech figures are invariably nominalisations, deletions or generalisations - sometimes all three - this will create ambiguity in the speech for. See Language Abuse pages elsewhere on this site.)
In the majority of cases, the speech figures are not 'exact', rather the majority are generalised into core forms - many with prepositions deleted, some with pronouns given that should be adapted to particular circumstances and others with only a singular tense of the applicable verb: adapt to suit.
In order to take a working copy of the list, the reader should set up an empty word processor file arranged in two columns, 'select all' in this file & then 'paste' into the WP file before deleting the leading and trailing text and changing the '/' characters into carriage returns.

Rudimentary Prosodic Form

By sampling of the given cliches, the rudimentary prosodic form - in terms of a syllable count - is approximately as follows: 2 syllable... 13% 3 syllable... 27% 4 syllable... 26% 5 syllable... 16% 6 syllable... 10% 7 syllable... 03% 8 syllable... 02% 9 syllable and beyond... balance Note that these figures exclude definite articles and pronouns: if these are included - which arguably they should be if the given speech figures are looked at in terms of day to day speech - then the syllable counts would each go up by one. It is interesting to note that the majority of cliches - which are exceedingly common in everyday use - are encompassed by the 2 to 5 syllable range (82%): this suggests (assuming all cliches are in equal use - and the author has no evidence of this) that phrase lengths in the 2 to 5 syllable range (or perhaps 3 to 6 - see above) are the preferred common use in GENERAL prosody: the latter statement is a speculative one based upon some preliminary observations. The author is gathering evidence from everyday speech patterns to in order to support or deny the assertion. One further area worthy of note is that cliched speech patterns are not delivered in flat, uniform rhythms. The syllable count is not therefore the full story insofar as the prosody of the cliched language patterns is concerned, there is timing and emphasis to be considered. The simplest way to notate this would appear to be in the form of music - which already has a rich array of tools available for this kind of work. The author is examining means of effecting this & in the meantime would appreciate any indication where work of this kind - i.e. rhythmic analysis of speech pattern has been done/is beng done elsewhere.

Literary Uses of Cliche

Clichés provide an interesting digression for forms of literary composition since:
1. the natural prosodic flow of the cliché is pleasing to the ear
2. it is thought that short clichés/common speech figures are stored, for fast access, in the right hemisphere of the brain, thus giving them the property of 'rapid convergence' in sentence comprehension - and reciprocally maximum confusion effect if concatenated - when listened to
3. although we think we 'understand' the meaning of clichés, many of them are mini metaphors and the meaning of each is probably different to each listener - and varies according to context: speech containing clichés will therefore be riddled with ambiguity and unresolved meaning according to the extent they are used
4. the use of clichés in alphabetical linear form gives rise to natural alliteration AND, given the use of a list such as given (and the list can be accessed in numerous ways), can cause interesting non-linear digression in meaning whilst maintaining a smooth, syntactic movement of words
5. concatenation of clichés (see Word Journey pages on this Website) gives prosodic flow, rapid shifting of meaning and, whilst still remaining pleasing to the ear, phrase compression and effective word interrupt - for example:
...this man is AHEAD OF HIS TIME IS ON MY SIDE...
In this, the pivot word TIME is common to the two clichés contained in the capitalised phrase & the entire phrase is shortened by a full word. See elsewhere on this Website (Word Journey and Word Interrupt) for other, more extended, examples which demonstrate significant compounding of the effect.
6. because of the prosodic flow of the clichés, it is possible to compose amusing stories 'on the hoof' given a randomly chosen list (typically all beginning with the same letter, but other options work as well)

The Main List

about the same/ above and beyond the call of duty/ above board/ absence makes the heart grow fonder/ absolute disgrace/ absolutely fantastic/ abusive behaviour/ according to plan/ according to the experts/ acid test/ across the board/ act of faith/ act the fool/ action and reaction/ admission of failure/ advance warning/ after the break/ against the grain/ against the odds/ ages ago/ ahead of his time/ aiming high/ air space/ air time/ alive and well/ all for a good cause/ all for one/ all in a day's work/ all in one/ all in the same boat/ all men are created equal/ all or nothing/ all right then/ all roads lead to Rome/ all smoke and mirrors/ all square/ all the tea in China/ all the time/ all time great/ all to the good/ all wind and piss/ all work no play/ all bets are off/ all change/ all clear/ all's fair in love and war/ almighty flop/ almost certain/ almost it/ always remembered/ amazing thing is/ an act of faith/ and that's that/ angry crowd/ angry reaction/ ankle deep/ annoying habit/ another day, another dollar/ another way of saying it/ any point/ anyone at home/ appearances can be deceptive/ are you a man or a mouse/ area of concern/ areas of agreement/ armed to the teeth/ arms fair/ arms race/ around the back/ around the clock/ around the corner/ arse about face/ arse licker/ arse on the target/ artfully vague/ artificially high/ artistic licence/ arts and crafts/ arty farty/ as a matter of urgency/ as expected/ as if you cared/ as red as a beetroot/ as right as rain/ as soon as possible/ as the case may be/ as the crow flies/ as thick as a brick/ as usual/ as white as a sheet / ask the question/ asking price/ assassination attempt/ at arm's length/ at short notice/ at the drop of a hat/ at the end of the day/ at the end of the line/ at the very least/ at this stage/ attack of nerves/ attempt on goal/ attractive offer/ audience ratings/ aunt Sally/ awaiting further developments/ aware of the potential/ baby face/ baby's arm/ back in the saddle/ back of a fag packet/ back of an envelope/ back off/ back to front/ back-handed compliment / backed into a corner/ backs to the wall/ bad behaviour/ bad hair day/ bad news/ bad reputation/ bad vibes/ balance of payments/ balance of probablities/ balanced view/ balancing act/ bald as a coot/ bale out/ ball breaker/ ball is in your court/ ball park figure/ balls on the line/ balls out/ balls to it/ balls up/ band of gold/ band of hope/ bang on/ banged up/ barely deserved/ barking up the wrong tree/ barrel of laughsd/ basic principles/ battle lines/ be here now/ be prepared/ be the death of me/ bearing a grudge/ bearing a grudge/ beat the rap/ beating around the bush/ beating the meat/ beauty is only skin deep/ bee's knees/ been under a lot of pressure/ beg the question/ behave yourself/ behind the scenes/ bell book and candle/ below the belt/ benefit of the doubt/ bent as a nine bob note/ bent over backwards/ beside the point/ best efforts/ best foot forward/ best informed/ best kept secret/ best laid schemes/ best out of three/ best things in life are free/ better and better/ better half/ better late than never/ better luck next time/ between a rock and a hard place/ beyond the pale/ beyond belief/ beyond reasonable doubt/ beyond the pale/ bible thumper/ big bucks/ big deal/ big girl's blouse/ big ideas/ big question/ big shot/ big shot/ big step/ big top/ bill of rights/ bird brained/ bird in the hand/ birds of a feather/ birthday boy/ bit of a case/ bit of a pain/ bit of a shock/ bit of a spot/ bit of competition/ bit of distance/ bit of imagination/ bit part player/ bite the bullet/ bite the dust/ bite to eat/ black and blue/ black and white/ black art/ black comedy/ black hole/ black look/ black magic/ blanket approach/ blast from the past / blatant betrayal/ bleary eyed/ blind leading the blind/ blood bath/ blood brother/ blood sweat and tears/ blow job/ blow off some steam / blow over/ blowing hot and cold/ blown off course/ blue moon/ blue movie/ body bags/ bog off/ bold as brass/ bolt from the blue/ book value/ boot camp / both sides of the coin/ both sides of the coin/ bottom line/ bottom of the barrel/ bottom of the pile/ bound and gagged/ boundaries of science/ bowing to international pressure/ bowled over/ box clever/ boy's own/ brand spanking new / brass balls/ brass necked/ brave new world/ break a leg / break in/ break the bank/ break the ice/ break the news/ brewers droop/ bridge the gap/ bridge too far/ bring and buy/ bringing home the bacon/ broad church/ broken arrow/ broken record/ brown nosed/ brown nosed pointer/ brown study/ brownie points / brush off/ bugger me/ built like a brick shithouse/ bull in a china shop/ bum deal/ bunk off/ burn the candle at both ends/ burn the midnight oil/ bury the hatchet/ business as usual/ business end/ business lunch/ business opportunity/ bust a gut / bust up/ busy as a bee/ busy doing nothing/ button pusher/ buy out/ buzz words/ by hook or by crook / by no means/ by the book/ by the same token/ by the short and curlies/ by the way/ call girl/ call it a day/ call out/ call the shots/ call you later/ calm before the storm/ camp followers/ can't face it/ can't judge a book by looking at the cover/ can't put a finger on it / can't see the wood for the trees/ cannot confirm or deny/ carbon copy/ cards on the table/ carefully choreographed/ caretaker manager/ carnival atmosphere/ carpet bagger/ carry on/ carry over/ case the joint/ cash and carry/ cash on the nail/ cast the first stone/ cat call/ cat on a hot tin roof/ cat's whiskers/ catch the post/ categorically denied/ caught me off balance/ caught out/ caught with his pants down/ cause and effect/ cause for complaint/ cause for concern/ cause undue alarm/ causing hurt/ centre fold/ centre left/ centre right/ centre stage/ chain is only as strong as it's weakest link./ chain reaction/ champagne celebrations/ chance is a fine thing/ chance of a lifetime/ chance result/ chance your arm/ change of gear/ change of heart/ change of plan/ change the record/ change your mind/ changing face/ changing the face of/ character assassination/ charm offensive/ charm the birds/ chattering classes/ cheer leader/ cheque book journalism/ chew the fat/ chicken hawk/ chicken shit/ chill out/ chilling ultimatum/ chink in the armour/ chips are down/ chock full / chronic failure/ city gent/ city slicker/ class war/ clean bill of health / clear agreement/ clear as a bell / clear as crystal/ clear as mud/ clear blue water/ clear cut/ clear signs/ clear targets/ clear the air/ clear the decks/ clever dick/ clip joint/ clock watching/ close call/ close down/ closed book/ closer and closer/ closing down/ closing remarks/ closing speech/ clothes make the man/ co-operative spirit/ coal face/ cock and bull story/ cock sucker/ cock up/ coin a phrase/ coin operated/ cold as ice/ cold blooded/ cold comfort/ cold turkey / cold war/ collective responsibility/ come a cropper/ come and get it/ come as a surprise/ come back/ come down hard/ come from behind/ come together/ come up to expectations/ comedy of errors/ comfort zone/ coming across/ coming back for more/ coming on/ coming out of the woodwork/ coming to a head/ coming to the boil/ coming to the crunch/ common enemy/ common ignorance/ common knowledge/ common law/ common touch/ common understanding/ communicate freely/ compensation setting in/ competing demands/ complete guide/ completely won over/ complimentary copy/ con artist/ conditional offer/ confidence trick/ consensus view/ consenting adults/ contracting out/ control freak/ cool as a cucumber/ cop out/ core business/ core values/ cost cutting/ cost reduction/ could do better/ could eat a horse/ could have knocked me over with a feather/ course of action/ crash course/ crash landing/ creation of wealth/ creative accountancy/ credit rating/ credit where it's due/ creeping bastard/ crime wave/ criminal conspiracy/ crisis point/ critical condition/ critical point/ crocodile tears / crooked as a dog's hind leg / cross the line/ crowd atmosphere/ crunch time/ cry for help/ crying out/ crystal clear/ culture shock/ cup final/ cupboard love/ curiousity killed the cat/ current betting/ curtain call/ curtain raiser/ curtain up/ customer loyalty/ customer service/ cut and dried/ cut and run/ cut down/ cut from the same cloth / cut inside/ cut it out/ cut price/ cut the crap/ cut to the quick/ cut up/ cut up rough/ cutting edge/ daft as a brush/ daggers out/ daily service/ damage limitation/ dampened her enthusiasm/ dark horse/ dark secret/ dark side of the moon/ day by day/ day in day out/ day one/ daylight robbery/ daylight saving/ dead eyed/ dead from the neck up/ dead heat/ dead in the water/ dead man's hand/ dead men tell no tales/ dead on target/ dead on time/ dead pan/ dead right/ dead ringer/ dead as a door nail / dead and buried/ dead and gone/ dead as a Dodo/ dead as a dodo / dead centre/ dead duck/ dead end/ deadneck/ dealing off the bottom/ death or glory/ death sentence/ death toll/ death wish/ deemed to be appropriate/ deep down you know/ deep end/ deep file/ deep shit/ deep throat/ deeply concerned/ deeply hurt/ definite possibilty/ delaying tactics/ delicate matter/ deliver the goods/ depths of despair/ deserves better/ despite the denials/ destruct button/ devil may care/ devil take the hindmost/ devil to pay/ devious bastard/ diamond in the rough/ dicey situation / dick head/ dictated the terms/ difficult conditions/ difficult to know/ dig deep/ dig for victory/ dig in/ dilly dallying/ dire straits/ dirt box/ disaster zone/ disorderly conduct/ distant drums/ divide and conquer/ divide and rule/ divide the spoils/ divine inspiration/ do away with/ do or die/ do without/ do your best/ do your bit/ do/done a bunk/ do/done a runner/ does your head in/ dog days/ dog eat dog world / dog in a manger/ dog's bollocks/ dog's breakfast/ dogged with bad luck/ doggy fashion/ doing a runner/ doing porridge/ doing time/ dolly bird/ domino effect/ don't ask/ don't bank on it/ don't do anything stupid/ don't give a shit/ don't give a toss/ don't give up your day job/ don't have a problem/ don't let the bastards grind you down/ don't like the look of this/ don't look a gift horse in the mouth / don't panic/ don't read too much into it/ don't rock the boat/ don't want to be involved/ don't worry/ don't worry about it/ don't you dare/ done all right/ done and dusted/ done over/ donkey's years/ doom and gloom/ door stepping/ door to door/ door to door salesman/ dot the I's and cross the t's/ double act/ double crossing/ double dealing/ double edged/ double jeopardy/ double or nothing/ double standards/ double take/ double time/ double whammy/ down and out/ down at heel/ down in the dumps/ down in the mouth/ down market/ down the hatch / down the middle/ down to me/ down to you/ down town/ down under/ drag artist/ drag on and on/ drama queen/ dramatic terms/ draw the line at/ dream weaver/ dressed to a tea/ dressed to the nines / drink up/ drive a coach and horses through it/ driving me crazy/ drop dead/ drop dead gorgeous/ drop out/ drop your guard/ drug abuse/ drumming up support/ drunk as a skunk/ dry out/ duck the question/ dulcet tones/ dummy run/ dyed in the wool/ dying of boredom/ eager for the fray/ eagle eyed/ early bath/ early retirement/ early warning/ earth shaking/ ease off/ easily led/ easy answer/ easy as pie/ easy come easy go/ easy going/ easy touch/ eat drink and be merry/ eat humble pie/ eating crow / economic slump/ effect changes/ effect lasting change/ egg on your face/ eggs in one basket/ element of doubt/ emotional blackmail/ empty gesture/ empty promises/ end game/ end of a chapter/ end of the road/ enemy of the state/ enjoy being a girl/ enjoy being alive/ environmental hazard/ environmentally friendly/ equal footing/ equal opportunities/ equal partners/ equal terms/ escape clause/ escape committee/ escape hatch/ even Stevens/ evenly matched/ every dog has it's day/ every last penny/ everyone's favourite/ everything in the garden is rosy/ everything to play for/ everything's all right/ everything's hunky dory/ evil eye/ exact replica/ exclusive opportunity/ explore reforms/ extra income/ eye of the hurricane/ eye of the tiger/ eye witness/ eye witness account/ eyes like a hawk/ face like a bag of chisels/ face the facts/ face the music / face up to reality/ fact is/ fact of the matter/ fact or fiction/ failed to make an impression/ failed to resolve/ fair deal/ fair enough/ fair trial/ fairy tale/ faith hope and charity/ faithful followers/ fall by the wayside/ fall guy/ fall in the mire/ fall into place/ fall off the waggon/ falling short/ false economies/ false information/ false promises/ false trail/ familiarity breeds contempt/ family values/ famous for fifteen minutes/ far from clear/ far left/ far out/ far out man/ far reaching/ far reaching implications/ far right/ fashion model/ fashion show/ fashions change/ fast and loose/ fast expanding/ fast on your feet/ fat as a pig/ fat of the land/ fateful decision/ feather in your cap / feather your own nest/ feeble excuses/ feel a need/ feel free/ feeling in my water/ feeling the pinch/ feelings are running high/ feet first/ few short years/ few words of advice/ fight night/ fight the battle all over again/ fight to the bitter end/ figure of eight/ figure of speech/ film star/ final countdown/ final curtain/ final cut/ final decision/ final demand/ final offer/ final warning/ financial crisis/ financial incentive/ fine form/ fingers burnt/ finish your drinks/ firm favourite/ first in line/ first of all/ first time/ fit as a butcher's dog/ fit as a fiddle/ fit for anything/ fit for nothing/ fit to drop/ fit up/ fitful sleep/ fits like a glove/ fitted up/ flare up/ flash Harry/ flash in the pan / flat earth/ flocking back/ flogging a dead horse/ flood of tears/ flower people/ flowery words/ fly by night/ fly in the ointment/ fly on the wall/ fly the nest/ flying a kite/ flying by the seat of the pants / focus of attention/ folding money/ follow this line/ follow through/ follower of fashion/ fond farewell/ foot loose and fancy free/ foot to the floor/ footing the bill/ for all the tea in China/ for all the wrong reasons/ for better or worse/ for future reference/ for legal reasons/ for the moment/ for the record/ for what it's worth/ for the love of Mike / forced landing/ foregone conclusion/ foreign aid/ foreseeable future/ forging ahead/ forgive and forget/ forked tongue/ formal agreement/ formal complaint/ formal process/ fortune teller/ forty winks/ fox guarding the chicken coop/ frank but useful/ freak out/ free advice/ free as a bird/ free for all/ free love/ free lunch/ free offer/ freedom of the press/ freely given/ friend in need is a friend indeed/ friendly fire/ frightened the life out of me/ fringe group/ frittering away/ from here on in/ from only/ from stem to stern / from the horse's mouth/ from the mouths of babes/ from time to time/ front line/ front runner/ frozen over/ fuck up/ fuelling the flames/ full frontal assault/ full of beans/ full of shit/ full range/ full scale/ full stop/ full time job/ full to the gills/ fully grown/ fund raising/ further work/ futile gesture/ game for it/ game on/ game plan/ game set and match/ games people play/ gang bang/ gang up/ gaol bait/ gaol sentence/ gathering momentum/ gave the impression/ geared up/ general conditions/ general purpose/ general thrust/ generous offer/ genuine offer/ get a feeling/ get a grip/ get a grip of/ get a handle on it/ get a hold of yourself/ get a life/ get away with it/ get back to you later/ get down to it/ get even/ get in the groove/ get in top gear/ get it right first time/ get it together/ get off my back/ get off on the right/wrong foot/ get on with it/ get over the hump/ get stuck in/ get stuffed/ get the show on the road/ get to grips/ get to the bottom of it/ getting out of hand/ getting the feel/ ghost in the machine/ ghost town/ giant killer/ gilt edged/ girl talk/ give a good impression/ give hime 'em enough rope/ give it a rest/ give it another go/ give it up/ give me a break/ give up the ghost/ give you the edge/ given the circumstances/ given the facts/ given the run around/ giving me earache/ glare of publicity/ glass ceiling/ glory hole/ glory seeker/ go a round or two/ go ahead/ go along for the ride/ go along with it/ go down that road/ go for it/ go for the kill/ go getter/ go into it/ go take a running jump/ go through with it/ God given right/ God willing/ God's half acre/ going around in circles/ going bananas/ going down/ going for a song/ going in for the kill/ going on/ going through the hoop/ going to have to live with it/ going with the flow/ gold standard/ golden opportunity/ golden touch/ gone too far/ good as new/ good cause/ good chance/ good character/ good cross section/ good deal/ good for nothing/ good gear/ good idea/ good luck/ good man is hard to find/ good news/ good recovery/ good riddance/ good thing/ good time girl/ good vibes/ good vibrations/ goody bag/ got him scratching his head/ got his feet under the table/ got the message/ got you by the bollocks/ grab what you can/ grand final/ grasp the nettle/ grass roots/ grave concerns/ grave issues/ grease monkey/ grease paint/ great divide/ great tradition/ greater clarity/ greater say/ green eyed monster/ green light/ green with envy/ grey area/ grey matter/ grotesque figure/ grounds for appeal/ grudge match/ guarded response/ guardian angel/ guest of honour/ guilty as hell/ guilty by association/ guitar hero/ gun law/ gunboat diplomacy/ gunning for/ gut feeling/ gutless git/ had a tip off/ had his collar felt/ had it up to here/ had more than you've had hot dinners/ half baked/ half cock/ half cocked / half hearted attempt/ half price/ half wit/ halt the decline/ hand made/ hand me down/ hand on the tiller/ hand over fist/ handful/ hands across the sea/ hands and knees/ hang 'em high/ hang about/ hang loose/ hang out to dry/ happily married/ happy as Larry/ hard as nails/ hard case/ hard faced/ hard facts/ hard fought/ hard hitting/ hard left/ hard lesson/ hard line/ hard liner/ look on the bright side/ hard luck/ hard luck story/ hard man/ hard man is good to / hard rain/ hard time/ hard times/ hard to believe/ hard to see/ hard to tell/ hard work/ harsh words/ has in fact/ has no place/ hat trick / have a bone to pick with you/ have a good gander/ have a nice day/ have a whip round/ have a word/ have you got a minute/ having a field day/ he's a natural/ he's got a nerve/ head case/ head in the clouds/ head the ball/ headline news/ health food shop/ health, wealth and happiness/ healthy cynicism/ healthy diet/ hear what I say/ heart of the matter/ heart to heart/ heavily coloured/ heavy going/ heavy hearted/ heavy scene/ heavy session/ heavyweight candidate/ hectic schedule/ height of summer/ held responsible/ hell for leather/ hell hath no fury/ hell hath no fury (like a woman scorned)/ helping the police with their enquiries/ here and now/ here and there/ here there and everywhere/ here we go again/ heroic failure/ hidden agenda/ hide and seek/ high and dry/ high art/ high as a kite/ high hopes/ high on the agenda/ high point/ high profile/ high self esteem/ high tech/ highest bidder/ his and hers/ hit man/ hit the ground running/ hit the road/ hit the sack/ hit the sack / hold a candle to it / hold accountable/ hold the fort/ hold up/ hold your horses/ holding back/ holding back for bets/ holding out/ holding the baby / holding the fort/ hole in one/ hole in the sky/ hollow promises/ hollow victory/ home front/ home is where the heart is/ home leave/ home truths/ honest as the day is long/ honeymoon period/ honorary member/ honour the agreement/ hook, line and sinker/ hornets nest/ horse play/ horse sense / horsing around/ hostile bid/ hot air/ hot and bothered/ hot headed/ hot property/ hot shot/ hot spot/ hot stuff/ hourglass figure/ how's it going/ hue and cry/ huge step/ huge success/ human rights/ human shields/ hung like a donkey/ hung over/ hunky dory / hunt the thimble/ I don't follow you/ I don't have a problem/ I don't know how much more of this I can take/ I for one/ I know it's not easy/ I like it/ I think it would be best/ I want a word with you/ I'm just trying to help/ I'm looking forward to it/ I'm telling you now/ I've got no choice/ I've had enough of this/ ideal solution/ identity parade/ if needs be/ if the cap fits/ if the price is right/ if you ask me/ if you want my honest opinion/ if you wouldn't mind/ ill gotten gains/ ill matched/ image conscious/ image maker/ immediate concerns/ impose upon/ impossible question/ in a cleft stick/ in a lather/ in a league of it's own/ in addition/ in and around/ in at the deep end/ in bed with/ in case of emergency/ in due course/ in essence/ in my humble opinion/ in my opinion/ in my own time/ in no time/ in on the ground floor/ in principle/ in private/ in spades/ in the bag/ in the balance/ in the beginning/ in the black/ in the clear/ in the course of time/ in the dark/ in the doldrums / in the heat of battle/ in the land of the blind, the one eyed man is king/ in the lap of the gods/ in the minority/ in the nick of time/ in the pink/ in the red/ in the shit/ in the strict sense / in the strongest possible terms/ in the thick of it/ in the twinkling of an eye/ in this day and age/ in with a real chance/ in your best interests/ in your dreams/ income tax/ independent assessment/ indiscriminate use of force/ inevitable consequences/ infinitely better/ inflatable woman/ information overload/ injury problems/ ink is dry/ inner city/ innocent party/ inside information/ inside out/ inside track/ insider dealing/ instant payout/ instant response/ instead of/ insurance fraud/ intellectual debate/ intellectual property/ intense competition/ interesting offer/ interesting theory/ internal market/ international condemnation/ into the swing of things/ invent the wheel again/ investigating officer/ invisible man/ iron curtain/ iron horse/ iron will/ irons in the fire / irresistible force/ irrespective of/ is that it/ issued a statement/ it does no harm to look/ it isn't over until the fat lady sings/ it's all right for some/ it's a fix/ it's a small world/ it's not over yet/ it's nothing to do with you/ Jack of all trades/ Jack the Lad/ jack it in/ jack up/ jam it in/ jam it open/ jam tart/ job for life/ job losses/ job lot/ job seeker's allowance/ job share/ jobs for all/ jobs for the boys/ joined up thinking/ joint agreement/ joint manoeuvres/ joint negotiations/ joint policy/ joint statement/ Jolly Roger/ joyless pleasure/ judgement day/ judicial process/ jump at the chance/ jump on the bandwagon / jumping jack/ jungle drums/ junk food/ jury service/ just a minute/ just desserts/ just the man I wanted to see/ just trying to be friendly/ keep fit/ keep going on about it/ keep it under your hat/ keep on taking the tablets/ keep the door open/ keep your beak out/ keep your hair on / keep your mouth shut / keep your nose out/ keeping up with the Jones's/ kept in the dark/ key player/ key point/ keynote address/ kick back/ kick the bucket/ kick up the arse/ kicked into the long grass/ kicked out/ kid glove treatment/ killing spree/ killing time/ king of the castle/ kiss and tell/ kiss of death / knee high/ knee trembler/ knock back/ knock down/ knock on effect/ knock on wood / knock out/ know what you're talking about/ knuckle under/ lack of clarity/ lady's man/ lager lout/ laid to rest/ lame duck/ land of hope and glory/ landed on his arse/ landmark decision/ last chance/ last chance saloon/ last ditch/ last drop/ last laugh/ last minute nerves/ last rites/ last stand/ last straw/ last waltz/ last wicket stand/ lasting love/ late arrival/ laugh a minute/ laughing all the way to the bank/ laughing boy/ law and order/ law unto himself/ laws of nature/ lay down the law/ lead balloon/ lead by the nose/ leader of the pack/ leading me on/ leading question/ leading role/ lean and mean/ leap frogging/ learned his lesson/ leave aside/ leave it out/ leave it to me/ leave it to you/ leave out in the cold/ leaving by the front door/ led up the garden path/ left hand path/ left in the lurch/ leg opener/ legend in his own mind/ length and breadth of the land/ less and less/ let down/ let it all hang out/ let it go/ let loose the dogs of war/ let the cat out of the bag / let them find out/ let's get out of here/ letter of intent/ level playing field/ licence to kill/ licence to print money/ life and soul of the party/ life is but a dream/ life is hard, and then you die/ life is what you make it/ life sentence/ light as a feather/ light fingered/ light show/ like a breath of fresh air/ like a cornered rat/ like a dog with a bone/ like a fox in a hen house/ like a rat up a drainpipe/ like a thief in the night/ like it or lump it/ like peas in a pod/ limited in scope/ limping dog/ line dancing/ line up/ line up over here/ link up/ litmus test/ little or no effect/ little or no impact/ little progress/ little return/ live life to the full/ live show/ live to a ripe old age/ live wire/ living dead/ living hand to mouth / living in the past/ living legend/ living the life of Riley / lo and behold / load of rubbish/ local accountablity/ local issues/ lock stock and barrel/ log jam/ log rolling/ lone wolf/ lonely hearts club/ long run/ long suffering/ long tradition/ long and short of it/ long and the short of it/ long distance/ long drawn out/ long haul/ long in the tooth / long list/ long shot/ long sighted/ long standing/ long term/ long term effects/ long term view/ long way to go/ long winded/ look on the bright side/ look after/ look at it this way/ look at the evidence/ look bad/ look forward to/ look out/ look what the cat dragged in/ looking to buy/ loony juice/ loop the loop/ loose cannon / losing streak/ lost control/ lost it/ lost the plot/ lost the toss/ lot of good stuff/ lot of hard work/ lot of loose talk/ loud and clear/ low yield/ low down/ low politics/ low profile/ low self esteem/ lower orders/ lowest common denominator/ lucrative offer/ lying in state/ lying there like a beached whale/ mad as a hatter/ mad monk/ madcap scheme/ made in heaven/ made a mess of it/ made a point/ made a run for it/ made in Taiwan/ made to measure/ maintain the status quo/ major element/ major flop/ major upset/ make my day/ make the best of a bad job/ make a killing/ make a clean breast of it/ make a meal of it/ make a mountain out of a molehill/ make an honest woman of her/ make and mend/ make ends meet/ make hay while the sun shines/ make it clear/ make it work/ make love/ make love not war/ make me an offer/ make no bones about it/ make or break/ make over/ make the grade/ make tracks/ make up/ make your eyes light up/ make your mind up time/ makes(make) my day/ making money hand over fist/ making hay/ man trap/ man of the moment/ man o'war/ man of all seasons/ man of honour/ man of the world/ man overboard/ man the pumps/ mark my words/ mark of Cain/ mark of respect/ mark time/ marked man/ market opportunity/ marketing ploy/ marks out of ten/ mass walk out/ mass grave/ mass movement/ mass production/ matter of belief/ matter of fact/ matter of opinion/ maybe tomorrow/ mean spirited/ means and ends/ measure up/ meeting of minds/ men in suits/ mess it up/ message in a bottle/ messages of support/ middle England/ middle of the road/ might is right/ military man/ military offensive/ mind like a steel trap/ mind games/ mind how you go/ mind over matter/ mind your language/ mind your P's and Q's/ mind your step / mindless violence/ minimum wage/ minute man/ missed a sitter/ missing chapter/ missing link/ missing the point/ mister nice guy/ mixed blessing/ moaning Minnie/ moment to moment/ momentary slip/ money for nothing/ money is the root of all evil/ money mad/ money makes the world go round/ money up front/ moral judgement/ morals of an alley cat/ more of the same/ more and more/ more or less/ morning glory/ most important/ move forward/ move on/ music to my ears/ music maker/ mustn't grumble/ my way/ nanby pamby/ nasty taste in the mouth/ natural energy/ natural order/ natural wastage/ near miss/ near thing/ neck and neck/ need to know/ need the money/ need to know basis/ needless to say/ neighbourhood watch/ nerve ending/ nerve gas/ nerve wracking/ nervous wreck/ never too late/ never a lender or a borrower be/ never again/ never been found/ never say die/ new broom/ new age/ new age thinking/ new beginnings/ new campaign/ new direction/ new identity/ new image/ new information/ new look/ new to you/ new world order/ news to me/ next time around/ next of kin/ next stop/ nice one/ nice round number/ nice try/ nick of time/ nine day wonder/ nine lives/ nine out of ten/ nip it in the bud/ no offence intended/ no worries/ no sense of humour/ no free lunches/ no change/ no alternative/ no argument/ no chance/ no choice/ no comment/ no effect/ no idea/ no man's land/ no offence/ no oil painting/ no option/ no point in crying over spilt milk/ no problem/ no regrets/ no rest for the wicked/ no room at the inn/ no takers/ no time like the present/ no turning back/ nobody at home/ noise control/ none of your business/ normal service/ nose in front/ nosy Parker/ not playing with a full deck/ not enough room to swing a cat / not a problem/ not all it's cracked up to be / not arsed/ not at all/ not convinced/ not in a million years/ not in one's wildest dreams / not necessarily/ not what it's cracked up to be/ nothing to it/ nothing can be done/ nothing doing/ nothing to lose/ nothing to lose/ noughts and crosses/ now and again/ now and then/ now is the hour/ now or never/ numbers game/ obvious if you think about it/ obvious strategy/ odds are against it/ of course/ off message/ off and on/ off hand/ off her head/ off the agenda/ off the back of a lorry/ off the streets/ off the wall/ off with the fairies/ oh no it isn't/ oh what a tangled web we weave/ old wine in new bottles/ older and wiser/ on the market/ on top of the world/ on message/ on the face of things/ on the brink/ on and off/ on a wing and a prayer/ on a hiding to nothing/ on a plate/ on a roll/ on average/ on budget/ on firm ground/ on my bended knees/ on my own terms/ on the back burner/ on the back foot/ on the balance of probabilities/ on the ball / on the basis/ on the cards/ on the contrarary/ on the defensive/ on the ground/ on the lookout/ on the make/ on the money/ on the other hand/ on the spot/ on the take/ on the tip of my tongue/ on time/ on top of that/ on your bike/ on your way/ once in a lifetime/ once in a blue moon / one thing after the next/ one for all/ one and done/ one born every minute/ one day at a time/ one for the road/ one has to say/ one in a million/ one man woman/ one night stand/ one of the key things is/ one of these days/ one of us or one of them/ one off/ one step at a time/ one take/ one way or another/ one way traffic/ only just/ only joking/ only natural/ only winding you up/ open plan/ open arms/ open book/ open door/ open it up/ open minded/ opening moves/ openly criticised/ operation bootstrap/ opinion forming/ opinion polls/ opportunity knocks/ opt out/ order now/ order number/ order of the day/ ouside marriage/ out of the running/ out of pocket/ out of hours/ out and about/ out of control/ out of focus/ out of his mind/ out of it/ out of order/ out of play/ out of reach/ out of sight/ out of step/ out of this world/ out of time/ out take/ out to lunch/ outside world/ over the moon/ over by Christmas/ over and out/ over and over/ over familiar/ over lunch/ over the hill/ over the top/ over the years/ oxygen of publicity/ pace of change/ Pacific Coast/ package deal/ package holiday/ pain in the arse/ paint the town red/ painted himself into a corner/ paired up/ Pandora's box/ panic button/ panic stations/ paper exercise/ paper chase/ paper thin/ paper tiger/ pardon my French / part and parcel/ partners in crime/ party atmosphere/ party girl/ pass the buck / passed with flying colours/ past glory/ past or present/ patch things up/ pawn in the game/ pay particular attention/ pay a price/ pay as you go/ pay your dues/ paying off/ payment in kind/ peace be with you/ peace on you/ peace talks/ peaked too early/ peg off/ pegged back/ pen is mightier than the sword/ penalty shoot out/ pencil in/ pencil thin/ penny for your thoughts/ penny pinching/ pension off/ perfect harmony/ perfect timing/ pick up joint/ pick of the crop/ pick up where we left off/ picture of health/ pie in the sky / pig in a poke / pile 'em high/ pile of crap/ pipe dream/ pipped at the post/ piss poor/ pissed up/ pissed off/ pissed out of his head/ pissing in the wind/ pit your wits/ pitch it right/ pitch and putt/ pivot point/ place your bets/ plain as day/ plain as the nose on your face/ plain Jane/ plain sailing/ plan nine/ plan B/ plans for the future/ plans in place/ play it again Sam/ play a straight bat/ play on words/ play your cards close to your chest/ play your cards right/ playing around/ playing down/ playing hard to get/ playing the game/ playing to the gallery/ playing with fire/ playing a blinder/ plea for help/ pleaded not guilty/ plenty of rope/ plough a straight furrow/ poetic licence/ point is/ point of no return/ point of view/ point out/ point the finger/ point to point/ point to the need/ point of view/ poised to deliver/ poison pen/ pole position/ police brutality/ policy decision/ policy statement/ political landscape/ poorly prepared/ popularity contest/ porno film/ potential risk/ power games/ power play/ practice makes perfect/ practice what you preach/ precious time/ pregnant silence/ prepare the ground/ prepared for the worst/ press gang/ pressing the right buttons/ pressing ahead/ pretty sure/ pretty good/ previous record/ price reduction/ price war/ price yourself out of the market/ price cut/ price ring/ priced out of the market/ pride and joy/ prima donna/ prison term/ prison stick/ private joke/ private ord/ problem child/ problem area/ problem solved/ proof of the pudding is in the eating/ property rights/ prospective buyer/ protest movement/ public scrutiny/ public outcry/ public enemy number one/ public opinion/ publicity seeker/ puff of smoke/ pull together/ pull out all the stops/ pulling punches/ pulp fiction/ pump priming/ pure as the driven snow/ pushing at an open door/ pushing the envelope / put your job on the line/ put aside/ put up a good show/ put in a word/ put your feet up/ put in a bid/ put your money wher your mouth is/ put the finger on/ put the boot in/ put your back into it/ put your mind at rest/ put it behind/ put it here/ put the screws on/ put your house in order/ put yourself in my shoes/ putting it about/ quality of life/ quality service/ question mark/ question of time/ queuing up/ quick recap/ quick turnaround/ quick witted/ quick and the dead/ quick as a flash / quiet word/ quiet ones are the worst/ quite natural/ quite common/ rabbiting on/ rabble rouser/ race war/ ragged edges/ rain dance/ raining cats and dogs / rainy day money/ raise the roof/ random noise/ rank outsider/ rank and file/ rapid response/ rapturous applause/ rare breed/ re-inventing the wheel/ read the riot act / read between the lines / reading between the lines/ ready and willing/ really pleased/ really wicked/ really cool/ reap what you sow/ reasoned debate/ rebel yell/ record breaking/ record player/ red letter (day) / red light district/ red rag to a bull/ red light/ red tape / red neck/ red carpet treatment/ redirected mail/ reduction in numbers/ refused to cooperate/ relative ignorance/ relatively straightforward/ remain optimistic/ repeat performance/ Repo Man/ resting on your laurels/ retirement package/ reverse the decision/ rhyme or reason/ right as rain/ right image/ right on/ right shambles/ right wanker/ right now/ right mess/ right pig's ear/ right of centre/ right hook/ right on the money/ right on target/ rights and wrongs/ ring of truth/ rings a bell/ riot squad/ rip off artist/ rip off/ ripped off/ rising to the bait/ road runner/ roar of the crowd/ robbery with violence/ robbing bastard/ rock a billy/ rock bottom/ rock and roll/ roll with the punches / roll up/ roll call/ roll over/ rolling along/ Rolls Royce/ Rome wasn't built in a day/ room at the top/ room for improvement/ root and branch/ rose by any other name would smell as sweet/ rough and ready/ rough and tumble/ rough passage/ rough justice/ round about/ round up/ routine enquiries/ rub salt in the wounds/ rule of thumb/ ruled out/ rules of engagement/ run it into the ground/ run very deep/ run of the mill/ run it past me/ run the guantlet/ run and hide/ runaway reaction/ running a bit late/ running against the tide/ running water/ running around in circles/ running scared/ running a risk/ running battles/ sacrificial lamb/ saddle sore/ safe as houses/ safe area/ salad days/ sales pitch/ salt of the Earth/ sanctity of marriage/ sand in the Vaseline/ satisfaction guaranteed/ satisfied customer/ saturation point/ saving grace/ saving up for a rainy day/ savour the moment/ say it out loud/ say what you mean/ say what you like/ scaling down/ scare stories/ scared shitless/ scientific foundations/ scorched earth/ scored a duck/ scored a hit/ Scot free / scouting around/ scraping the bottom of the barrel/ scratch your eyes out/ scrimp and save/ scruff of the neck/ scrupulously fair/ seal of approval/ second best/ second childhood/ second chance/ second guess/ second class citizen/ secret sign/ secure area/ security conscious/ security issues/ security risk/ see him for dust/ see you/ see how the land lies/ see you around/ see reason/ see through it/ seen as such/ seize the initiative/ self abuse/ self evident/ self obsessed/ self sacrifice/ self supporting/ self defence/ self centred/ self proclaimed/ self destruct/ self preservation/ sell out/ sell yourself short / selling up/ sense of belonging/ sense of achievement/ sense of fair play/ separate beds/ serial killer/ serious proposition/ serious blow/ serious disagreement/ serve notice/ service with a smile/ set adrift/ settle down/ settle some old scores/ settle old scores/ sexually explicit/ sexy thing/ shadow of his former self/ shadow boxing/ shady character/ sharp end/ sheep shagger/ sheep territory/ shell out/ ship shape/ shirt lifter/ shit or bust/ shock tactics/ shook his fist/ shoot first, ask questions later/ shooting his mouth off/ shooting fish in a barrel/ shooting craps/ shop window/ shop till you drop/ shopping spree/ shopping list/ shore up/ short list/ short listed/ short sighted/ short term fix/ short term/ short and sharp/ short termism/ short changed/ shot his lot/ shot theirselves in the foot/ shot to pieces/ shot across the bows/ shot his bolt/ shot in the dark/ should have known better/ should know better/ shouting the odds/ show of hands/ show who's boss/ show you how it should be done/ show your true colours / show me the way to go home/ showed him the yellow card/ shuffle the pack/ sick to the teeth/ sick of the sight/ sick as a parrot/ side issues/ side saddle/ side by side/ sign of the times/ sign on the dotted line/ significant minority/ silence is golden/ silent minority/ silver lining/ simple example/ simple pleasures/ simple fact/ simple truth/ sincerely believe/ sing for it/ sing along/ sitting pretty/ sitting duck / six of one and half a dozen of the other/ skating on thin ice/ skeleton at the feast/ skeleton in the cupboard/ sky hook/ sky pilot/ sky's the limit/ slap in the face/ slash and burn/ slate missing/ slaving over a hot cooker/ sleep tight/ sleepy hollow/ slept like a baby, I woke up and cried every / slim volume/ slip through the fingers/ slip of the tongue/ slipped my mind/ slipped off the waggon/ slippery as an eel/ slipping and a sliding/ slop out/ slow and easy/ smart Alec / smash and grab/ smoking related/ smooth voyage/ smooth operator/ snake oil/ Snakes and Ladders/ so what/ so far so good/ soap opera/ social call/ society at large/ soft soap/ solid as rock/ something to tell your grandchildren/ son of a gun/ song and dance/ sooner than you think/ sooner or later/ sordid details/ sort them out/ sort it out/ sort it/ soul searching/ sound advice/ sound bite/ sounded out/ sounds good/ sounds great/ South Pacific/ spare me a minute/ spark out/ speaking with forked tongue/ special case/ specific detail/ specified period/ speech day/ spell it out/ spiral out of control/ spirit of the times/ spit and polish/ splash out/ split vote/ splits in the seams/ spoil the ship for a ha'peth of tar/ spot the difference/ spot the ball/ spread it about/ spreading rumours/ spring is in the air/ spring links/ spring in your step/ square the circle/ square things up/ square meal / square deal/ squeaky clean/ squeaky wheel gets the oil/ staged a protest/ stamped out/ stand by/ stand offish/ stand off/ stand easy/ stand at ease/ stand and deliver/ stand on ceremony/ stand by me/ standard reply/ standard form/ standing room only/ standing start/ staple diet/ star performer/ star part/ star of the show/ starting out/ state of play/ state your business/ state of emergency/ statuesque figure/ stay of execution/ stay cool/ steady as she goes/ step on it/ step up/ step in/ step too far/ step by step/ stepping out/ stepping stone/ sterling efforts/ stern measures/ stick in the mud/ stick to the story/ stick it out/ still to come/ still to come/ still no sign/ stock is low/ stool pigeon/ stop short/ stop gap/ storm troops/ storm of criticism/ storm clouds gathering/ story board/ straight as a die/ straight from the horse's mouth / straight up/ straight as an arrow/ straight and narrow/ straight talking/ stranger than fiction/ straw poll/ strict rotation/ strictly speaking/ strike while the iron is hot / striking a blow/ striking aspect/ string along/ strings attached/ strong leadership/ stronger than ever/ strongest possible terms/ strongly worded/ strung along/ stuff it/ suck it and see/ sudden demand/ suits me fine/ sup with the devil/ supply and demand/ support the police/ support is slipping/ sure thing/ surprise, surprise/ suspicious circumstances/ sweep it under the carpet/ sweeping statements/ swift and sure/ swinging sixties/ swinging the lead/ swings and roundabouts/ swings and roundabouts/ swords into ploughshares/ table ender/ tail wagging the dog/ tailor made/ take it easy/ take a dive/ take the bull by the horns/ take on the character of/ take the rough with the smooth/ take your time/ take a walk/ take two/ take the gloves off/ take you up on that/ take the lead/ take advantage of/ take that/ take the rise/ take the biscuit/ take out/ take a stand/ take a break/ take a rain check/ take it or leave it/ take my word/ take to the hills/ take a chance/ take-over bid/ taken for granted/ taking the Mickey/ taking this too seriously/ taking steps/ taking the piss/ taking a dive/ talk of the town/ talk the hind legs off a donkey/ talk your way out of this one/ talk is cheap/ talking turtle/ talking bollocks/ talking shop/ talking turkey/ talking bullshit/ talking about/ tall tales/ tap up/ tapping into/ target practice/ target area/ target audience/ tattered and torn/ team work/ teething problems/ telephone manner/ tell tale signs/ temper tantrum/ terms of endearment/ terribly sorry/ thanks for nothing/ thanks for the memory/ thanks but no thanks/ that way inclined/ that's all for now/ that's another thing/ that's what it looks like from here/ the finishing touches/ the buck stops here / the cold shoulder / the middle way/ the bottom line / the changing face/ the jury's still out/ the other woman/ the sands of time/ the sap is rising/ the way the cookie crumbles/ the end of the road/ the kiss of death/ the end justifies the means/ the thing is/ the off chance/ the one and only/ the perfect solution/ the morning after/ the problem is/ the eleventh hour / the right thing/ the question is/ the right stuff/ the truth is out there/ the third degree / the easy way or the hard way/ the toast of/ the thing is/ the plot thickens/ the rot has set in/ the left hand doesn't know what the right hand is doing/ the lonely/ the writing on the wall / the silent majority/ the best money can buy/ the butt of his joke/ the darkest hour is before the dawn/ the bigger they come, the harder they fall./ the world's your oyster / the coast is clear/ theatre of dreams/ there is no doubt/ there you go again/ there has been talk/ there you go/ there's no question/ there's hope yet/ these days/ thick as a brick/ thick as a plank (alt. two short)/ thin on the ground/ think twice/ think it over/ think again/ thinking out loud/ thinking ahead/ thinking cap/ thinking time/ third class/ third time lucky/ third division/ third party/ this can't be easy for you/ this is serious/ this'll hurt me more than it hurts you/ three sheets to the wind / three wishes/ three of a kind/ three time loser/ three ring circus/ three in a bed/ three in a row/ throw in the towel/ throw together/ thrown to the wolves/ thumbs down/ thumbs up / thunderous applause/ tide over/ tie the knot / tight lipped/ tight timetable/ tight fisted/ tilting at windmills/ time will tell/ time is up/ time and tide wait for no man/ time and tide wait for no man/ time wasters/ time is of the essence/ time flies/ time pressure/ time is on my side/ time heals all wounds/ time and time again/ time bomb/ time after time/ time out/ time of your life/ time on my hands/ time warp/ time and tide/ time has come/ time is running out/ time is ripe/ time to kill/ time window/ time capsule/ timeless classic/ timing light/ tip top/ tip of my tongue/ tip of the iceberg/ tit for tat / to all intents/ to a certain extent/ to mark the occasion/ to hell with it/ to be honest/ toe the line/ tomorrow never comes/ tongue in cheek/ too good to refuse/ too early to say/ took a wrong turn/ took on a life of its ownin a pinch/ tooled up/ top of the bill/ top man/ top of the pile/ top of the morning/ top of the class/ top and tail/ top of the shop/ top secret/ topsy turvy / total knobhead/ touch base/ tough nut to crack/ tough talk/ tough nut/ tougher measures/ tougher policies/ track record/ trade gap/ traded blows/ traditional values/ trail of disaster/ transit camp/ trap one/ travelling light/ tread water/ treatment room/ tree top level/ trial and error/ trick cyclist/ tricky situation/ trouble at mill/ true or false/ truth of the matter is/ try it on/ trying it on/ tuned in/ turd puncher/ turkey shoot/ turn the tables/ turn the other cheek/ turn over a new leaf/ turn down/ turn up the pressure/ turned down/ turned on/ two of a kind/ two fingers/ two way street/ two wrongs don't make a right/ two sides to every story/ two peas in a pod/ two chances/ type cast/ ultimate objective/ unable and unwilling/ unceremoniously dumped/ under the skin/ under the weather / under the nose of/ under the impression/ under the thumb/ under pressure/ under the rules/ under age/ underlying principles/ unemployment statistics/ unfair advantage/ unforseeable circumstances/ unhappily married/ unsung hero/ unsustainable level/ up for sale/ up to me/ up to the top/ up and under/ up market/ up and over/ up to the hilt/ up against it/ up to you/ up and down/ up the road/ up to the neck in it/ up tight/ up to date/ up to the limit/ up for the cup/ up front/ upper hand / urgent need/ use your head/ useful lessons/ usual suspects/ vale of tears/ value for money/ vantage point/ variable rate/ variety is the spice of life/ veneer of truth/ vengeance is mine/ verbal diarrhoea/ very hurtful/ vicious circle/ video evidence/ virtual reality/ vital statistics/ voice from the past/ volume control/ voluntary redundancy/ volunteer army/ vulgar acts/ wait and see/ wait a minute/ waiting game/ wake up to the fact/ walk it/ walk tall/ walk out/ walk the talk/ walk a mile in my shoes/ walk this way/ walk on by/ walking a tightrope/ walking in step/ wanted in connection with/ war zone/ war of words/ war monger/ war games/ war footing/ warm as toast/ warm blooded/ warm feeling/ warming to it/ warning shot/ wasn't my fault/ watch your step/ watch my lips/ watch your mouth/ water under the bridge/ water sports/ water takes the easiest way/ watered beer/ watered down/ way out/ way forward/ way of life/ way of saying/ way out man/ way out/ we can work it out/ we've all been there/ wealth creators/ wearing your heart on your sleeve / weasel words/ welcoming committee/ welfare reform/ well of despair/ well hung/ well in/ well adjusted/ well done/ well knit/ well wisher/ went the full circle/ wet behind the ears / whale of a time/ what can only be described as/ what the hell/ what have you come as tonight/ what can I do for you/ what a shambles/ what goes around comes around/ what a drag/ what can I get you/ what's the problem/ what's new/ what's what/ what's that got to do with it/ what's on your mind/ what's the score/ whatever you want/ when I say jump/ when the chips are down / when the shit hits the fan/ where there's smoke there's fire/ while stocks last/ white elephant / white slavery/ whitewash job/ who knows/ who cares/ who dares wins/ who's on next/ who's minding the shop/ who's next/ whole new ball game/ whole truth/ why not/ why are we waiting/ why should I worry/ wide open/ wide eyed/ widespread dissent/ willing and able/ win or lose/ win through/ wind up/ wind your neck in/ window of opportunity/ window dressing/ window shopping/ wine women and song/ wing and a prayer / wings of an angel/ winning combination/ winning ways/ winning streak/ wired up/ wish you were here/ wish it upon yourself/ wish list/ wishful thinking/ with deepest sympathy/ with a pinch of salt/ with bated breath / with the benefit of hindsight/ with a vengeance / with the right contacts/ without a shadow of a doubt/ woke up famous/ woman's touch/ women's intuition/ won on points/ wooden spoon/ word in private/ words of wisdom/ work hard at it/ work of art/ work up/ work closely/ work like a dog/ work together/ work in progress/ work it out/ work cut out/ work on it/ work out/ working for the opposition/ working day and night/ working her fingers to the bone/ working together/ world record attempt/ world number one/ world class/ worm your way in/ wormed his way in/ worried to death/ worse than first thought/ worse ways to make a living/ worst bit/ worth more than/ wrapped it up/ wreck of the Hesperus/ writing on the wall/ wrong side of the law/ wrong signals/ wrong number/ year zero/ yearn for/ yellow light/ yellow bellied/ you know what they say/ you can be sure of it/ you couldn't be more wrong/ you get what you give/ you can hardly blame him/ you wouldn't dare/ you can't be too careful/ you know what I mean/ you can be sure/ you know exactly what I'm saying/ you get what you pay for/ you have to be sure/ you'll get over it/ you're a true gent/ you're on/ you're not yourself/ you've got a nerve/ young blood/ your own making/ zero tolerance/

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