Observer and observed
are one
this liberates

Conditioning relies on repetition
This obvious fact

Fear arises in desire
Desire arise in imagination

Blot out sense and sound:
what do you have?

Different material
different architecture

Arising word in speech and thought
so silence unites
as before

Yogi work miracles
as religious doubt increase

Body come of earth
thinking come of memory
word come of mouth

Imagine glass of cloudy water
until clear

How can thinker exist
without thinking?

Nothing evil, nothing good;
as was is now

Zensation occur in resonance;

Becoming aware of noise
am free of it
as of becoming

Poet make sound bite
thought judge wrong

Desire creates suffering
imagination creates desire
simplicity is obvious

Stand on bridge;
observe self go by

Face saving
save nothing
nothing not lost

Suffering arise in desire;
desire arise in image;
image arise in memory;
memory arise in past;
past not exist

No thingness

Illusion arises in language;
observing this,

Only this moment exist;
rest is imagining

Repetition is vibration;
vibration in opposite
persist like pendulum

Man on offensive
nature of man

Stand quietly by river;
see own reflection on other bank

Ambiguity studies
confused thinking reports
in words

Imagine unicorn
is real
as other thinking
So it is


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