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Will You Survive After The Grief?
By SilverMoon


I have found many people lamenting now a days about their misfortunes. They blame the Cosmic Birthir for their bad luck and ailments and what ever else they may think of. I don't know why this is, when if any is to blame it falls right back onto our own shoulders. It's not the fault of the Divine, it's our own doing. We cannot take personal responsibility, we prefer to blame these misfortunes on anything but ourselves. let's just analyze some of these.

Let's just take debts as an example. Who made you use your credit cards? who was the one that went and shop till they drop? why is it that I hear people say, "oh God, help me, help me get out of debt" or "how can God allow me to be so full of debts, why does God not help me!?" it was you, not the Cosmic Birthir who went and used the credit cards. What is this telling you? it's telling you that it is time to see reality for what it is and use caution when you spend, but never blame this on the Cosmic Birthir.

Let's see about the death of someone close to you. I have heard people wailing at funerals and where does this get them? no where! It is not the Cosmic Birthir who took the person, but rather it's all in a plan and a very wise one. The person who has gone to the other side of life, had this incarnation in the realm of matter to have a variety of experiences and learn some things through these experiences and own this knowledge, the person chose to come for a period of time and accomplish a few things in this highway of life, but that is all. Although at the time you may feel a variety of things, lost, alone and yes, even the desire to join the person who has gone to the other side of life, this time is your time to soul search and when the grief has passed, you will find that life looks different and you will see yourself improved. Some people become enlightened and some wallow in self pity. Some people say, "poor Mary, so young and has already died". What poor Mary!? poor the ones left behind! What people fail to realize is that Mary is probably happy as a lark and not dead but on the other side of life, then who are we crying for? we cry for us, that is who, not Mary. We may cry out of sincerity, we may miss the person but I can assure you we don't cry for Mary. All religions teach about an after life. I know that there is life on the other side of life. I don't believe in a hell, why should there be a hell? because a book says so? because auntie Margaret told you? are you afraid to research other religions? why? is it because you may end up in hell? I don't believe in hell because if there was a place called hell souls would not get the chance to learn and evolve. We would be stagnant. Why would the Cosmic Birthir create such a place? Evolution of the soul is an ongoing process. Another statement that does not make sense is the one about a jealous God, and an angry one. Have you thought about that one closely? if the Cosmic Birthir had any emotions It would be a human and not the Divine. Are you afraid of being punished? your earthly mother and father may do this at times when they are trying to teach you about mischief being bad, but the Cosmic Birthir does not feel those emotions and It would never punish us just because some one told you so. Go research some of the eastern religions, they will speak of the Divine in terms so beautiful that you get over the fear. Are you afraid of doing this? Why? for fear of going to hell? don't be! knowledge is power and once you acquire knowledge you can never go back. No one can manipulate you will. Knowledge is not a sin but rather a birthright. The Cosmic Birthir will not judge you, you will do that one on your own, so rest assured, Mary is well and happy on the other side of life. What your reality is on this side of life, so it will be the same as on the other side of life. Think about this before you picture hell and believe in such a place. Some people are terrified of death, but why? is it because they have been led to believe in a Cosmic Birthir that has negative emotions? but if It did have any emotions at all then it would be human and not the Cosmic Birthir.

I wish you peace and tranquility and may your journey be an enlightening one.









The painting used on this set was found on a cd I pruchased.  A bit of research shows it was painted by Carlton A. Smith, in, I believe 1858.
~ Bev, Moon And Back Graphics ~