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What is your understanding of Jesus Christ? By Silvermoon

I was given an understanding. Jesus Christ was an Ascended Master who came as a teacher and taught certain things. His teachings were placed in a book so that people may learn to practise them. The ones that wrote what Jesus Christ had said died and others started translating the writings and lost much of the real meaning of the words spoken by the Ascended Master, and by the time these truths got to the people, there was hardly any of his truths left. I have heard certain groups use this book for their own sinister purposes even now a days. They try to use the book as a weapon to "save" people, they want to force their will onto you. When people manipulate your will they are practitioners of the dark arts and it happens to be that the Source that gave us life gave us free will. How do they know when we are "saved"? because we act like sheep to the slaughter, we agree to keep the rules imposed on us by the ones that are in charge of the temples. I think the Ten Commandments are just that, Ten. Where in the Ten Commandments is it written that, thou shall not consume tobacco products? where does it say in the Ten Commandments, thou shall not drink coffee? Or alcohol for that matter? and the list of can't do's is very long. Everything the Great Spirit created is good and not sinful and the Cosmic Birthir is part of it. Do not be afraid to eat or drink the things that were put on the earth but use moderation and that is what it's all about. Do not harm yourself with useless street drugs, this is a transgression against the Great Spirit, because you are killing your brain but not because you will be judged. I have talked to people that refuse to smoke tobacco products in front of others so they can look perfect, why? why would anyone would want to impress human beings? the Source that allowed this incarnation for us into the realm of matter, accepts us just the way we are, it does not matter to the Source what we have done, no need to hide anything from It, It is Omnipresent. Jesus drunk wine, I am not saying here that he abused wine, no, but still he drunk it, it's a custom in many countries to drink wine with your meal, so, is he not accepting himself then? They will argue that it's all in Leviticus, but have you tried to go by that old law? go read it, and then see if you can sacrifice animals to God or Jehovah or what ever you want to call the Source, but that is a contradiction, that is the Old Testament, the New Testament is where you find the words spoken by Jesus Christ, the Ascended Master. According to these little group of sinister ones, if you accept these rules, you are saved and then by obeying these rules, you are accepting Jesus Christ as your Savior. They tell you, "how is your relationship with Jesus?" I ask, since when did they get so bold as to have a relationship with an Ascended Master? are they enlightened enough to be able to hold their own against wisdom of such caliber? They want you to pray to an Ascended Master! and sprinkle here and there a few middle men and women for good measure and presto! you are saved. They won't debate with any one and their way is the only way and may someone have mercy on our souls if act human, we will be left feeling as the worst kind of person that ever lived. Yes, they use that book for that, they call people of different religions the heathens, but I wonder, do they, after they attend their churches, go in a place where it's all very secret and pull out a pornographic magazine, masturbate and drink to an excess? they may think it's alright, when in reality it is not. The Divine is omnipresent, so go ahead and try to fool the Divine, you won't succeed. How about the ones that are worshipping at temples for 1 hour each and every Sunday and then they go home and every one knows they are carrying on with their neighbor? are they going to be saved just because they did a few things that are human rituals and nothing more? you try to fool the Divine but you can't. It's omnipresent, remember? During the inquisition, people were killed in the name of the Divine! to me this sounds like an aberration, they used the name of the Source, who gave us life and all that is life, to kill their brethren, and burned people and tortured them and they would hang them, and all of these was done in the name of the Divine!? talk about a contradiction if ever there was one! What about now a days, when we are finding out, to our shock, that there was a certain group of clergy that used children for their own perverted needs and the so called "representatives of Jesus Christ" were actually doing horrible things to little boys, does this sound right to you? it does not sound right to me at all! These people, who had the right to hear our sins during confession sodomized children!? we were not sinners, they were! but, they will be accountable, the Divine is not about religion or creed, The law the Cosmic Birthir put in place is constant and not subject to negotiation. When we break this law, it registers in our souls and we cannot get a pardon from a human, we will be accountable. Be of service and then you can be assured that you are not breaking the law that is a constant law. Jesus Christ said he was the Son of God, but then again, we are all a part of the Source that is the giver of life and all that is life and no matter what, no one but no one can change that fact. In biblical times, people were not ready to accept the teachings of The Nazarene, so, they crucified him and then, while they were at it, made him God, because the things that Jesus Christ could do, they thought, could not be done by a human being, no, they had to be performed by a God. I ask you, have you ever read any thing about eastern religions? about what Hindu Masters can do? well, think about this because what they can do and what Jesus Christ did, it all looks very similar. There is a place in the "Good Book" where Jesus Christ said, "what I can do, you can do better". He was referring to our ability to use not just 10% of our brains but 100%, think of the possibilities! what we could do as a race! Would they, the holy ones of our times crucify you too? Why? because you are different? what we don't comprehend as a society, then we analyze it to death and if we still don't comprehend it, we take the easy way out and we kill it, what could be easier, poof! the threat is gone.

I may get a lot of hate mail for this article from certain factions of the christian faith, but then again, people are not given to debate in an intelligent ahead, send all the mail you want, but my truth is my truth. I wish you peace, tranquility and enlightenment.


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